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    Microsoft Redesigns Paint App For Windows 10

    Based on the comments on this video, I've decided the majority of you are total wankers and will not be commenting here anymore ;) Oh, and some of you might be good people. Still, I'm building a firewall.
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    Autopilot Supplier Ends Relationship With Tesla Over Safety Concerns

    Because they're both African?! Sounds racist to me.
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    Retail Listing Points To High Price For Oculus Touch

    Everyone with a Rift is buying touch. Price is as expected.. If it's too expensive for you, wait for the flood of cheaper stuff coming in the next few years.
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    Mercedes Delivery Vans Now Have Robotic Carrier Pigeons

    Nice, I had this same idea a few years back. Nice to see someone actually putting it into practice.
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    Woman Killed By Pokémon Go Driver

    We should just ban driving. It's making our texting and games unsafe.
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    Own A Drone? You May Need An FAA Drone Pilot Certificate

    Why not just require anyone who doesn't own a drone to carry a gun at all times? Seems like the most American way to solve this problem.
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    Assassin's Creed Movie Stunt Man Does 125ft Free Fall

    The story they go with is far more important than the stunt choices. That being said.. If the jump is shot 3rd person like in the games.. Tha'd be sick ;)
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    Imitation Guns Banned From Games Convention Over Security Fears

    Haha, no terrorist is going to shoot up a gun show. It's where they buy their weapons.
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    NASA Rocket Test Shot With Incredible New HDR High Speed Camera

    Great, now Earth's orbit is off cause some assholes strapped a rocket to it!
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    Volkswagen Aims For More Electric Cars By 2020 Amid Ongoing Emissions Scandal

    It's not useless if the tech can be implemented without adding (much) weight. Like painted on or what have you. My car isn't used most of the day, so if I get an extra mile or two with it just sitting in a lot, that adds up over time. There's also the ability to plug in an electric car to...
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    Volkswagen Aims For More Electric Cars By 2020 Amid Ongoing Emissions Scandal

    Good to see them heading in the right direction... Electric all tha way.
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    Do I Really Need 1Gbps Internet?

    Everyone should have Gig.. Even grandma. Seriously. Even if you're only bursting to full bandwidth per click, that's still valuable time that we shouldn't all be sitting around for buffering/downloading/uploading.
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    Green Man Gaming Sale Starts Today

    Since you have a backlog, couldn't you just wait when buying games till either you're caught up or the price is low?
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    Scientists Have Made A Cyborg Stingray

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    These Robots Are Going To KILL US ALL!!!

    They're going to get you no matter what, so you might as well stop freaking out about it.
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    Oculus Rift Availability Update

    Wouldn't Microsoft have to develop their own headset that didn't work with anything else to be considered monopolistic? #Sony Consoles are were some of the worse anti competitive BS goes down. No matter what side you're on.. You shouldn't want any company to fail at this point. Vive owners...
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    These Robots Are Going To KILL US ALL!!!

    I think the Robots are going to kill us all joke needs to go.
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    Oculus Rift Availability Update

    I'm not as emo as most people, so a new company taking longer to ship something wasn't an issue for me. I always buy the best product and after much research, I decided the Rift was better. Not by a whole lot, but still better.
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    Oculus Rift Availability Update

    Don't get me wrong.. Vive is almost as good, but Rift is more polished. Vive rushed out to beat them to market. The fact that one product can ship faster to me doesn't make it better. Vive is more open which is definitely huge, and I admire people that are supporting them for that. It will...
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    Oculus Rift Availability Update

    Rift + Touch > Vive
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    Vine Isn’t Growing And Most Of Its Top Executives Have Left

    bummer, maybe youtube will buy them once it gets really cheap.. There's some hilarious content creators that make good use of the format
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 368.69 WHQL Drivers

    Sigh, thank you for the computer lesson. To Nvidia: Make it better. To everyone else: Install away!
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 368.69 WHQL Drivers

    Lol, okay. I never said it was hard or that I had to.. All that I said was there has to be a better way.. Like a profile patch or dll update.. Instead of running a 150MB installer every week. Chrome updates without me and so does Firefox. Nvidia can do better.
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    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 368.69 WHQL Drivers

    There's gotta be a more efficient way of pushing these updates than having me reinstall my drivers every bloody time a game comes out.
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    Vive Outselling The Rift By As Much As 2-to-1

    Touch is supposed to ship with a second camera included. Why would a developer not support the Rift? It would be stupid not to. It's trivial to support another headset after you've developed for one, and it's 1/3 of potential customers.. in a really small market.
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    Vive Outselling The Rift By As Much As 2-to-1

    I guess it depends on the experience you're developing. If you need the Vive controllers to play the game, then I guess Rift would have to wait for your support, but if you can play your game with a traditional controller, you might as well support both. Not sure if everyone realizes this, but...
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    Vive Outselling The Rift By As Much As 2-to-1

    Impatient people buy the Vive and patient people buy the Rift. There are more impatient people obviously ;)
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    Dream Monitor

    Another thing I think would be nice is if the Ultrawides had resolution/size matched wing monitors available. Which would allow you to have a large center view and two smaller side monitors for the extra real estate... as I feel 3x ultawides would be a bit too much fov.
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    Dream Monitor

    I agree. No bezels would be just as good as a super ultrawide.. since you could add as many as you like.
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    Dream Monitor

    That is a good point.. A high resolution VR Headset could potentially replace monitors. However I have heard people waking up in the morning after playing a few hours with a VR ghost image still visible. I feel the long term effects of having a screen strapped to your face are still unknown.
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    Minecraft Has Sold 53,000 Copies A Day In 2016

    The first time I played it.. Back in the Alpha/Beta days.. I didn't get it. Then I gave it another go a few years later. Networked creative mode with a few mods. It became my Lego replacement. Building huge structures, designing red stone circuit actuated secret passage ways. It's an...
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    Free Copies of Some Steam Games

    Can someone explain the advantage of this?
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    Dream Monitor

    I've been waiting quite a while to upgrade my 3x Dell u2412m monitors.. Nothing looks ideal though. All the ultrawides are like running < 2x monitors and are :9 ratio crap. 4K is nice and all, but i still need 3x monitors and would love to do without bezels. So, here's how my perfect monitor...
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    Founders Edition Early Adopters Paper Tax for 20 Minutes @ [H]

    I consider Fabrication node on everything I purchase. Processors, controller cards, ice cream.. You could also say DUH! Of course it's faster.. they make a faster card every year. The new fab = lower power. I like to know they're keeping up. AMD doesn't always keep up, and as things get...
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    Tesla To Charge Model 3 Owners For Using Supercharging Stations?

    Sounds like a fair deal to me. I currently pay $30 a month for unlimited fast charging. That's still half the price I used to pay for gas with my relatively fuel efficient old car.
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    Gillian Anderson Up For Being The Next James Bond

    Why not cast Sean Connery as the Villain in the next bond film?
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    McDonald’s CEO: No Plans To Replace Employees With Robots Yet

    I don't think you get it. We should all be making more money. Minimum wage is well below adequate thanks to inflation. If a small business can't afford to pay someone $120 a day.. What kind of shitty business can't cover that? and to think that McDonalds can't is just hilarious.
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    McDonald’s CEO: No Plans To Replace Employees With Robots Yet

    I've run a successful business for over 10 years. The reason to go into business is to provide something amazing and take pride in what you're doing and how you're doing it. If you're not doing that.. you're doing it wrong. So, underpaying workers, using the cheapest ingredients... Yea, that...