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    Endangered Gorillas Get Facebook Page

    Animals can't type people, lets be serious ;)
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    This guy is crazy.
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    Professor: Kindle is a “Poor Excuse of an Academic Tool”

    If anyone wants their ebook reader to be respected in the classroom, they have to offer these capabilities, point blank. It's a multi-front attack...they need books available and the software/hardware to support it. Exceeder
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    Poor IT Job Market May Fuel Online Crime

    QFT, pretty much.
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    Poor IT Job Market May Fuel Online Crime

    The point is that being "cyber criminal pedigree" has nothing to do with being laid off. The post insinuated that people who haven't been laid off are more talented, or skilled, or a level above people who HAVE been laid off. It ain't true. This job market is a massacre, everyone is being...
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    Poor IT Job Market May Fuel Online Crime

    No, but there are many talented people who have a passion for what they do, who aren't "just in it for a check" as was so delicately stated. Re-read what was written and I am sure you will see how it isn't necessarily appropriate, given this job market.
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    Best Buy Calls Twitter a Job Qualification

    Just another ridiculous job posting from another company that probably has no intent to hire anyone at all. Making obscene job requirements and then claiming that no american can meet them is a pre-requisite for obtaining H1-B visas.
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    Poor IT Job Market May Fuel Online Crime

    Out of curiosity, does it feel awesome to assume that you still have a job because you are part of some elite workforce that isn't stupid enough to get laid off right now?
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    Poor IT Job Market May Fuel Online Crime

    Typical ignorant jackass who hasn't lost his job yet...hope you are the next one to be H1-B'ed out of existence. Have fun training your off-shored replacement when your boss realizes your overinflated paycheck can be reduced to nearly nothing by a team of 10 guys in Bombay.
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    EU Pushes Music Industry to Open Up Online Rights

    Wow, a bunch of dicks trying to fuck a bunch of assholes. Sounds like a gay frat party, but at least it's logical.
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    We REALLY need a tech careers subforum.

    Understood, appreciate the reply...I was referring to the distinct lack of coverage of the slow death of the IT industry in the US, which is this site's primary readership...just trying to help out the H, as it's helped me plenty of times. In the meantime I guess I'll keep heading over to...
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    We REALLY need a tech careers subforum.

    Now is the time...there isn't anything like this on the has the only decent IT careers forum, and it's nothing great. Many [H] readers are hurting for work, and looking to discuss the situation with others...why does Hardocp seem so blind to this fact?
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    50 Arrested In Craigslist Prostitution Sting

    Is it really prostitution when all the women work for "roses". 50 "roses" can buy you a lot nowadays ;)
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    Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix

    Is this guy going to get sued by the RIAA too?
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    Why File Sharing Will Save Hollywood, Music

    Media is free nowadays, whether you want to bloviate about "morals" or law, the reality of the situation is that media is free. The only CD I have bought in the last 10 years is AC/DC's latest album, and that's because it was reasonably priced and I knew I would enjoy the entire work. This...
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    Virus? Rootkit? What?

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    Aneesh Chopra Appointed To CTO Post

    Another Indian taking an IT job.
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    Google Street View Car Photographs Evil Twin

    Me and my girlfriend needed it to check out the house/neighborhood that we were going to live in when moving half a country away, from Chicago to Austin, Tx. We wanted to see what the houses actually looked like, etc. You can't tell that from a top-down view. Using Google I "drove" to the gym...
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    Outsourcing Savings Overestimated, Study Finds

    US not producing enough engineers? Get real. :rolleyes:
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    Outsourcing Savings Overestimated, Study Finds

    If you guys want to see the frustration that is occuring in the American IT industry, check out the forums on, where people who have been unable to land an interview for months go to vent. If I was Indian I would almost fear for my life in this country after reading some of the posts...
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    Google Cutting 200 Marketing and Sales Jobs

    So as long as everybody gets something from their investments, but not "too much", you are happy? At what point would YOU turn down return on your investments? If you bought stock in a company and it shot up 2000% in one day, I doubt you would turn it down because you didn't want to be "greedy".
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    Google Cutting 200 Marketing and Sales Jobs

    How original. :rolleyes: If it weren't for "evil corporate greed" none of us would have a job. The second a company starts making decisions based on altruism is second needed for them to get buried by the competition.
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    IBM Chief's 2008 Pay Valued at Nearly $21M

    "Shut up with the CEO hate already. If it's such an easy job, y'know just sitting around jerking off, why don't you go fill the spot? I mean, all you have to do is play pool and swim all day." QFT...there is a reason they are compensated that much, if not for the effort and talent, for reasons...
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    India's $10 Laptop Is Not A Laptop?

    Hmmm, an over-promised Indian IT delivery that is under-scope, over-budget and late? Didn't see that one coming.
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    Ethernet Cable Soldier

    So if I take a bunch of old floppys and fold them to look like paper airplanes, will I get a news mention on Hardocp? Videos of kids shooting the shit out of their monitors with a shotgun: Cool. Pictures of guys wearing their opened, upside down laptops as hats: Not Cool. Just because...
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    Ethernet Cable Soldier

    Way stupid. Just because this is a tech site doesn't mean this crap is interesting or newsworthy, any more than providing updates on different USB thumbdrives shaped like "stuff".
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    Semantic E-mail Delivery: The Future of E-mail?

    Why is this different than a database of contacts with different "roles" ie. John Smith can be in the "Friends" "Brothers" "Siblings" and "Coworkers" roles...just select the role you defined and email everyone associated with it...right? Or am I missing something?
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    Circuit City Jacks Up Prices For Liquidation

    This same thing happens all the time...most "sales" you see nowadays aren't sales. You can't trust the word. Black Friday was the biggest proof of this, most Black Friday deals weren't that at all.
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    Segway Inventor Throwing In The Towel?

    The cops here in Chicago are always on them here in the Business district. They have huge off-road tires on them, and they are awesome.
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    Harvard Physicist Sets Record Straight About Google

    How much Co2 did they waste on that incredibly stupid study? At least the web contributes something useful to humanity, unlike their research and the articles about it...
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    Game Prices Tumble

    I recently paid $5.99 for some shitty ipod game, and $10.99 for WTF: Work Time Fun on the PSP, and these are both shameless rehashes of 80's arcade games...they suck, they are mind-numbing, and I am terrified to spend any more money on these downloadable games. As a guy who shelled out full...
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    Top Technology Breakthroughs of 2008

    And yet the world has never seen a bluetooth headset that doesn't have a blinking blue LED on it...
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    OpenOffice is ‘Profoundly Sick’

    I use Google Docs for 99% of my spreadsheet/doc creation...if I need my content to look nicer (ie resume, etc) I'll set it up using my work laptop. I keep open office around so I can open up files on my home computer, but I wouldn't feel comfortable editing a resume on it, I just can't be...
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    Bush Data May Overload National Archives

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    Video Games Feed Male Urge To Conquer

    Makes sense to me. This is why "my little pony" and "barbie" games always fail. And always will.
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    Country Bans YouTube, Facebook In Public Offices

    Sounds like an attempt to keep wasted company/government time down to a minimum...makes sense to me.
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    Microsoft Outlines Pay-Per-Use PC Vision

    Isn't this what they do when companies lease mainframes or mainframe time? Seems that the model is moving away from this, considering with the internet and cloud computing you may not even know what processor where is doing what...
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    Google Cutting Contractor Workforce

    The lack of IT Contractors that comment on the HardForums when discussing the IT job market blows my mind. That being said, they might all be looking for a job right contractor should be even remotely delusional that their jobs are secure right now, with firms paying 100+ dollars an...
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    Hotmail Upgraded – Whether You Want It or Not

    Lol you are so L337 your sarcazm is awesome! Hotmail is a fantastic, get down off your high horse.
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    Quote Of The Day

    Haha no shit...