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    One hand washes the other

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    Noob overclocker broke something

    Relax man, everybody has been through something of the sort of what you are describing, that doesn't make you an idiot! Just make sure you don't do what you did again and you can mark it up as a lesson learned!
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    Networking Troubles

    ding ding ding!! Here is the best answer! In all seriousness I don't understand the use of 3 routers when you are only using 3-4 devices at max.
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    Networking Troubles

    Wow this is the most confusing post I have ever read, ever! I did read that you reset your router and possibly that took out your settings you had set up manually via the router config?
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    Potential Problem?

    I had this one time and lightning had gone through my phone line and fried my modem. The smell was actually burnt silicone which is probably what you are smelling. If you have a telephone line hooked up to your computer check your modem. Other than that, and assuming everything is operating...
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    HSF Recomendation

    H50 all day long! That's the best you can do without going full blown water cooling or some other extreme cooling. In my opinion anyways.
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    Watercooling setup for a friend...

    Disagreed totally and completely. I have always taken temperature reading in my loop at different points and this way has proved the most efficient. The radiator disperses the water in it's fins to cool it down so that it can be at it's coolest possible temperature when it reaches the CPU...
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    Watercooling setup for a friend...

    Do the loop in this order: Reservoir-->Pump-->GPU-->Radiator-->CPU-->Reservoir Reason being, you needs the absolute coldest water going to the CPU first since it get's the hottest except for rare circumstances where you might be gaming or have caught your GPU on fire. The water leaving...
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    Cannot get computer to POST!! Ideas anybody please!!

    I'm starting to lean more towards a block's hardware shorting on the board or something. So I might give that a try.
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    Cannot get computer to POST!! Ideas anybody please!!

    Problem with going back to the old PSU is I returned it and switched it out for this one however I am sure this PSU works because I was successful on booting several times beforehand. Also, tried clearing CMOS several times, along with the battery removal...
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    Cannot get computer to POST!! Ideas anybody please!!

    This is a super long story and I am receiving many many symptons but maybe somebody here can help. I'm almost over it and am completely discouraged with this system right now but here's the story! I had to take back a faulty Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard to microcenter because it was...
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    Droid was washed, ideas on getting screen to work again?

    I've always heard of pulling the battery ASAP and sticking it in the oven at about 110F and letting it sit for an hour or so. There are ways around the liquid sensor thing if returning it is an option.
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    different idea

    Really...Very interesting, it makes sense, why don't you try it out and let me know? ;)
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    cracked my water block top

    Get the Enzo Saph without a doubt!
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    Are these temps normal for watercooling setup?

    I don't see anything wrong with 67C. When I had water cooling alone and would run a stress test I was getting top temps of 70-75C. So I would say 67C isn't bad at all.
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    How important is RAM cooling?

    Yeah, a little extra airflow towards your ram never hurts. Corsair makes these clips that contain small fans in it. It comes packaged with some models of the Corsair RAM but you can buy it aftermarket as well. I would check into that. I have 1 and can notice a fair difference with...
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    different idea

    You mean LN2 lol? I have never heard of carbon dioxide cooling a computer but I guess it's possible. I think when you enclose LN2 it becomes explosive. So if it were air tight inside of a water loop it would explode. That's why whenever you see LN2 setups there is always room for air to...
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    ATT modem question

    I doubt it, usually modems are specific to their provider. MY SBC Modem didn't work for me when I switch to different providers. Maybe you will get lucky though.
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    Help with Seta 3 and 4 ports

    What's a seta port? Is this something new? I know my motherboard has some ports that go by SATA and usually different ports are controlled by different controllers fo example on my mobo the ICH10R controlls SATA1-2 and Marvell controlls 3-8 then JMicron controlls SATA 9. Check your SATA modes...
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    System Rebooting Need some Guidance

    Hmm, your Raid array are those SSDs?? Random question.. Also, 600 watt is probably a little on the small side considering you are running x3 HDD, x1 5870...I imagine it's right on the brink of being "tolerable." Also, I would check and make sure your memory timings are correct in BIOS. I know...
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    Ahhh Finally Cold Temperatures on my CPU!

    What do you mean take a giant shit? lol What I've accomplished right now is worth my while to be honest. I am gettin sub-zero temps on idle and 30-40 under 100% stress. That's all I was really out to accomplish. As far as PWM adjusting, my voltage adjusting is really all I need which...
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    Ahhh Finally Cold Temperatures on my CPU!

    TEC Cooling right there. I love the concept of TEC cooling because it is cheap yet pretty practical for the most part. Only thing I'm not liking about it so far is the range of temperatures varies big time. I go from idle at 0 degrees to under stress at 40 degrees in about 3 seconds. I'm...
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    Does it matter what slots you put ram into?

    Probably so, check with your mobo.
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    Ahhh Finally Cold Temperatures on my CPU!

    I have been working and working on getting these temperatures down below zero and finally did it! Now to let the overclocking begin :cool:
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    Your Golden Progz?

    Office XP UTorrent IrfanView Paint Shop Pro 13 RealTemp CPU ID Nero Firefox Calculator Notepad Winrar Everest
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    USB Stick into Parallel Port! Haha!

    Oh geez this is a riot! Genius! I can see this guy sitting around at his desk with a lot of bullshit adaptor laying around and he started pluggin one into the other and before he knew it VIOLA! he had Usb-->Parallel Nice!
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    Noob question on a damaged wire

    As for your BSOD errors I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it doesn't have anything to do with you PSU since that wire is only and extra ground. Remove all unecessary hardware and try installing Windows again.
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    Firewire Router

    Something like this? Connect a few of these hubs in line with each other and I don't see why it...
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    Ah, don't sweat it, it's fine
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    I'm sorry next time I make a sarcastic comment I will be sure and utilize italics or quotations so you can better understand what I'm saying.
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    Obviously I wasn't being serious when saying it's unethical for intel to charge 1000 a chip. That is hardly a case of ethics.
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    How often do you replace the thermal paste on your cpu?

    ;) I format my hard drive every 2 months, every time this is done I try to make sure that I replace the paste on my video card GPUs and my CPU.
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    Oh, yea that is a possibility, but he said that he got it on sale for a certain amount. It seemd as if he knew exactly what he was buying it for before he even bought it. I think he has his models confused.
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    I've done a little online business with them but never found anything close to that. I refuse to believe it, something is not right.
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    Ah yes, i guess that could be another option I suppose, highly unlikely, but yet an option.
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    Please Help, BOOTMGR is missing, won't boot

    Can't you do a repair with Win7? Boot from the CD, surely you have some type of option to do something..
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    I think you are confused...I find it very very hard to believe you bought a brand new 980x retail for $780...I'm also assuming that is before tax...You sure you didn't buy a 975? or lower model? You can barely buy a 980x used for that off of eBay. Of course I guess this is possible if the chip...
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    You can get over 4.5 without too much problem, I hate to talk about maximum speeds on this thread because someone is going to chime in and yell UNETHICAL!!! But yes! Stevero off of xtremesystems has upwards stable OC of 5 ghz...of course he has some serious cooling set ups going on...a little...
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    My Core i7 980x went kaput!!

    When I had that chip that went bad on me I wasn't even really overclocking the cpu, I was overclocking my system, running 2kmhz ram may cause you to do this. Now as far as being "ethical" and "unethical.". I don't care if I had this chip revved up to 1.7 volts @ 5 ghz 24/7 you bet your ass I...