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  1. newls1

    Please help me find FAST DDR4000 16gb x4 (64gb) set of ram for upcoming ryzen 5950x build

    Looking for a 4000MT/s 64gb total set of ram... either 16gbx2 (get 2 sets) or 16gb x4 complete set of memory that will do DDR4000 with somewhat tight timings. was going to do 32gb total using some of the Patriot DDR4400 B-Die sets but that capacity will be cutting it too close for my needs. So...
  2. newls1

    **The state of GPU's and their purchasability** This is a rant post, anyone else agree with me AFTER you read this?

    Let me start off by saying im a 38 y/o computer enthusiast who has been in the PC community since 1994 after building my 1st 486 computer, and am just so fed up with how and where this nich community is going. This a a rant post, if you dont like rant posts, please exit now. What im about to...
  3. newls1

    Someone kind enough to assist me with a tattoo design for my 3 dogs.. I will pay you.

    I have ZERO photoshop skills and hoping someone would be kind enough to spend a little time helping me design my next tattoo of my 3 dogs. My goal is to make a single tattoo with the faces of my 3 dogs. A Bassett Hound (in black and brown) A Pitbull (In tan and white) and a German Shepard (in...
  4. newls1

    Updated to ver 2004 win10 and now I have to "Re-Activate" windows WTF?

    I let win update this current machine to 2004 version.... after all was done and complete, I get a window that pops up 2 times after every reboot and says I have to activate windows.... however when i go into settings/activation area, it says "Windows is activated with a digital key"... i dont...
  5. newls1

    Is there a program to show me what speed my M.2 is actually using?

    Im curious as to know if my m.2 drive is actually using Pcie 3.0 x4 speeds. Is there a program to show/prove this to me? Thank you
  6. newls1

    Maximus XII Formula M.2 bandwidth help... PIC inside

    I'm getting ready to assemble this 10900K / Asus Maximus Formula combo and am having a question on which m.2 slot to use for my nvme drive, and which slot to use for my m.2 sata based drive. For the nvme m.2 obviously I do not want to take any bandwidth away from the pcie 16 slot for my gpu, so...
  7. newls1

    Can I add a External SSD to my Asus AC3100 router, and use it for backup storage?

    I've been wanting to add some sort of storage device on my network to store docs and stuff that my 3 pc's in my house use most of the time. Was actually in the middle of making a cheap pc out of the hardware laying around and use it as a "file server" per se' but i dont need anything high...
  8. newls1

    I actually have a 10900k on the way!

    I found someone with the CPU and will have the cpu on the 20th! w00t.. Will update this thread once newegg ships my maximus formula, and this cpu comes in.
  9. newls1

    z490 and populating ALL 4 DIMM Slots, which mem layout is preferred?

    Ill be populating all 4 dimm slots on (whatever) Z490 board I choose... which layout will provide me with the best chance to hit 4133+ Speeds, T-Topology, or Daisy Chain? Appreciate any feedback.
  10. newls1

    Patriot Viper Steel 4400

    I recently purchased 2 sets of this ram ( ) for my hopefully upcoming build with a z490 / 10900K obviously im just waiting for intel to release this stuff. Just wondering what timings I might be able...
  11. newls1

    Does / Will z490 bring anything new to market?

    Will z490 bring anything new to market other then a skt with 1200 pins? Do we get a few more PCIe lanes, Faster DMI, etc?? Just wondering
  12. newls1

    Weirdest issue with "UPLAY" i've ever experienced! HELP!!

    Just did a fresh format due to being bored and wanted to start fresh again. (Keep in mind EVERYTHING was working perfect PRIOR to the format) Did the normal format, and clean install of everything as ive done numerous times before, got win10 all setup and installed my 2nd m.2 sata drive for my...
  13. newls1

    is Win10 build 19041 the latest build on MS Insider?

    Needing to format my PC, and was going to try out Win10 Enterprise build 19041 on MS Insider, just making sure that is the latest "Beta" on the insider ring, anyone know? Ive never used the insider builds before and just confused about "fast ring" and "slow ring" terms, can someone school me...
  14. newls1

    Asus CH8 chipset fan never spins?

    Anyone else have this issue with the chipset fan on the CH8 motherboard? chipset fan NEVER spins, im guessing its obviously temp controlled, and hottest ive seen the chipset get is 57c, but what if someone wants it to spin so chipset stays cooler. I cant find a "Force" on/off setting anywhere...
  15. newls1

    Google Chrome weird issue?

    Why is it as of late, everytime i open up chrome, my desktop icons flash and "refresh" i guess is a way to explain it while chrome loads? I tried to see if disabling GPU acceleration would fix it, but negetive.. Anyone else have this issue? I have 4 pc's in this room, and all 4 do the same thing.
  16. newls1

    i9 10900k, are we having high hopes for this?

    Getting ready to sell my 3950x and CHVIII combo as ive had my learning experience, fun times, and frustrating moments with that platform and gonna wait for the 10900k to spring upon us. Can we assume a highend watercooled cpu can achieve all core 5ghz again across its 10cores like the 9900k...
  17. newls1

    Anyone here fix cpu's with bent pins?

    I have a friend of mine that was trying to assemble his 3950x pc, and bent several pins that I cant seem to straighten out. There are about 9ish pins and I just dont have the needed magnification to get to them without screwing up other pins. Anyone here skilled in this art and can help us...
  18. newls1

    overclocking a panel to 200hz, will it cut the lifespan of panel?

    Just wondering, if a given panel advertises it can be OC'd to 200hz refresh rate (normal is 144hz) will this actually shorten the life expectancy of panel badly? Just wondering.
  19. newls1

    VIOTEK GN35DA, just ordered it, cant wait to try it!

    Bought this monitor to try it out and see how 200hz refresh fells like on a VA panel. This will be for a gaming only pc so i dont care about it being perfect for color reproduction or any of that crap, just want performance. If I like it, ill keep using it, but really couldnt pass up the price...
  20. newls1

    correct way to disable vsync, and enable "max frame" setting in nvcp?

    Trying to understand the correct method to use the option "Max frame" setting in nvcp for certain games. So, inside NVCP and under the specific game profile tab, I set "ENABLE MAX FRAME LIMIT to 144" and set Vsync to application controlled, then go inside the game and disable vsync, and do i...
  21. newls1

    Vsync on/off VS Max Frames option... very quick Q?

    So, maybe im like 5 years behind times when it comes to vsync/gsync/freesync, etc.... But I was on a mission today to figure out why my 3950x pc @ 4.5ghz and 2080Ti where stuttering/playing choppy AF on my only 2 games I play (both ubisoft titles) Farcry 5/new dawn and Ghost recon Wildlands /...
  22. newls1

    Picked up a 2080TI @ MC today, i think i got pretty lucky....

    While walking around in MC today they had a opened box gigabyte gaming OC 2080TI for sale for 879$ so I couldnt resist and bought it. Before I load a driver, was wondering if there is a current driver everyone is recommending or just get the latest from nvidias website? Thanks
  23. newls1

    Is 1.40v (1.392 actual) to much Vcore for 3950x?

    Finally stabilized my 4.550GHz OC using 1.392v, is this to much vcore? CPU temps are in check just fine with highend water, but wanted to ask. Appreciate any feedback
  24. newls1

    Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, whats the verdict on this game?

    looking into this game and was wondering how the game play is? Looking for a game that will allow my 3950x to maybe stretch its legs a little.. THis game anytihng like the farcry5/new dawn outposts... to me that was the best part of those games.. I love the sniping in fc5! This game inline...
  25. newls1

    Please help! Need assistance with these AMD X570 Voltage settings

    THis is for a Asus CH8 motherboard.... need help setting these following voltage settings: CPU SoC Voltage = 1.125v (Is this ok?) VDDG CCD Voltage = AUTO VDDG IOD Voltage = AUTO CLDO VDDP Voltage = AUTO 1.00V SB VOLTAGE = 1.068V 1.8V PLL Voltage = 1.80 My CUrrent OC is CCD 0 @ 4.550GHx and CCD...
  26. newls1

    Borderlands 3 in dx11 or dx12?

    JUst got the game for free with a GPU purchase, and must say, its a pretty good game. FIrst borderlands game ive ever played. Just wondering if there is a performance advantage in dx12 vs dx11.. What are the benchies showing? ive searched and could only come up with videos and reviews from...
  27. newls1

    EK Velocity AMD AM4 block, very quick question

    Inside the box of this said WB, they supply a single additional metal "plate".. what is this for? I remember back in the day, the EK SUpremecy block shipped with multi different "Plates" for different cpu configs like 2011-3 and 115x cpu's. But I cant see why they include an additional "plate"...
  28. newls1

    is this what I need to have 2 D5's in series for improved flow rates?

    going to be adding a water chiller into my loop and lm thinking having 2 D5's in series will greatly help my flow rates plus will more then likely be needed for the added length of loop and water tubings going out of case down to floor where chiller will be then back up into case. Prob will...
  29. newls1

    can we talk about water chillers please?!

    Currently, my 3950x is pretty tough to keep cool with my highend water cooling (EK 60mm 420 rad in push/pull fan config, D5, heatkiller Pro IV copper block cpu only loop) with CCD0 @ 4.525GHz and CCD1 @ 4.325GHz using 1.350v die and package temps will be VERY HARD to cool during summer times...
  30. newls1

    Any news on a new farcry?

    Dying to know if there is any info pertaining to a release of a new farcry coming out.... anything?
  31. newls1

    3950x watercooled temp issue.... please come in

    LEt me start off an state that ive never had a cooling issue EVER... been watercooling everything since the late 90s and this is the first time im clueless and need help. Here is the exact issue im having: My 3950x is cooled with the following components..... EK 60mm thick 420mm rad in push /...
  32. newls1

    3950x Overclocking guide needed!!

    Apparently Im completely stupid when it comes to OC these Zen2 cpus.. Looking for a good guide to get me understanding how to OC this cpu. Looking to see what all core OC i can achieve and then a "i think its called" PBO oc.... Thanks for any input
  33. newls1

    What is going on with performance-pcs website

    I have never EVER been so frustrated shopping on such a BLOATED AND SLOW SITE ever in my life. Its been a hot minute since ive ordered from them (about ~1yr) and even back then the site was bloated and slow, but now.... its a whole new animal. I had a shopping cart full of stuff and some...
  34. newls1

    ZEN2 users with 64gb mem, please come in....

    Looking for feedback from users with 4x16gb sticks running 3600mhz or better... is this possible with our mem controller and what headaches did you overcome to get this to be stable? any tricks/tips?? Thanks a million for whatever feedback you can provide. I just have a strange issue I noticed...
  35. newls1

    will 3950x have an issue reaching rated speed with 4 sticks of this...?

    wanting to run 4 sticks of this ( 4x16gb) will the mem controller freak out with 4 double sided sticks or will 3600mhz still be a breeze for it?
  36. newls1

    Having a very {H}ardtime making a decision and need help please.

    I'm looking to build a "many" core pc to do "whatever" on and i'm 99% sure I want the 3950x but im concerned that the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake i9 10940x might beat the 3950x when it comes to gaming (not the main use for this build, but i will game on it) Will Quad ch mem really make up that...
  37. newls1

    which of these for 3950x Comes recommended

    Piecing together my loop now for my 3950x build coming up. Looking between using the heatkiller block or EK Velocity block. Im a longtime heatkiller lover and prefer heatkiller, but is that block going to be okay for Zen2 16c cpu? Been awhile since they have changed their flow design so im a...
  38. newls1

    RVII Strange UEFI issue...

    Another VERY strange issue im having with this GPU.... Why is it EACH AND EVERYTIME I ENTER MY MOTHERBOARDS BIOS, MY GPU OC GOES BACK TO STOCK??? This is truly the weirdest issue ive seen in a while. This issue can be replicated each and every time. motherboard is a Asus Z390 E Strix.. And just...
  39. newls1

    2x16GB sticks or 4x8GB sticks on Ryzen Gen3

    Trying to figure out if its preferred to get 2x16GB 3600mhz kit or 4x8GB 3600MHz kit for my upcoming 3950x build? Not gonna OC mem much, just want to apply XMP profile and go with it, hence why im interested in the CL16 NEO kits. Which mem sticks would make the Zen2 mem controller happiest?
  40. newls1

    3950x build, help me decide between these boards WITH POLL!!

    Need assistance choosing between these 2 boards. Looking to have a strong VRM and durability. Will be OC'd as far as I can go with 4x8gb sticks of probably gskill neo's @ 3600 CL14's.... If you choose "Other" please write in what would be another good choice, but NOT MSI PLEASE!! Thank you