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    Question to anyone with Zotac A75 Wifi

    Has anyone tried upgrading the wifi chip? I just tried putting a intel 6235 into it and the system simply refuses to recognize it, or not sure if that is simply a DOA chip or if this board will only recognize the one mini pci-e chip it comes with.
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    Need a BIOS file

    Anyone get me the latest release of the HIS 5850 iCooler V Power (the factory Oc'd version of the iCooler) i would appreciate it.
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    WC'ing setup

    I'm looking to do a Watercooling setup most probably in the Obsidian 800D. I need to know the best suggestions, price isn't too much a concern but keep it reasonable. We priced one at Koolance, full unity from them was like 550$, But i think if we want something that both has flare and unique...
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    Youtube GSOD/BSOD

    My 5850 seems to GSOD/BSOD my Pc instantly but gaming works fine?
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    Something wierd, need RAM perf test

    In need of a performance test program that will test the full capacity of my RAM. the reason of needing this is, as it seems, this RAM I am using once 3GB of RAM has been allocated, severely tanks in it's ability to perform, just need a confirming on this. But for example in Company of Heroes...
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    Asus P5Q-E Oc issue

    I posted this on another place but not sure if it's the right spot, but here we go. Ok I could give my system specs but I'm not sure you really need them for this obscurity as I'm fairly certain it's the board itself The problem I am having is when I set the A.I Tuner to manual so I can OC...
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    Asus P5Q-E + E8400

    Ok I don't so much need help with overclocking more so as help figuring out why when I the A.I tweaker to manual, no matter what I set, even leaving all at defaults, the system will refuse to post.
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    Mobo upgrade

    Ok so i currently have a GA-EX38-DS4 and i have to buy a new mobo for another machine figured i might aswell step up on what i got currently. I know these boards are good, but are they better then what I got? yes i realize difference may not be night and day, but better is better to me and being...
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    gigabyte EX38-DS4 annoyance!

    Great board, no issue with it, EXCEPT!! Unless I let it auto adjust system voltages, it every so often resets all of my clock speeds! Noe one could say this is due to instability, well if a 48 hour orthos test with no errors is unstable, please god tell me. It's driving me up a wall. so...