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    PCI-E bit perfect to use as transport

    I currently have a Creative X-fi xtrememusic that uses digital coax to output a bit perfect signal to my schiit bifrost. It works great and I have enjoyed the card since about 2006.. however i'm looking to upgrade my box to SLI which effectively blocks the PCI slot I use for the x-fi. I've...
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    2nd 670 or TITAN for 120hz 1080p

    I'm currently rocking a 2500k @ 4.5ghz with a gigabyte 670. I'm really stoked about getting 120fps in titles like BF3 but I worry about microstutter and input lag with SLI. The $1,000 price tag of the titan is very steep but is in affordable range for me, especially since i would sell my 670...
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    AMD releases Hondo Z-60 specs

    Not much info about it.. However I haven't read anything about this chip on [H]
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    Displayport cables impossible to find B&M??

    So I've been trying to find a display port cable so I can transfer sound to my new 120hz monitor. However every employee at every store I talk to gives me the blankest look. Sure I could buy one online. But like the JG Wentworth commercial.. "its my money and I want it now!! " I've tried...
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    Server 8 Consumer Preview

    I installed it on a test machine and so far i'm very impressed. Download Some notable new features: NIC Teaming: This is a much desired feature in datacenters: the ability to team multiple network adapters to aggregate bandwidth and provide failover. Previously, in order to deploy this...