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    HELP. Horrible framerate drops

    So I recently upgraded from 4770k to a Ryzen 3600 and was running a 1070. Was having horrible framerate drops like from 100 to 15 every so often in BL3 and COD MW. All drivers were updated and a fresh install of Windows. I then upgraded the 1070 to 5700 XT and I'm still getting the same issues...
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    Display Port or hdmi to DVI-d

    Quick question. Looking to upgrade my 1070 to either a 2060 super or 5700xt. I see most of them come with 1 HDMI and 3 or 4 DP. My issue is my two monitors. Main is a 27" Xstar with DVI only and the 2nd is an old ASUS 27" 1920 x1200 with HDMI and DVI. I think i'm safe with a DP to DVI adapter...
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    She's dead Jim!

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    Mixing RAM

    So upgraded my sons rig and passing along the old parts to my Daughter. 2500K/P8Z68. Its currently running 2 x4 GB of PC3-12800. I have some 2GB sticks of PC3-10700 from another build. I know you can mix/match and it will run at the lower speed. She is not a big gamer, pretty much SIMS so i'm...
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    Which card?

    So upgrading my sons rig and passing the old parts to my daughter. 2500K on a P8Z68. I've got two cards sitting around to use. Trying to figure which is better. Typical use is mostly regular PC stuff, Youtube and SIMS 4 is her main game. From what i can tell there is not that much difference...
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    Rebuild or upgrade?

    So my son has a 2500k on ASUS P8 Z68-V Gen 3 with a GTX 680. PSU took a header and looks like it took the MOBO with it. Trying to decide. A) just replace the MOBO $100 or so and upgrade the GPU or B) upgrade CPU/MOBO budget say $400 and under keeping the GPU. Use is Overwatch/BF1/ tried to...
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    Problem with audio files (MP3)

    So on my Desktop PC I have MP3 files. 1st ones are standard Music MP3's 2nd are Audio Book MP3's Everything was working fine until @ 3-4 days ago. Now only the Music MP3 files work. whenever I try and play the Audio Books they sound like they are being played in Molasses. I though...
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    Need new display

    Had to give one of m monitors to my in-laws so I'm in the market for a new display. right now I have an ASUS VW266H 25.5" 1920 x 1200. I'm trying to match another one to it problem is they don't make this model anymore. So I'm trying to decide if I buy a similar size one that runs 1920 x 1080...
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    wireless gaming adapter

    Anyone use one of these on a PS3? Do you notice a better throughput then the built in wireless. I'm having trouble streaming movies over my wireless to the PS3. Netflix works fine but I have issues with some regular movies and all blu-ray HD ones. I'm using a Dlink N DIr655 and was thinking...
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    Lego Rock Band

    My son got Lego Rock band Wii for his birthday but the only instrument we have is a Guitar from PS3 Guitar Hero. Is this compatible? Also if I bought Rock Band Special edition for PS3 would this be a) compatible with the Wii and 2) compatible with Lego Rock Band? Thanks
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    which board?

    OK any opinions on P35 vs P45? I can get the ABIT IP35 Pro for $100 used with AC Freezer Pro 7 or a new ASUS P5Q Pro for the same price. thanks Zetachi
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    X-fi to home audio system

    Anyone know if it is possible to hook up an X-fi card to a home audio receiver? I'm looking to upgrade and would like to know if it is possible since I don't want to buy another set of surround sound speakers since i already have a set hooked up to my tv and stereo. Thanks Z PS...
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    New Mobo

    Been having some issues with my MOBO (MSI K8N Neo4 nForce4 Ultra) random re-boots, system freezes etc. Probably due to OC but its not a big one. 9x 260 or so. But I need to use Clockgen with automatic speeds on on boot because the Mobo Bios wont take and hold anything above about 240. So I'm...
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    new card

    I'm looking to upgrade to a PCI-e card and am looking at the x19 series. First question is the x1950 pro worth the $20-$60 extra over the x1900GT? Second question which is the best brand As an example here are two. I've also seen the Asus EAX1950PRO/HTDP/256M for @ $179 SAPPHIRE...
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    Thermaltake Xaser WinGo V7000C

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    issue just bought and installed a used x800 pro vivo w/artic silencer 5 unlocked to 16 pipes not oc. system was working fine before now BSOD. Here is what I did so far uninstalled nvidia video drivers used driver cleaner and nasty file remover. Updated MB bios to newest Installed ATI...
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    Thermaltake Xaser WinGo V7000C

    anyone have this case? It's $73.99 + $18.99 shipp- $40 MIR= $52.98 on the Egg I'm looking to replace my generic case and get better cooling/airflow on the cheap :) or if not a good case then any recomendations? Thanks Zetachi
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    I'm trying to decide wether or not to upgrade my GPU. I have an XFX 6600GT AGP right now and have been looking at all the possiblilites. I don't want to spend more then $200-$225 US. some of the offers I've seen but can't decide what's the biggest improvement/best price for an upgrade...
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    Thinking bout upgrading my XFX 6600GT AGP card. Now that i have an Opteron 144 and EPOX 9NDA3J MB does it pay to upgrade my GPU? I can sell my card on EBAY and probably get @ $100 so could spend @ $200 total. Will I see significant changes or should I just save my $$. Mostly play BF2, UT2004...
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    Mix and Match Memory

    Here's the deal I have a new set up 144 Opteron and EPOX 9NDA3J MOBO. I have 3 sticks of Patriot LL RAM 2x 512MB and 1 x 1GB. For the life of me I can't get all 3 to work at once in this board so I'm thinking of selling the 2x 512 and buying another 1 GB stick. Now the questions. 1) should I...
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    Need Cooling Advice

    I have an EPOX 9NDA3J MOBO and just ordered an Opteron 144 CPU. Now I need some suggestions on a CPU cooler. I've heard and read much and am norrowed down to the Big Typhoon (not sure if it will fit my MOBO) Xp-90 XP 120 or an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64. Anyone have any experience with this...