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  1. Hematite

    i5 9400f would this work with my current pc?

    So, I have a HP prodesk G2 SFF Im planning to move it to a bigger case replace my i5 6500 with the i5 9400f Then add a graphics card would this work? Google didn't give a good answer so would it work?
  2. Hematite

    So I built a pc with a dell mother board, and a hard drive from an hp pavilion

    So I built a pc with a dell mother board, and a hard drive from an hp pavilion. I booted windows and it wanted me to "recover" files. Why did this happen. (also I used one power supply and it didnt work then I used the original power supply that the mother board used to use and it work.)
  3. Hematite

    What is the best thermal paste under 10 dollars

    In my new pc build I need thermal paste for my cpu. What's the best thermal paste Under 30 dollars (the cpu isnt that good it's an i5 6500) thank you!
  4. Hematite

    Missing Gpu cable for Nvidia Titan V / Geforce GTX 1080

    I'm missing a cable for the power supply to connect to the pci-e slot It's a double 8 pin (It's a Titan V.) And the power supply for some reason came with now pci-e dual 8 pins. Does anyone recommend a cable I could buy for that..? And maybe one that splits out of a dual 8 pin into a 6/8 pin...
  5. Hematite

    What is the best 450 W power supply for a 50 dollar budget?

    I'm getting a new graphics card that requires a 450 W power supply. What is the best deal for a $50 Budget?