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    Connect Home Theater Speakers Directly to Sound Card?

    So I currently have a 5.1 home theater speaker setup and a receiver that has multi-channel input (so I am effectively just using my receiver as an amp) via 3 3.5mm to RCA cables to my sound card on my PC. My 5 speakers are all 6 Ohm and I have an 80 W sub that has an RCA input. My sound card is...
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    This guy made his own video "card," you can too.

    I saw these videos below and thought that this was pretty [H]ard. It isn't a video card in the classic sense as it can only output one frame at a time before needing to be reprogrammed, but it is still technically a video output device.
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    UPS: Replace bateries or unit?

    So I have an old (~10-12 years) GeekSquad 1285VA UPS (same as listed in this thread) and I have replaced the batteries several times, last of which was 3 years ago and now I have instant power loss on less than 75W load when the power cable for the UPS is pulled from the wall so the batteries...
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    FPS locked at 59 after reboot

    I have a 1060 6GB card and upgraded my monitor to a 165hz 1440p Gsync in July. Everything was fine on my old monitor, 60 hz non-Gsync. Now when I install my video driver, everything works normal until I reboot. After rebooting, my games are all locked at 59 fps but my desktop and browser still...
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    Looking for a new 27" monitor, need recomendations

    So I have a few hundred to drop on a new monitor and I am coming from a 24" 1200P 16:10 Benq and I want to get a 27" 1440P high refresh rate G-Sync monitor (4k is $2k and I am not willing to spend that much $) and I was looking at the Acer Predator XB271HU for $600. I currently have a 1060 6GB...
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    "Upload a File" Icon broken

    In Firefox 49.0.1 on my PC the "Upload a File" image is in a completely white box but shows up fine on my android phone running Firefox 4.4. Also note that with Ad Block Plus enabled, it also shows a "Block" icon above when I do a mouse over in the white space which doesn't show with ABP...
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    OnePlus One no invite required, 3/3 only

    For 3/3 starting at midnight Pacific, anyone can get a OnePlus One without requiring an invite. Phones are at regular prices of $299 and $349 for 16GB white and 64GB black respectively. If I had $300 to drop on a new phone, I would jump on this.
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    Woot Off!

    Yes another fail off has started on Will there be anything worth buying? I doubt it.
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    Lan in St. Louis Oct 25-26

    The Lan group Warfactory will be hosting a Lan Party in St. Louis from 10/24 to 10/25. Cost is $30 in advance or $40 at the door. Warfactory did the networking for Quakecon this year and was also asked to help ESWC work their Grand Finals. They have been doing Lan Parties and consulting since...
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    Woot Off!

    Going on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But most woot offs suck so don't expect too much.:( EDIT: Should have known that something was up when the servers were down around midnight.
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    Free scoop day at Ben & Jerry's

    A little late I know but I just though of it and even more special today is that it is my birthday. Free scoops for all :D.
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    cloning a damaged hard drive

    I have a hard drive that got damaged (had 3 NTFS partitions that are all damaged) and I want to make a clone of it to another hard drive so I can attempt a recovery without damaging data on the original drive. I have 3 OS's on my system: Vista on one HDD(not the damaged one), and XP and Ubuntu...
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    Which PSU should I get?

    It liiks like my current PSU is nearing the end of its life and am looking to buy either the Thermaltake W0106RU 700W or the Corsair 620HX with both units within $10 of each other (after MIRs). (I would buy the Thermaltake from Newegg and the Corsair from ZZF) Is there any reason I should go for...
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    Woot-Off tonight!
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    The reason for no PCIe card yet

    From: We also managed to learn the problem with PhysX and PCIe. It turned out that not all motherboards featuring PCIe x1 slot are compatible with PhysX card, but not in a way you would imagine. Loads of 1st generation motherboards with PCIe x1 slots...
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    1066MHz vs 800MHz

    Is it worth the extra $ to get 1066MHz ram over 800MHz ram? What will the performance gain be? If you are overclocking would it be better to have 1066MHz and underclock if need be or overclock the 800Mhz? I am going to be getting the Intel Retail Edge package when it is announced but I don't...
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    SMOKING HOT 1GB DDR2 PC6400 at Frys for $39.99 free S&H 4-4-4-12 at 2.2V Read reviews here Thats 4GB for $159.96
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    2007 Intel Retail Edge Purchase Program

    Anyone have any info (rumors or not) about this years program? I have heard rumors that there is going to be a quad core CPU.
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    Questions for Ageia

    I will be going to a LAN party in early July in St. Louis where there will be reps from Ageia. (last time Ageia's CEO showed up) So if there are any serious questions that you would like me to try and get answers for please post them here or PM them to me. I will try my best to get them answered...
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    New physics unit comming out

    Sometime in the near future Ageia will be releasing a version of its PPU as an external add on to laptops. They had one running at a demo at a LAN party in St. Louis that I went to in January. Of course there is a slight performance loss from it being an external unit, other than that it is the...