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    A question for TechNet subscribers

    Question asked purely out of curiosity. I've been using the TechNet library for a helluva long time, but never really bothered taking up a subscription until now, or looking more closely at the subscriber benefits. Browsing the Downloads section I've noticed that, for current and previous...
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    The Truth about OEM Vista and alternate install media

    I've been thinking about posting this for a couple of days or so, since yet another "I have 32-bit Vista OEM and want to use 64-bit instead" topic appeared. That question gets posted quite a bit, and every time it does it is met with a helluva lot of misunderstanding and misinformation. So...
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    Why can Vista (and beyond) be 'better' for Network admins?

    Here's a challenge, asked because I'm no network admin and I'm curious to know and understand. When Vista came along we heard about 'new features' in the release which sussposedly carried the potential for making life better for network admins by allowing them enhanced control over the...
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    R.I.P. Autopatcher

    It's a sad time indeed. Despite it's attraction to the pirates out there, Autopatcher has also provided a useful and valuable service for which many of us have found perfectly legitimate and very useful apllications. But Autopatcher is no more! Microsoft has, finally, issued a takedown...
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    Clean install with Vista Upgrade - The foolproof approach

    Here goes for “take 2” of this guide. Kyle’s efforts at correcting database problems recently ‘nuked’ about ten days of posts, and a couple of damned fine install guides along with them. We’d had quite a few questions cropping up regarding installing with a Vista Upgrade package, and both...
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    Can anybody replicate this Vista/SLI/Media Center problem?

    Hi, I posted this at SLIZone forum but it seems nobody exists there except some dude who responds to everything with a suggestion that people submit a bug report :P I'm interested to hear if others get the same thing, even if with different cards to the oldies I have.
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    Single install clean install with Vista Upgrade disk

    The 'Install Vista from Vista' workaround for clean-installing with an Upgrade product key has been done to death, in numerous threads, but I haven't seen mention of the fact that a Vista Upgrade key and disk can be used to clean install with a single installation only. I've written up a...
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    What do you need for a Vista 5.9?

    Vista's 'Experience Index' score I'm talking about. Just what do you need to have to garner a base score of 5.9 for your system, and thus in Vista's terms have a system which you can have confidence will perform just about any task you ask of it and do so comfortably? I saw this question...
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    Does an upgrade install stuff the previous install?

    Use an Upgrade install Windows disk to do a fresh install and you gotta pop a qualifying Windows CD in for verification. That's a no-brainer. That means, legally anyway, that the license attached to the earlier Windows CD is now void. That's a no-brainer too. What I'm wondering is, has that...
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    Have you any price locator links to share?

    I was reading this topic with interest. Although the publication I primarily write for is an Australian one, we have quite a few readers from around the globe and I'm sure you could appreciate the complications involved with providing purchasing advice to them. Even to Australian readers it's...