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    GTX 670 Unlocking

    Is it possible to unlock a 670 to a 680? I mean, they are the same silicon right? Sure, the 670's are hypothetically the 680's that DIDN'T make the cut, so it shouldn't work, but I can't believe nobody has tried it. Especially people with 680 PCBs...
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    Cheap mITX build

    Hi all, I'm looking at putting together a SFF PC for my technically challenged grandparents. Their 7+ year old P4 is locking up now so its time for them to upgrade and I figured why not give them a nice small tower. 1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop (or other...
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    LGA 775 mobo with SATA 3

    Do any LGA 775 motherboards exist that support SATA 3? I have an old Q9550 that I am thinking about building a system for. The mobo that I have for it is an ASUS P5Q-E which only supports DDR2 ram so I was looking at maybe getting a newer one that I could use with a spare M4 SSD that I have...