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    reMod Moose NOW

    Ok guys/girls/marty/roftr It’s time to stand up and be counted. I find P[H]’s comment of “but otherwise.... nothing to see here, move along...” and thread locking totally wrong . This is simply a forum, which is owned by Kyle There would be no forum if not for us folding….so we are...
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    OCAU...whoever they
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    SMP Shutdown with Multiple Clients

    I'm running multiple SMP clients and If I have to reboot using, shutdown -r now I often get client core communication errors and loose the previous wu and it starts a new one. Any thoughts? Thanks
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    SMP server problems...........Again

    Anybody else having trouble uploading units?
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    Off Topic-Why is Moose in Alaska-Off Topic;s=1;w=640 Make sure you see all 10 pictures
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    New GPU Clients

    Tried both...still like console version, runs on single and duals. GUI doubled my times or more and put alot of stuff in the config file...just my 2 cents
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    New SMP client

    I just downloaded it and overwrote the existing and let keep running
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    New Client Downloads - SMP/GPU
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    SMP Servers again?

    [20:17:19] Finished Work Unit: [20:17:19] - Reading up to 232536 from "work/wudata_07.arc": Read 232536 [20:17:19] - Reading up to 6859264 from "work/wudata_07.xtc": Read 6859264 [20:17:19] goefile size: 0 [20:17:19] logfile size: 129443 [20:17:19] Leaving Run [20:17:20] - Writing 7360659...
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    SMP Client ending 1/15
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    5000 PPD is history, lets go for 10K

    Coming the end of the first qtr is a 4 quad core box = 16 cores 4 SMP clients more info as I get it:
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    PS3 - No Linux Client

    When you go to load the Yellow Dog linux, the PS3 only will give you 10 gigs of the 60 for the O/S. The PS3 has 2 PPU's, primary processing units and 8 SPU's, synergistic processing units. It also sets up 16, 1024k ram disks(I have no idea for what) So you go WOW, 2 SMP clients would be logical...
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    ***Please Check Your SMP Client***

    I have 20 plus machines that can't get work from stanford so please check yours
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    PS3 Update

    Terra Soft Ships YDL v5.0 DVD Set for Playstation Posted by TSS Media Relations, Monday December 11 2006 @ 02:18PM EST TERRA SOFT SHIPS YDL v5.0 DVD SET FOR PLAYSTATION®3 LOVELAND, Colorado - 11 December 2006 - Terra Soft is proud to announce the shipment of Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for...
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    Dual Quad Core - Results

    I got lucky and am running 2 smp clients on dual 5340's, 2.4GHz turning 4.5/frame = 3700PPD :) The 2.66 easily above 4K and with one GPU client should hit the Magic 5K
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    Happy Thanksgiving- New ATI x1950xtx for YOU's the deal...I had a multi GPU box built specs here I can't get the second ATI to come up without keeping 2 monitors attached and this is going to be it's up for auction 5:00 Eastern Time-11/22/06- Best bid...
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    ATI x1950XTX ..........SLOW

    Ok here’s the issue I finally got 2 ATI x1950xtx up and running Using cat 6.11 driver and ATITool for control GPU setting 648/999 VGPU 1.425 MVDDC 2.083 MVDDQ 2.080 VDDCI 1.486 Problem= 12+ minutes per frame, my 1900xtx= 6.5 AMD opty dual core 1212 **Combined CPU Usage =56...
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    Post your SMP times

    Marty's right new core slightly slower 2604 13 100 1300 60 21.67 24 1.107692308 1210 1340.307692 dual opty 280's 4 gigs 2605 13 100 1300 60 21.67 24 1.107692308 1760 1949.538462 dual opty 280's 4 gigs 2605 25 100 2500 60 41.67 24 0.576 1760 1013.76 dell 1850 dual 3.2 HT on 2605 8 100 800 60...
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    WELCOME BACK MARY In honor of your return, I thought I would summarize some of the high light Some of the remarks and/or actions that got you on Probation: MODSQUAD comment It has come to our attention that there has been a surge of late of some agressive smack talk, if you will. While...
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    Marty terminator

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    SMPand Multi GPU's coming soon

    "November 2006 The SMP client is now looking good enough that we are starting a more broad alpha test outside of Stanford. If that looks good, we will move to a broader beta test of this new client" "10/27/2006 Multi-gpu support coming soon We are testing a new client/core (core v0.09)...
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    Radeon X1950 Pro- Below $300's GPU

    From Extremetech "As a single card, the X1950 Pro is a real winner. It's a single slot card with plenty of DX9 shading power and performance, easily besting the GeForce 7900 GS in practically all our benchmarks—typically by 15% to 25%. If you're only interested in buying a single $200...
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    GPU running on a X1600XT

    Forums back up, read it there
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    F@H Forums

    From Stanford 10/10/2006 Forum blank screen problem For those still unable to get to the site, here is a workaround. Go here <>, and on that page input name & password info...
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    GPU monitor?

    Anybody have news on software that will monitor , like EM3, FahMon, etc?
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    GPU Folding Times

    Just checking since this is all so new Is everybody completing work units in like 8 plus minutes? 1900XXTX 13:02:06 13:10:16 13:11:30 13:19:20 then takes some retries for next work unit?
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    ATI 6.10 is out getting closer:
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    Hadrien New Challenger????
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    SO....What type of car are you really?
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    Last 50 Day CPU Chart [H] - OCAU

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    Interesting Chart from OCAU

    of course not including Silicon's 20 lol
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    Something we need to think about...Seriously

    From Stanford What are GPU's and how can they help FAH? GPU's are Graphics Processing Units -- chips used in today's PC's to help speed high performance graphics, such as 3D games or 3D scientific visualization. GPUs have the possibility to perform an enormous number of Floating Point...
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    D-Day Titans Tug of War...Mary vs. zim01

    Today ends the month long battle - 9:00 EOC update 6:00 update -15,741 Smack Mary
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    Lost 100 Active Members???????? How could we lose 100 plus active members in less than a week????