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    How can I get marked as an official company rep?

    At the title states, I'd like to be verified and marked as the official rep for Plugable Technologies. I'm assuming one of the moderators can do this. Thanks!
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    Bluetooth + USB Mechanical Keyboard?

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanical keyboard with both Bluetooth and USB connectivity?
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    Entry Level HDMI 2.0 Card for Media Center?

    I'm looking for a low power and quiet HDMI 2.0 capable video card for my media center to drive my 4K TV. Right now it looks like an NVIDIA GTX 950 is the cheapest but I wanted to double check and make sure I'm not missing any cheaper options. I could in theory just replace the whole system and...
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    What is this?! "WL Generic brand 5TB SATA III 6.0Gb/s"

    Anyone have any info on this? WL 5TB 5700RPM 64MB Cache 5700RPM SATA III (6.0Gb/s) 3.5" Internal Hard Drive (Desktop PC, CCTV DVR, NAS) - w/1 Year Warranty "This is a WL Generic brand 5TB SATA III 6.0Gb/s hard drive featuring with 5700RPM...
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    Plugable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Tablet/Phone Stand With NFC Pairing $40 (50%) off

    Product page: Use promotion code: XM54ERKX for $40 (50%) off of the normal $79.00 with free shipping! Code expires: 12/31/2013 at 11:59 PM Buy it on Amazon...
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    Plugable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Tablet / Phone Stand with NFC Pairing - $20 off!

    From Plugable's Facebook page: $79.00 + $2.99 shipping - $20 = $61.99
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    Samsung 305t / Gateway XHD3000 (& others) DIY repair.

    I came across a Samsung 305t with lines and artifacting on the screen. We thought it was just the panel going out but I tore it down to the LCD control board and took a 1000w heat gun to the main processing chip (big silver one in the picture below, same control board the Gateway XHD3000 uses...
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    Automatically generate thumbnails for all subfolders of a directory in Windows 7?

    Is there some way to get explorer to generate thumbnails without actually having to navigate and scroll through every folder?
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    LSI 9260-4i not seen at post! Help!

    I just got an LSI 9260-4i to run my 4x 60GB OCZ Summits in RAID0. One problem, it isn't initializing at boot. In Windows however the card is shown in the device manager. I have tried all three PCI-E x16 slots on my motherboard. I'm thinking I got screwed here by DFI's BIOS being screwy and...
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    Cooler Master UCP900 strange issue.

    I have a cooler master ultimate circuit protection 900w that I got about a year ago from beta testing. On and off it has always made buzzes almost a chirping noise. Now about a week after getting my second 285 there is a constant buzz. High pitched and pulses. Volts read stable on my...
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    System Price? What is this worth?

    Looking to sell off my "old" PC. System specs: ASUS P5N-T Deluxe 780i Q6600 G0 3.6GHz Stable Sunbeam Tuniq Tower 8GB G.Skill 1066 CAS5 Kingston HyperX RAM Cooler 2x OCZ Solid 60GB SSDs in RAID0 Western Digital 500GB AAKS (Blue) HP IDE DL DVD-RW w/ Lightscribe, 1.44" FDD Lian Li...
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    Why I love the X58 platform.

    18GB of ram for now with room to grow. I had 8GB with my C2Q rig before but was starved for VMs and editing RAW files in photoshop in mass numbers so this was my solution. Just thought I'd share my excitement. :)
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    X25-M G2, Different models... Confusing.

    Why are there two different model #'s for what look like the same product? SSDSA2MH080G201 SSDSA2MH080G2C1
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    Old machine as HTPC... Can do?

    Intel Server Mobo Pentium 4 630 3.0GHz 2MB Cache EMT64 3GB DDR PC2-4200 Dual Channel (2x1GB, 2x512MB) MSI 8600GT in 8x mode (motherboard only had an 8x slot, dremeled the card down to fit) Creative Audigy SE 7.1 DVD-ROM (not planning to playback off an optical drive) 160GB SATA HDD (won't be...
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    PCP&C 750w Silencer: Exploded with fire...

    My poor server... Blew the fuse too and my battery backup... it's not doing so well but more on that later. It is weird, I only had about a 250w load on that PSU 24/7, I don't know what caused it to fail. But the rig turned off and I was like hmmm wtf. So I turned it back on and BAM. :(...
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    My friend's server: EA430w work OK?

    Specs: Arima HDAMA Dual SKT940 2x 2.2GHz Opteron CPUs 8x 1GB DDR2100 ECC PCI-X Adaptec 21610sa Controller Card 8x 320GB SATA HDDs 1x CD-ROM 8x 80mm fans (2 are LED), 1x 120mm fan Onboard video He currently has a Earth Watts 430 powering it, but the air from the back of the PSU is...
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    Best controller for 4 Intel X25-M SSDs?

    I'm thinking: 4x 80GB X25-Ms (V2 if possible) in RAID0 on maybe an Adaptec 5805? Goal? I want fast as hell. Any other controller options? I'd keep my Perc 5 but it maxes out with two SSDs.
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    Secondary screen, Acer V193wbd, sickly blue tint.

    It is so blue, its just wrong. Whites look bluish, I've tweaked settings in the monitor color, my nvidia control panel, and just when it looks about right on a color picture, the white looks all wrong still. I guess having a main Dell 2407WFP spoiled me a bit but wow, this Acer is SO BLUE and...
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    I'm cheap, 2.8GHz P4 & 8600GT - HD Capable?

    Yea, got a spare PC laying around, thought I could put it to service doing media center things... Pentium 4 630 2.8GHz HT 2MB EMT64 2GB DDR2-533 8600GT 256MB @ 8x interface speed Windows 7 x64 Any hope? VLC was a bust but WMP and CCCP seemed to play my files okay, but I don't have much...
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    PCI Video Card - 1080p playback at all possible?

    I have seen the some new PCI 8400 cards on the market, anyone know if they can playback 1080 okay? Reason being is I want to combine my server and HTPC in one and my server only has a free PCI left, the PCI-E are being used for raid cards etc. I currently have some ancient ATI Rage 128 or...
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    Replace 8800 Ultra with two single slot cards in SLI?

    My 8800 Ultra with it's aftermarket cooling uses three slots. I want to get two single slot cards, that I can SLI and have similar or better performance. Any ideas? I've been outta the game for a while so I'm not sure what to get.
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    Dual OCZ Solids in RAID0 in my LAPTOP = Mind blowing.

    O M G My laptop (ASUS G50VT-A1) feels faster than my desktop in just about everything but sheer CPU and GPU power. It feels snappier and faster than my EIGHT Raptors in RAID0. Like, programs load INSTANTLY. Like... *click* *BAM IN YOUR FACE OPEN!* :eek: :eek: :eek: Here are my benches...
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    Corsair Rep: Where can I actually purchase "VS4GSDS800D2" (4GB DDR2-800 SODIMM)

    I remember seeing a Corsair Rep who frequents these forums. So if you are here any ideas? :) Or if anyone else knows where to get it. :confused: Newegg is out of stock and they are one of the only places I even found it. :(
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    Sell my Raptors & Perc 5 for a couple SSDs?

    How much do you guys think nine 74GB Raptors along with my Perc 5i w/ 512MB cache + BBU + two cables would go for realistically? (have 8 Raptors in my rig but have a spare... four are Dell OEM 80GB 8MB, three are 74GB 16MB, the rest are 74GB 8MB) Reason I ask is I was thinking that I...
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    ASUS RMA - Finally pulls through.

    So over the course of the last year I have gone through like 6 Striker Extremes, just a whole lot of back and forth to RMA... About $100 some in shipping costs and a lot of stress and waisted time later I finally got fed up and bought a new P5N-T Deluxe and it has been smooth sailing ever since...
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    Fastest notebook hard drive? Looking at 250GB or 320GB.

    I just purchased a new laptop and don't want to shell out for a SSD but want the best possible 7200RPM laptop drive. Any recommendations?
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    Best deal on a single 4GB DDR2 SODIMM module?

    As the title says. What is the best deal I can get on a single 4GB SODIMM, DDR2-667 or 800. I want to upgrade my new laptop to 8GB. ASUS G50VT-A1 :D :D :D EDIT: I may get THIS. Thoughts? 8GB Kit for just over $200 US. I'd be paying $200 for a single 4GB stick from the egg so...
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    Made my own EMI shield for my X-Meridian!

    My 8800 Ultra under load was screwing with my soundcard, you could hear interference pretty bad. I got tired of it. I took one of those plastic clamshell hard drive containers, cut it in half, cut off the edges and I just happen to own some aluminum tape... End result? And...
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    What is the fastest SAS drive right now?

    Not looking to buy, my Raptors are fast enough for me but I am just curious to see how 15k SAS is holding up compared to solid state drives.
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    Can a PCP&C 750w Silencer - Run 24 drives?

    I am inclined to think yes in the long term because with my current 17 drives in my server I am only pulling about 190w idle to 250w load but I am concerned about the massive spike at bootup, right now it can hit about 650w. Thoughts?
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    Just put the old Raptors to work. 8 of them in a RAID50.

    Just got my backups cloned to the new array and now I will have similar speeds to my previous 4 Raptor RAID0 but I now have more space and dual drive fault tolerance. Benches! ^Read speeds ^Write speeds Controller used: Dell Perc5/i w/512MB cache memory. Write back cache enabled.
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    Vista 64, Hibernation with 8GB RAM possible?

    It has been disabled and I read on a M$ support page they said it wasn't good for performance. Any way to force it back on with this much RAM?
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    Intel Pro/1000 PT Desktop Adapter murders old onboard Marvell GB LAN

    As the title says, I got a dedicated Intel Pro/1000 GB card and it is soooo much faster than the old Marvell on my Striker Extreme. Network transfers to my WHS are much more stable, less up and down, and my internet is more responsive. Normally I wouldn't think a $40-50 network card is...
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    Mushkin issued me RMA #, now they don't answer emails.

    Thoughts? Delivery confirmation # says it got there. Why won't Mushkin even contact me back? I have emailed 3 times to their support. With most other companies they at least give some kind of automated confirmation message. I'm not mad yet but I am concerned.
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    Moved to Vista x64... so far? Not too bad.

    First off I have tried Vista before and hated it. At least three times I tried it. I've been on XP x64 for over a year and XP before that since it came out. My previous Windows got corrupted after a long install that has survived a few clones back and forth and even a few motherboards. It...
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    I need to power a 17 drive server on the cheap. Help.

    Yea so my 450w Supermicro Ablecom server power supply will run 14 drives no issues but any more and it can't spin them up on boot and my HDD controllers don't support staggered spinup. I have a low budget right now and need my server going. I am also concerned about saving power by looking...
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    64-bit causing video playback glitch/crash.

    Ever since I moved to 64-bit XP my only issue has been with playing certain videos. When I play them (think any AVI, MPEG, WMA, etc) sometimes they will go for hours and other times I get lines like the famed video corruption that people with the newer 750i chipset had. Then my computer...
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    BSEL mod underclocking???

    Is there a way to use a BSEL mod to underclock a 775 CPU. Specifically a Pentium 4 540 chip? I am using it in a file server and I really am not using much of its 3.2GHz as it is but my server mobo can't underclock/overclock or anything in the BIOS.
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    ASUS P6T Deluxe

    Wow! Check it out HERE :eek:
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    Quick PSU Question for my Server

    I have a Supermicro / AbleCOM SP450-RP 450w Server Power Supply (should have a single 12v rail 30A) and I want to run the following: * Intel Entry Server Motherboard SE7221BK1-E * Pentium 4 540 3.2GHz * 2x1GB Kingston DDR2 PC5300 RAM * SuperMicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 8 port SATA controller * Adaptec...