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    FTC: Bloggers Must Disclose Payments

    I believe its about payment for the review, not getting it for free.
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    NVIDIA and its own Eyefinity?

    thats 1000 dollars, still quite a bit. ;) :p
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    NVIDIA and its own Eyefinity?

    I like the idea of EyeFinity, but if you look at the pricetag associated with it right now it doesnt make sense since it will cost more to get a 6x24" setup than it would for your entire top of the line computer.
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    Most High-Tech Cop Car Ever

    Seriously... what about the Carbon Motor's Cop Car??? im pretty sure thats more technologically advanced.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    Nah, i was talking about the one for press that i saw kyle walking into.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    How's the press conference going?
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    BSoN: GF100 (GT300) specs

    What revised specs? Only diff is that the mem controller is 384 instead of 512 and that was merely a size issue.
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    NVIDIA GPU Conference Live

    Yeah. 3D pictures and Video. Im here and its quite full.
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    EVGA 780i: Wierd RED Alien text on POST

    Have you tried running one stick of memory at a time? Run memtest on each? Theres a possibility it could be your RAM or your BIOS. I would recommend testing your system memory before i suggest a BIOS update.
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    Small System Builders to Ship PCs with W7 Before Oct 22

    I saw this, its a pretty sweet deal for the smaller companies and potentially helps them get a jump on sales over the gigantic dells and hps. Although, im sure HP and Dell are less than excited.
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    Xbox 360 ‘Project Natal’ Gets Major Publisher Backing

    I don't necessarily see why its forcing you to switch over?
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    Weird xbox 360 issue.

    Nvm. My dad tried to help me crimp the cables and he messed up. i re-did it and all is well.
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    Weird xbox 360 issue.

    So i recently bought a 360 and set it up today. Hooked it up to the network, and it doesnt connect to the network. Fine. Then i take the laptop, hook it up to the very same connection and it works. I don't understand what i'm doing wrong. When i run all of the tests, it fails every single one...
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    just got a new xbox jewishmafio.
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    Why cant we...

    Im sure it has... :( i mean, if they're going to remove the edit button there why not remove it everywhere? why is the news section so special? because people constantly argue? but isn't that everywhere? Thanks.
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    Why cant we...

    edit posts in the news section? :confused: it gets annoying, because i'd like to add to what i said instead of having to repost.
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    AMD ATi Radeon HD 5870 X2 Spotted

    Holy... that thing is long as hell. Reminds me of those R600 cards that were supposed to be the uber super clocked versions that needed a retention mechanism in order to stay in place.
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    I got MMS today!

    Ive been using MMS for what? the past 4 years? maybe 5? Its really shameful that it took ATT and Apple this long.
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    SGI Octane 3?

    Went bankrupt and were bought out by rackable.
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    how do you flash bios on evga 750i ftw?

    Copied right off the EVGA Driver Download page. To find this file, go to driver downloads, bios updates, and look for the E175.
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    eVGA 750i FTW Weirdness.

    Have you checked your CPU temps and tested your PSU?
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    So the 5870 was a "soft" launch not really for sale yet ?

    From what ive been told, these cards are extremely limited in quantity due to the fact that the yields still aren't that great and AMD doesnt have nearly the amount of cards they'd like to have for a successful launch.
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    Google Says News Site Disruption is Fixed

    Outage? what outage? :P
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    Till Oct. 5th: Xbox 360 Elite $50 rebate from MS

    Darn, its hard to decide. I dont know if i can trust dell or not. I know amazon has them in stock and id be paying like 50 bucks more if i went through amazon.
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    Till Oct. 5th: Xbox 360 Elite $50 rebate from MS

    Im ready to buy one NOW. Dell just needs to get them in stock. Im ready to buy one with a controller. the second it goes up, its mine.
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    Zipzoomfly listing 5870

    23rd guys, 23rd.
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    Xoxide going out of business sale

    Im fairly sure thats simple business law. is merely a domain name. The company responsible for running it is who has to fulfill those orders,etc. I emailed one of the owners of the old site and they basically appear to have give only the domain name to the new company. It sounds like...
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    EU Dives into Intel Antitrust Specifics

    Intel's response.
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    Did You Know 4.0

    I dont believe that 90% of all music is illegally downloaded...
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    Google Says Your Docs Will Soon Be Search Results

    I wouldn't mind sharing certain papers i have written over the years, etc. But i wouldn't want to share personal stuff or pictures. I'm perfectly fine with getting my essays out there... im sure someone would benefit.
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    XFX: You Say Babies. We Say Boot Camp

    I noticed that as well. ;)
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    XFX: You Say Babies. We Say Boot Camp

    its so jittery i dont even want to watch it.
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    Is Amazon the Wal-Mart of the Web?

    I wont lie, some of the product reviews on amazon make my day. Overall, i do enjoy giving them my business. especially considering that whole deal where i don't pay taxes... which is probably why i'll get my 360 from them if the dell deal doesn't pan out.
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    Is Amazon the Wal-Mart of the Web?

    Honestly, the quality of service they offer cannot make me believe they are the Walmart of the web. Not to mention the fact that they treat their employees extremely well and they actually try to promote capitalism and give customers what they want as opposed to telling them what they want.
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    Happy 50th Birthday to COBOL

    Damn, i knew cobol is old but i had no idea it was THAT old.
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    Beginning my XBOX 360 Search...

    I still haven't bought one... im looking for some place that will have a good deal around the same time as my birthday(next week).
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    New Zune HD Details...

    Same here. I want to know why people don't like this device so i know before i buy.
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    Is Twitter Worth $1 Billion?

    I think that Twitter may be worth 1 billion dollars if they can prove its actually got the ability to prove long term profitability. Afterall, its a goldmine for personal user data... but that's about it.
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    GT300 will be better than 5870..

    I'll try to get as much information out of them as i can when im up there. :p
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    GT300 will be better than 5870..

    I hope nvidia has some info for me at GTC.