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    MSI X570 Prestige Creation -- Slow SATA Speeds?

    I just got Windows 10 installed on a new build, and the computer is busy importing a software RAID1 array (two dynamic disks) from my old rig. The task manager is reporting ~90MB/s read/write speeds (a finding confirmed by HD Tune). I'm pretty sure the resync process is just pure sequential...
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    PCIe NVMe M.2 under GPU?

    I am looking to upgrade my six-year old rig and replace my i7-4770K with either an i9-10900K or i7-10700K. I just upgraded to a triple slot eVGA RTX 2080 Super. Currently I am looking at three boards as they all have 2.5G+ Ethernet, dual Ethernet, the ability to run NVMe drives in RAID1 or...
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    EA7500 - Data Corruption for NAS File Transfers Help?

    To try and avoid needing to wire the house with gigabit ethernet, I bought two Linksys EA7500 routers. One is configured as a general access point, and the other one is a wireless bridge to allow my wife's desktop to more quickly transfer files from/to our NAS (onsite backups). I spent the...
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    WD Caviar Black 1TB Drives

    WD Caviar Black 1TB Drives Link
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    Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor

    Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor Link
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    Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Late 2010 MC503LL/A

    13.3" Apple MacBook Air and a couple of accessories. Apple MacBook Air 13.3" Late 2010 MC503LL/A
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    Power consumption and number of case fans? (Take two...)

    I'm working on a project, and I was curious to know: - How many case fans do you use on your PC? (Not including CPU fans connected to CPU coolers) - How much current do those fans draw at 12V? If you could take a few seconds to fill out the poll it would be helpful. It is a lot of data so I...
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    Power consumption and number of case fans?

    [MODS] Please delete. I have to create another thread to get the poll to work. I'm working on a project, and I was curious to know: - How many case fans do you use on your PC? (Not including CPU fans connected to CPU coolers) - How much current do those fans draw at 12V? If you could take a...
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    eVGA GTX 970 - Terrible Fan Buzz

    Does anyone else have an eVGA GTX 970 with really bad fan buzzing? I just plugged mine in and its terrible. Much louder than the GTX 570, 680, and 780 (all eVGA) that I have used. I stopped the fan while it was running to confirm that, yes, it is the fan making this much noise. Its bad...
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    Z87 Motherboard Recommendation?

    After putting together my latest build, my Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H motherboard is having nothing but problems. The audio jacks frequently think something was plugged in or unplugged (no speakers are attached yet), I have experienced 1-2 reboots, and per online comments the board is apparently...
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    Adding hard drive cages to Corsair 350D

    Has anyone tried adding additional hard drive cages to the 350D? Any idea how many drives you could squeeze in there? Corsair sells the cage separately, so I'm hoping you can stack them.
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    Building HTPC around Happauge HVR 2250

    I've got a tough choice between dropping an Ethernet drop in order to connect my gaming rig (double duty as a DVR) to the 360 (media center extender) ... or just building a small HTPC to replace the 360. So I'd like to figure out how low I can go but still have an HTPC capable of handling the...
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    WD Black or WD Red?

    I'm looking to buy a few hard drives, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about which drives to buy? I currently have this setup for data storage. I am running out of space for my media drive. I have an SSD and DVR drive that isn't on this list. - 2x 1TB WD Black's in RAID1 (data...
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    Boot issues on Gigabyte Z68 UD5

    I am hoping that someone might know how to fix this. We just finished a move (hardware failure or damage?) and when I set my rig up it refuses to boot if the motherboard BIOS are set to RAID. If I boot with ACHI (non-RAID) the system comes up fine (though every drive I had on RAID1 now shows...
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    Apple Mac Mini Desktop BUNDLE, ends 12/21/2012 1PM EST, $599 OBO
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    Samsung Galaxy S III v. Galaxy Nexus?

    Has anyone had a chance to try both on ICS (or JB for that matter) with Verizon? Both seem like nice phones but my initial impressions from online search results is that (1) the GNX has reception and battery issues while (2) the SGS3 has a non-vanilla UI (Motorola burned me with their crappy...
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    GTX 680 - Triple monitor, GPU temps?

    I just plugged a third monitor into my 680 today and noticed that temperatures have done up sharply as a result. I know the card has to run the core and memory at higher-than-idle frequencies and voltages to power this many displays but I am curious what temperatures others are seeing. At idle...
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    Newbie with MDADM - quick question while rebuilding PC

    Here's my stupid question of the day. I have a new Fractal R3 to replace my NAS's Antec 300. I've got Ubuntu Server and MDADM set up with a 5x 1TB RAID6 configuration. Here's the specific details about my MDADM configuration. > cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [raid6] [raid5] [raid4]...
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    Dell U2412M on NewEgg: What about the warranty?

    I know the U2412M on NewEgg advertises a 3-year warranty with Dell but every time I have gotten warranty service with Dell (I've dealt with Dell for all the family RMAs) they have required the original Dell invoice for service since no monitor smaller than 30" has any sort of service/system tag...
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    GTX 680 Downclocking when GTX 570 installed?

    I just installed my old GTX 570 into my system as a 2nd CUDA GPU and I noticed that eVGA Precision X and the CUDA driver are registering a core frequency of 705MHz on the GTX 680 now. It was running at 1158MHz :(. Anyone else seen this problem with more than one GPU installed? Or is this some...
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    PSU, GTX 570, GTX 680, and an 8-pin power cable for CPU...need a bit of advice.

    I've got a bit of a temporary problem, and I'm hoping you guys can assist. I've got a Seasonic X750, a GTX 680, and a GTX 570. I'd like to be able to run both of them simply to compare / contrast the 570 and 680 for CUDA research. Problem is that between the 8-pin EPS and the two 6-pin PCIe...
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    Internal BluRay drive?

    I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information about BD drives, but what I have found is that most/all of the drives you can buy online are OEM drives with limited(no) software for playing BD movies. Any suggestions on software that actually works and/or hardware (Samsung, Sony, etc)...
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    CPU Cooler for home NAS?

    My home NAS is pretty noisy and I'm sure it's the stock heatsink fan generating most of the high frequency noise. I'd like to get a cheap replacement but I'm worried about blocking RAM slots and whatnot. CPU: AMD Athlon X2 245 (65W TDP) Motherboard: ASUS M4A78LT-M LE I don't want something...
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    ModRight cables fraying?

    I bought a whole slew of ModRight cables last summer for wiring my 650D. Two months ago my PC started locking up with frequent RAID failures, which were traced back to a fraying Molex-to-Quad-SATA ModRight cable that same week. I bought these from Microcenter and they lasted barely 6 months...
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    Gigabyte UD5 Z68 board not detecting hard drives?

    Right in the middle of the the night my PC intermittently started to have RAID failures with drives dropping. Now this morning I wake up to a blue screen after an attempted rebuild event and the motherboard only detects drives maybe 1/5 boots. We aren't talking about one drive, but all four...
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    Linux RAID (mdadm) - RAID partition + OS partition on the same disk?

    I've got a new Linux fileserver that I pieced together with 4x 1TB WD Caviar Black drives in RAID6 for 2TB of advertised space. I would like to stuff another 2 drives in there for 4TB advertised space but (1) drives are insanely expensive with the flooding events and (2) with the four RAID...
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    Corsair Link?

    I've been watching for this product since May, knew that it was delayed sometime around August, but it is getting close to October and I'm wondering where this (potentially) awesome fan controller is. Has anyone heard anything about a release date? Or is Corsair holding back because of some...
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    AT&T U-Verse and Hauppauge Colossus?

    I'm getting ready to move to a new state and my wife and I are probably going to go with U-Verse for "cable" service. I'm interested in setting up a PC-DVR to expand upon their DVR's capabilities since their boxes don't seem to support external hard drives. Has anyone tried getting the new...
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    Antec ISK 300 v. Lian Li Q07 v. Lian Li Q11

    I'm having a bit of trouble deciding on a case for my HTPC build. Here's the relevant components I already have (either spare parts or recently purchased)... Gigabyte E350N-USB3 Antec 430D PSU 5.25" DVD+/-RW 320GB 2.5" WD Caviar Black HVR 2250 TV Tuner Right now I'm using an Antec ISK 310 but...
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    Amazon RAM they cross ship?

    I just filed an RMA through Amazon to return 4GB of RAM that was bad out of the box (boo, Corsair). The response I got from the website seemed to kind of indicate that they were going to ship replacements before I had to return the old product, but I'm not sure. Has anyone exchanged RAM...
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    eVGA GTX 570 v. GTX 570 HD

    GTX 570 GTX 570 HD So my GTX 570 is still eligible for step up and I noticed that there is the GTX 570 HD that costs all of $3.50 more than what I originally paid for my GTX 570 (no rebates at all here). I kind of doubt it, but is there really any practical reason to favor the GTX 570 HD over...
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    Shipping complete build?

    Alright, so my wife's 2000+ miles away and she needs a desktop PC and also doesn't want to learn how to build one. So I've basically got two options. (1) Build it myself and ship it to her or (2) ship her the individual pieces and pay a local computer shop $85 to put it together for her. If I...
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    Z68 SSD Caching from BIOS Interface?

    Quick question about the Z68 chipset here. In all the previous boards I have had Intel always makes it possible to set up and monitor RAID arrays in BIOS without the need for the Intel RST or MSM programs. Is it possible to set up an SSD cache from the same pre-boot environment? Because from...
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    Lian Li Z60 & Z70

    Looks like Lian-Li might have a few more winners. Z60 & Z70 USPS absolutely trashed my Lian Li A77F and until the insurance claim is processed I get the pleasure of working with the Antec 300 and browsing the web for replacement full-towers. Any idea about expected price range or date...
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    Done with ASUS, looking for new 1155 board?

    After dealing with the B2/B3 recall (not ASUS fault but ASUS handled the recall a little less well than competitors), a B2 board that was semi-unstable as far as sleep was concerned, and now having a B3 board that constantly locks up, and piss-poor customer service and QA from both my X58 days...
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    Any experiences with QNAP RMAs?

    Noticed an interesting conundrum on QNAP's warranty policy... According to their policy, if I buy it from NewEgg I have to get it serviced through NewEgg. Or Amazon, or wherever I buy it. Yeah, right. NewEgg isn't going to exchange a device 9 months down the road. They've got a 30-day...
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    QNAP NAS - 256MB v. 512MB?

    I've been trying to hunt this information down but after searching for a few days I just can't find anything. I'm considering picking up a 2 or 4 bay QNAP NAS but I'm having difficulty deciding on a specific model to buy. The only real hangup that I have is how much RAM the units have. Some...
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    Looking for equivalent to ATI 5870...maybe GTX 560 Ti?

    It's probably been asked before but I can't find a thread about it here (or anywhere else really) specifically comparing these two cards. Thinking about pulling the 5870 from my gaming rig, and replacing it with an nVidia card. Not interested in triple monitor gaming, nor in SLI or Crossfire...
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    ASUS P8P67 Deluxe - Question about fan control

    This might sound a bit stupid, but what's the difference between PWR_FANs and the CHA_FANs? I know that the channel fans and the CPU fans are the only ones that can have their fan speeds adjusted, but other than that I don't see any differences. The PWR_FANs are just supposed to be on...
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    Smoking [H]ot - Lian LI PC-X2000F for $299 ($200 off) Just in case anyone is looking for a giant Full ATX case and happens to like Lian LI :).