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  1. zero2dash

    Playable ads coming to Win10

    Missed this tidbit of news when it came out a little over a week ago. Granted, none have been seen yet, but the capability is now there (and I think you can safely assume that it will be used).
  2. zero2dash

    Adding PPA's - good idea? Bad idea?

    I'm in the process of migrating from Windows over to Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 LTS which appears to be "the distro for me" (after testing maybe a dozen). Just a general question - Several of the apps from the official repository that I use are out of date (compared to the ones I use on Windows)...
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    Chrome issues...figured it out (nvm)

    nvm...figured it out. EMET was causing it to open real slow. (duh)
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    Any Corsair reps or Strafe (non-RGB owners) [H]ere?

    I'm trying to get my Strafe replaced under warranty and the tech has been AWOL for almost a week now on my ticket, and on top of that, the doof had me try to reflash my firmware with Strafe RGB firmware and now my keyboard is COMPLETELY dead (where it was semi-operational before). If anyone has...
  5. zero2dash

    Hot 4790K...what to do?

    Z97X-SLI GB board Hyper 212+ Evo cooler with MX-2 TIM ("BB" method) using stock CM 4pin fan Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 case (2 front intake Nanoxia fans @ "High"/100%, mid (behind HD cage) YL D12SH-12 fans @ "Low" [using case fan controller] (I would estimate they're still doing roughly 35-40cfm...
  6. zero2dash

    Cannot browse; router issue?

    I think I've tried everything possible but wanted to throw this out there and see what suggestions I get. Charter Internet 100/3 TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 router I cannot browse I can ping it from both a command prompt and the router itself. I can traceroute it. Whether on...
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    Steam holiday sale 2013 dates leaked

    Posted here linking sources here and here Autumn sale 11/27 - 12/3 Holiday sale 12/19 - 1/2 tl;dr
  8. zero2dash

    HP 2710M 27" LCD 1080P monitor no dead pixels [ends 9/21 07:55:08 PDT]
  9. zero2dash

    Bioshock Infinite texture/polygon popup glitch

    I posted this over at the 2K forums but figured I'd post it here as well to see if anyone else has had this issue. I have this happen frequently while playing the game; any area, doesn't matter. Here's a video I took using Bandicam. Notice how things just popup; easiest to see by just...
  10. zero2dash

    Bioshock Infinite vs. Dishonored - which to play 1st?

    Almost finished with B2, was planning on going straight into Infinite but now I'm contemplating buying & playing through Dishonored instead. (I'll eventually do both, but I'm trying to decide which to tackle first.) If you've played both games, which did you enjoy more and why?
  11. zero2dash

    FTL Lego (toys) petition

    Just saw this on the FTL site: which links to Support this! (if you want...but even if you don't, support it anyway :D) Mantis ship looks awesome :eek:
  12. zero2dash

    Asus P8Z77-V PRO $104.99 at Microcenter B&M (possible clearance) Manufacturer page I found this earlier this morning on their website and at that time, it still had it as an 'active' page, with this sale price ($104.99) and "10+ in stock" at my local store...
  13. zero2dash

    Z77X-UD3H corrupt bios...return?

    I bought an open box UD3H @ MC for $115. Initially it looked great. Then when I went to install my 2500K I noticed one of the CPU socket pins was a little sideways (but not bent horribly). Using a small flathead screwdriver I pushed it over a little bit, more straight/in line. System booted...
  14. zero2dash

    New 'Last of Us' footage

    Adam Sessler impressions Adam Sessler interview with Creative Director Neil Druckmann Looks great...glad they're differentiating the enemies from the cookie cutter "zombie" mold.
  15. zero2dash

    God of War: Ascension live action trailer

    Ellie Goulding shared this on FB since the song is hers. :) I've always been a huge fan of the Gears of War and Halo live action trailers...Sony has matched the bar IMHO with this one. ;) Can't wait for 3/12.
  16. zero2dash

    Fractal Design Core 3000 ATX case $29.99 at Microcenter online & in-store

    Save $25.00 / Originally $54.99 These are available on the website for shipping as well as in-store for this price. The only minor con is the USB ports are 2.0 not 3.0 but for the price and the rest of the...
  17. zero2dash

    Steam Holiday Sale dates confirmed

    Oh shit. Is everyone ready? My wallet sure isn't. :D
  18. zero2dash

    Random shared drive drops between Server 2003 and Win7 clients

    Figured I'd see if anyone [H]ere has come across this problem. We have shared public folders on one of our servers running Server [strike=]2003 Standard[/s] 2008 R2 Standard; all clients are Win7 Pro. For some reason, the network shares will randomly drop out and become disconnected. Red X's...
  19. zero2dash

    NVIDIA strong arm tactics?

    (If this isn't allowed here, feel free to move or close as necessary. Just wanted to share the link/story.) Just noticed an article over at Tweaktown that's pretty disappointing to say the least. Luckily it doesn't seem like [H] has had these sort of issues that I can recall, and I hope that...
  20. zero2dash

    AT&T CEO blames Google for delayed Android updates

    This guy's doing a great job of making himself look like a complete tool. :rolleyes: I'm surprised he also doesn't blame device manufacturers for putting their best phones on other mobile carriers instead of bringing them to AT&T. :rolleyes:
  21. zero2dash

    P8P67 / 2600K / 4x4GB OC problems (getting ram at stock speed is impossible)

    P8P67 R3 bios 2303 2600K w/ TRUE + 2 SFF21E's in push/pull Kingston HyperX 4GB 1600 9-9-9-27 1.65vdimm (x4 sticks) For the life of me I cannot get my OC to stay stable when I try to bring my ram up to speed. I used Clunk's guide and ended up at a 4.6 max on 1.35 Vcc while running my ram at 1333...
  22. zero2dash

    Cheap laptop for VM's - SB Celeron or go up to i3?

    Our school workstations suck. We've been running 2 VM's at once on these things and they're horrible. E6800 running XP32 with 4GB of RAM. VM's on a USB2 2.5" HD. We can only allocate 1GB of RAM to each VM otherwise the host computer chokes. (VM's of 7 Pro 32bit and Server 2008 Standard)...
  23. zero2dash

    PSA - Live accounts being hacked/money and points stolen

    Just passing this along....I hadn't heard about this until today (I've seen some stuff about FIFA 12 but since I don't own it, I didn't pay any attention). Quite a few Live accounts have recently been hacked, stolen, and then the hackers are using credit cards linked to the Live account to buy...
  24. zero2dash

    Chu Chu Rocket FREE for Android @ Getjar Getjar has Chu Chu Rocket FREE for Android right now as a part of their GetJar Gold Apps section. Normal price $0.99 cents. Getjar is a reputable...
  25. zero2dash

    Gabe Newell: "It's Up to Valve to Bring EA Back to Steam"

    Ack sorry....just noticed the other thread pop up.
  26. zero2dash

    Switching to AMD from 260 SLI

    I'm happy with my card performance for the most part, just wanting to drop to a single card with equal (or better if not too costing much more) performance, hopefully cooler temps, less power draw. Right now I have 2 GTX 260 c216's in SLI. 1920x1080 (HP 2710m) Have plenty of PSU power...
  27. zero2dash

    Steam: Trine + Shadowgrounds + Shadowgrounds Survivor - all for $4.50 85% off the Frozenbyte Collection through Thursday 6/9 at 4pm PST. Sweet deal. Trine itself is worth the $4.50, the others are icing on the cake. (both overhead shooters ala the free Alien Swarm)
  28. zero2dash

    My beast (SR-2) needs a new home

    closing/moved to regular FS/FT
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    Kingwin 120mm Long Life Bearing Case Fan $2.99 at Microcenter

    On sale again, online and in store. Fairly hot deal (IMO) if you can pickup. Just picked up 4 of these to fill up a Nxzt Gamma build I'm doing for a friend; quiet and cheap was the objective. $13.09 out the door...
  30. zero2dash

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam $7.50

    Credit to obeygiant131 at SD BFBC2 Vietnam expansion is $7.50 (50% off) as EA's daily deal today. I missed it last time so this is perfect for me. After checkout you get a key that activates in BFBC2, should...
  31. zero2dash

    RE4 coming in HD to 360/Ps3 (oh an RE:CV also) A few of the comments have some good points regarding that "hopefully they put Move/Kinect integration in...
  32. zero2dash

    Less drama, moar folding

    Teammates, brothers, sisters etc. We're fighting diseases and doing the better good for humanity and taking care of our team. FOLD THE HELL ON!!!!!!!!!!~!!
  33. zero2dash

    Bad WU: P6702, run 3, clone 78, gen 97

    Looks like I'm not the only one who keeps getting this thing and having the client crash immediately. My q9450 keeps getting this despite trying several things including deleting the work folder/queue.dat files, even rebooting, deleting...
  34. zero2dash

    Browser gripes/Chrome wants

    (Figured I'd throw my two cents out there, I'm sure I'm not the only one scratching my head about a few of these things.) So anyway, I've been a staunch Firefox user for years now. I've tried Chrome intermittently a few times, for a few weeks even at one or two of those times; I always switch...
  35. zero2dash

    SR-2 + some games = does not compute

    Trying to compile a list, maybe get the word out and get some notice so maybe we can get some fixes. I know a majority of you don't use your SR-2 systems for anything but f@h, but those of you who do game or plan on gaming on theirs......the results are fairly good, but a mixed bag of bad...
  36. zero2dash

    Fellow SR-2 owners with 2+ gpus...

    If you pull up the nVidia control panel and check in the SLI/PhysX settings window, does it list your card #s correctly or incorrectly? I'm trying to get to the root of a problem I'm having with a few games not working (Audiosurf and World of Goo both report d3d9.dll errors/crashes and do not...
  37. zero2dash

    PSA: Get Ready for the Steam sales

    Just a friendly [strike=]reminder[/s] warning..... I know many of you are hardcore Steam fans as I am, and when stuff goes on sale for dirt cheap it's practically impossible to say 'no' no matter how large or small your backlog is. Here come the Steam holiday sales. Surely there will be...
  38. zero2dash

    (Late) Anniversary

    Just wanted to say congrats to anyone celebrating any anniversaries (in addition to their milestones)....I knew I started in October of 2009, I thought it was late October so I was going to say "hey it's been a year for me, wahoo!" then I check and see I joined up 10-02-09 so it was actually...
  39. zero2dash

    Steam Halloween 2010 Trick or Treat sale

    Several good picks. I'll finally get Worms for $10. (which is what it should have sold for in the first place :rolleyes: $20, come on Team17) Oct. 28 - Nov. 1 Doom Rails -50% $4.99 Silent Hill Homecoming -50% $19.99 Nation Red -66% $3.39 Dark...
  40. zero2dash

    FS 2x 3x2gb Corsair DDR3 1333 kits