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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Happy New Year with 2017!
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    F@H Client V7 - Discussion Thread Part 2

    New client v7 version is available. I wanted to start a new thread. Some changes were made. Change log,
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    Distributed Blender Rendering - New BONIC project! Finally, something more useful than bitcoin. I remember this site was offering its servers for rendering. Now, they have grown into a BONIC project. Team:
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    Clocking the in kitchen with EngrChris and Sirmonkey

    UPDATE 4/4/2011: With the new client and core, the performance and stability have greatly improved from the old client. With very reasonable overclocking, a frame time of 3:00, or less is very achievable. A Stock 5850 card can produce at least 7000 ppd at a TPF of 3:30. With overclocking, 8000...
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    Lian Li PC V600F

    This is one of the new Lian Li cases.,811921/Lian-Li-praesentiert-neue-Gehaeuse-auf-der-Cebit/Gehaeuse/News/bildergalerie/?iid=1489443
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    New Dell Latitude's I first thought they're a new sub-product line to fit between Vostro and the Latitude lines. But wait, they're the new Latitude's. They look like crap. :eek:
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    A problem with outlook 2007

    I have a problem with outlook that I can't fix too easily. Outlook hangs on startup. Only safe mode works and I have backup my personal folders (pst's). I have tried repairing, uninstall and install office, using all of the clear/reset command switches, clearing out the pst files (all backed...
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    Tuner Card

    I'm considering looking around for a new card, see sig, and hopefully with no drivers problems. Any suggestions?
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    New evga board.

    Dual 1366! "Yes, it is a Classified model :) And all the features one would expect on a Classified."
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    New lens for Canon 7D

    I'm try to decide what lens to get. I have intentions to have a small set of lens. I not moving to full frame soon, or for quite some time. Budget isn't much of a problem.
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    Found a problem with HD5xxx cards, screws and cases.

    ATI oems need to use recessed screws for the pci bracket. I had to remove them.
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    Magnet for bad surge protectors

    Few months ago while I bought the Cyberpower UPS 900w (two thumbs up!) and also I got the 895 surge protector unit. It had a weak solder joint near the switch, we fixed it. The strategy didn't work after we rotated to Belkin. I got two, one for monitor, network (modem, switch), printer, and...
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    Cyberpower unit 90v output

    I have cyberpower 900 watt UPS. When running on battery it only outputs 90 volts, why? Edit, The unit is fairly new, just a few months.
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    F@Hmon setup under vista

    I was having a hard to finding the log file. Under Vista, the client location for GPU client: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Folding@home-gpu\ Please add this to the guide. Give thanks to Razor_FX_II for the help.
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    Maintenance for a water cooling setup

    For a water cooling setup, what would the maintenance be?