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    Weird xbox 360 issue.

    So i recently bought a 360 and set it up today. Hooked it up to the network, and it doesnt connect to the network. Fine. Then i take the laptop, hook it up to the very same connection and it works. I don't understand what i'm doing wrong. When i run all of the tests, it fails every single one...
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    Why cant we...

    edit posts in the news section? :confused: it gets annoying, because i'd like to add to what i said instead of having to repost.
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    Physical Damage?

    The only thing that could be considered physical damage on my phone is this... The reason im asking is because im worried Verizon will try to charge me the full retail price if it is not under warranty... this seems like a new development because i always remember being told that if my...
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    :mad: My phone's (touch pro) touchscreen no longer works. I'm asking them for a warranty replacement... and now they tell me No Touch Pro's, no touch diamonds, no TOUCHes. :confused: :eek:
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    Zune previews this weekend.

    Best Buy Stores will be having previews... bestbuy stores that will be having ZunHD sneak peaks this weekend
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    Beginning my XBOX 360 Search...

    I almost bought a 360 a few times in the past few months, eyeing those deals like the elite bundle for like 340 or whatever... unfortunately i had better things to spend money on that were actually necessities. Nonetheless, i was wondering if anyone had any insight into some Xbox deals...
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    Unallocated Space Issue

    I have a GP 750GB HDD that was part of an external enclosure that was not working. The enclosure would power on but no computer could detect it through the USB. So popped it open and decided to connect it to my computer. I connected it and now it says(on two different computers) that i have the...
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    Exclusive Leak! Tuesday Morning's Shell Shocker - Kingston 64GB SSD - $119.99 plus Fr

    Exclusive Leak! Tuesday Morning's Shell Shocker - Kingston 64GB SSD - $119.99 plus Free Shipping (14% off) This is direct off of their facebook profile. :D Just keep your eyes peeled for it...
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    America's Army

    This has to be one of the glitchiest games ive ever played that was a final release. good god. :(
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    AMD's Magny Cours Architecture revealed

    This looks interesting... borderline odd
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    Capcom and EA claim PCs are better....

    Recently, Capcom has claimed that they will be developing games with the PC gamers in mind. This being a departure from their own mostly console based business as of recent. Now, after Capcom had recently made that announcement we hear that EA says that the PC is the platform of the future and...
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    AMD announces complete reorganization to integrate ATi

    I guess that AMD needed to eventually do it sooner rather than later, or else they would be suffering even more losses. Although, im not quite sure if reshuffling resources and people will necessarily make them more profitable, or profitable at all for that matter. They are basically positioning...
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    In Store Only Frys: Raidmax Iceberq

    In Store Only Frys: Raidmax Iceberq 29.90;jsessionid=idOdMuz+3RHUypcnXMsEnw**.node3?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG Compared to .. 104.99 on newegg. I personally dont...
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    Kingston Factory Tour

    On friday, i was invited to take a tour of the Kingston Factory. I documented this tour in 62 pictures over 7 pages. :)
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    Choiix EEEPC Netbook Sleeves 1 Dollar!

    I have a Green and Black one and its great for transporting my EEEPC between classes. :D 3 of them are a dollar and the other two arent, but i still like the style. :)
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    Coolermaster Releases some nice LED Casefans

    Coolermaster has nice cases and some nice fans. And some of us are very keen on asthetics and colors. I personally am. Im excited to see these fans as they are fairly high CFM, they have a range of colors, and they are fairly quiet for 90CFM. :D I'd gladly swap mine for these... ;)
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    AMD's 128bit Bulldozer is a potential game changer

    This article is fairly long and explains the current and past state of AMD's processors as well as talks about the future with APUs and Bulldozer. It is fairly long, but very detailed about the situation AMD is in and explains what needs to happen for them...
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    Bad Gateway

    I keep getting these errors randomly, sometimes they go away but other times they relent on certain threads. Error 502 "bad gateway"
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    OCZ had to slow down thier SSDs for Macs

    I guess this is pretty lame, but its not that big of a speed loss. But nonetheless, its a loss in speed and its a shame. But sometimes i do wish it would reduce mac users' smugness. :p...
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    Odd problem

    I have this very odd problem where i cannot get into any site or page that requires an HTTPS domain. This is regardless of browser. My laptop running wireless runs fine and i dont think anyone else is having this issue. Yet. But basically im trying to figure out what the heck is going on because...
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    Hot Deal? Westinghouse 26" HDMI 19x12P - 249 Seems like a good deal for a 26" monitor with HDMI. :)
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    BD-ROM Not seeing movies?

    Im running the latest firmware, which used to see movies but all of a sudden my movie is not seen by my computer or powerDVD9 :confused:
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    EVGA Loaner Program! Check it out! :D You can get 2 weeks either with a Classified board or with Nvidia 3D vision! :) If its not working for you right now... For those who cannot see...
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    Best Raid card on a budget?

    Im not a big fan of software RAID at all and i was wondering what you guys felt were some of the better budget Raid cards. I know that there are alot of good ones out there but they are fairly expensive in relation to the price of the drives im using. I was wondering if you guys had any good...
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    Silverstone PSU manufacturing process video

    This video shows how almost the entire process is automated by precision robots. :eek: Very cool and kinda long but worth watching if you're interested. :)
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    SLI enhancement patch

    EVGA has released the first version of the SLI enhancement patch! This page will be continually updated to support the latest games. What this does is add temporary SLI support for the following games: * Enables SLI support for Burnout Paradise * Enables...
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    XV6900 or XV6800?

    I have the choice to choose between these two, i would gladly go with the 6900 but it doesnt have wifi. Any real reasons why i should go with the 6900 over the 6800?
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    CoolerMaster V10! (56k warning)

    This is VERY close to the finished product and is intended to be a teaser for the finished product. Most of what you see will remain the same, of course some things will change as there was beta testing feedback ;). First, the unboxing. Here are all of the specs about the cooler on...
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    Amazon Vote your Deals ROCKS!

    Oh how i love Amazon! :) They actually had a deal that i managed to get in on and that was 10 times better than the "other" deals. They actually wanted to give these products away and i managed to get in. There was no server crash and just a wait time that i had to wait in order to get a...
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    Free Capture Card after MIR This is pretty awesome, ive gotta say. :)
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    Free Coolmax 480watt PSU After MIR :D
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    SUPER HOT Corsair Lineup on Sale at Newegg

    8GB Voyager for 9 bucks AR Free Shipping 16GB Voyager for 20 bucks AR Free Shipping 32GB Voyager for 55 Bucks AR Free Shipping
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    In Store Only : Samsung 23" 2048X1152 Res Monitor - 350

    These are not on the website and they have dozens of them instore. This is a new samsung monitor that has a resolution of 2048x1152 which comes down to being the same aspect ratio of 16:9. I believe the model name is 2343 BWX and it has a VGA and DVI connection as well as 5ms response time. :D...
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    Nvidia Official Announcement about X58's

    SLi on X58s :) Its good to see that they are including statements from each company who will be having one. :D
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    What do you guys use to clean your aluminum cases from dirt and finger grease without tarnishing the paint?
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    LiteOn Blu-Ray for the win

    So today, i received my new LiteOn BluRay drive from that i ordered on friday. Needless to say the installation that was required from my end consisted of removing the old one and unplugging the archaic IDE and 4pin power connectors and putting the new SATA and Sata power cables into...
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    Needs good BD Drive...

    Im looking at the newegg reviews for the LiteON DH-4O1S-11 and its only 100 bucks. That sounds great to me. The only question i have is why are so many people saying that its having issues reading certain discs? Do they just need firmware updates? are these just typical newegg reviews or what...
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    HD-DVD and Bluray Question...

    My friend for some reason keeps saying that Blu-Ray is all 1080P all the time and that HD-DVD is 720p upconverted to 1080P. I strongly disagree with him, but for some reason i cant reason with him. Which one of us is wrong? I know that HD-DVD was a 1080P format and that it wasnt just upscaled to...
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    Theoretical question

    Do you guys think that a 750TX could pull two 9800GX2s? I think its possible... my friend disagrees. Am i giving corsair too much credit for this PSU? I just havent really seen the limits of this PSU.
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    Which is a better laptop GPU?

    Since all the manufacturers pulled all their high end nvidia GPUs now i have very limited options for a gaming laptop... Mind you, i am buying from costco only...and they have almost no good GPU selections. They almost wiped all their gaming computers off their site. :( so my main question...