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    Can someone Test for me?

    I got a pair of Opteron 2212s and want to see if they are good before trying to source a dual socket F board and heatsinks they work in. Wanted to know if someone here has the capability to test them for me. I will pay shipping both ways, naturally. Also, would be interested in buying a...
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    Dell C1100 for home lab - graphics card?

    Hi all, Looking for some advice right now on the direction to take my home setup / test lab. - ;TLDR / Cliffs @ bottom. Right now I am running a Dell Precision 690 with 2x E5345 and 32GB ram and ESXi 5. I am running basic AD/DS, a few CentOS and RHEL boxes for testing purposes (release...
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    XBox 360 codes x2 - Gunstringer/Fruit Ninja Kinect

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    Unmountable Boot Volume after Mini Setup from ImageX image

    Hello All, Recently my company has begun to test ImageX as a secondary deployment solution. So far we have taken our previous "universal image" and ported it to a WIM file. We have been using Vista PE to deploy this image. Other than a few small issues, we have been pretty successful with this...
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    VBScript question

    Hey all, I don't know if the scripting stuff counts as programming but I figure I'd give this a shot: I don't know vbscript well, and I was trying to write a CMD batch file to accomplish a particular function, which was using the netsh command to create a batch file that a tech in the field...
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    Strange error with Dell Latitude

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    Cisco 1700/1720 AC Adapter?

    I posted in FS/FT for one of these (where it probably should be) but haven't gotten any bites, so I figure let me ask in the networking forum if anyone: a.) has one to sell cheap in case my router is indeed shot b.) would like to lend me/rent one to me. I'll pay shipping both ways. c.) knows...
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    Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

    Seems my friend's board has the bios bootblock error, I've tried booting from a pure dos floppy with awdflash on it but I can't get to an A:\ Does anyone have the original CD that came with the board that could make me an ISO and post it somewhere for me to download it or if it's small enough...
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    FS/FT DC Parts

    Gone for now, most of the old parts are traded or sold. Thanks for the interest.
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    Image reports negative partition size with Ghost

    Ok, here's a quick rundown on something interesting that happened to me at work: I've been appointed the task of creating a new windows image for some boxen we have in the field. They are currently on Linux but the business wants them converted to Windows. These machines are currently...
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    Configuring a 1760 to use nat overload and two default routes.

    Good afternoon [H]'ers! I have a question. A small project of mine has called for me to setup a family friend's home business network and to integrate it with his home network. For this project he has acquired some equipment that his office no longer needed, so I am working with: (1)...
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    Intellisync Issues??

    Greetings [H]'ers I have a issue at work. Here we use blackberries for all the staff with company-issued PDAs with BB desktop. All other users, while discouraged from doing so, are allowed to buy their own devices which we still have to support. I have a user who has a Pocket PC, I believe...
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    Anyone Play Conquer Online

    Old :D -DVA
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    Some strange OS behavior @ work today..

    Ok, this isn't so much as a question, but a WTF happened post. I was @ work today, and I got a service call for an end-user complaining about her software locking up. This is the 3rd call in 2 days. Because I wasted so much time with it, I am now backed up well into Monday, not including the...
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    Kevin Mitnick's book?

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone else out there has picked up Mitnick's book, the Art of Deception, which is a view on social engineering and the use of that skill by both white-hat and black-hat hackers, as well as other members of society such as PIs to glean otherwise personal or confidential...
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    Strange error with Dell Latitude

    Well, It's not really a problem as much as just a strange occurrence. I was installing some SDRAM sodimms in a latitude cpt..I got some from ebay which was advertised as pc100 sodimm. I got one that was bga and one non-bga package. I install both pieces, and I get an error: Memory size has...
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    Logon / Logoff Script

    Hey, I am starting to play with logon and logoff scripts, and I haven't done much scripting. Anyone have any good references for DOS batch scripting or would you recommend using VBScript? Any helpful tips, tricks or websites are appreciated. -DVA
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    Cisco 1720 Question

    Hello All, I recently got ahold of 2 Cisco 1720s and I have a 3548-XL switch. I have to setup a network for a small business and was intending on using VLANs. Whenever I try to enable subinterfaces on the fixed FastEthernet port of the 1720 to enable an 802.1q trunk link, I get an %...