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    Use an external monitor while laptop is closed?

    I just replaced my desktop with a laptop. I have an external LCD that I am using with the new laptop. Is there a way to boot the laptop, then close it and still be able to use the external monitor?
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    Can I record audio to CD and to MP3 simultaneously?

    A friend asked me if they could burn audio to a CD and to an MP3 file at the same time. I said they couldn't do it, but decided to ask here. I assume the audio is coming in from their sound board into the computer sound card. He is currently burning the audio live to CD.
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    Help finding laptop with these specs

    I need to get a laptop with these specs: 15 inch screen i7 4720 or 5700 16GB ram 256 GB SSD Boot drive 1 TB HD CD/DVD drive Ports: usb3, hdmi, ethernet Any suggestions?
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    Temps went up after cleaning.

    I have a large case, Coolermaster ATCS 840 with a Corsair H100 cooler that uses 4 fans in a push/pull configuration. Temps were at 45°C at idle, and 75°C under full load (video transcoding). Today I decided to clean the inside and change the direction the push/pull was blowing. I thought my...
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    New SSD Raid0 - typing delay

    I just installed Win7-64 on to a pair of Samsung 850 Pro SSD's in Raid0 using the motherboards Intel controller. I have noticed that when I start typing (Word, IE Search, etc) that nothing happens, then all of a sudden the letters appear. Is this a problem with Samsung parts, or is it because...
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    Are my SSD's bricked?

    I have 4 SSD's that seemed to have all failed at once. They are Corsair Performance Pro 128GB, and I had them all in Raid0 as the boot drive. I can take three of them and format them individually into NTFS using Parted Magic. Then when I reboot my computer and insert the drives, the system...
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    What are all these partitions on my new laptop - 6

    I just bought an Asus T300LA Transformer and it has six partitions. Any idea what they are all for? Only the OS (C:) shows up in Windows 8.1. As far as I know, it only has one physical drive - a 128GB SSD 1) System Fat32 100 MB 2) Recovery NTFS 900 MB 3) Unformatted primary 128 MB 4)...
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    External drive for laptop?

    Is there such a thing as an external optical drive (CD/DVD) that gets data via USB and is powered with a wall plug (ie,not via USB)?
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    Will USB power my CD player?

    It has been a while since I bought a laptop, but just picked up a Lenovo Yoga2. It has an 11.6" screen and looks like it will just do what I need. Since it does not come with an optical drive, I bought a USB-powered drive. The drive will read a CD, but will not run any programs. I put a DVD...
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    How to throttle upload to one address

    I upload large video files to a video provider. The files are sometimes 2 to 2.5 GB and will take up to 2 to 3 hours to upload on my 2Mbps upload speed cable modem. When that happens I cannot use my internet at all. Is there a way to throttle this upload to use, say, 80% of my bandwidth...
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    Thunderbolt (TB) vs Mini Display Port (MDP)

    I have a Mac Mini that I would like to sell and upgrade to a new PC laptop. The Mac Mini uses the TB output to a projector. It connects with an Apple adapter that is TB to VGA. I have heard that TB and MDP are similar but not 100% the same. Will my adapter work if I plug it into the PC...
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    Help me find this laptop

    Is it possible to find a 15 inch laptop for less than $1000 with the following specs: REQUIRED i7 quad core processor at least 8 GB of memory 1920x1080 resolution or more HDMI output CD/DVD drive at least 5 hours of battery Max price of $1000
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    Which tablet for me?

    I need a tablet with max screen size - can be 11" up to about 14". I need it to run full version of Windows 7 or 8 and have a keyboard, attached or detachable, and have the ability for HDMI output (either direct or via dongle). The MS Surface Pro 3 looks like a good choice, but are there other...
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    M/B with 4 SATA 3 Intel ports?

    Is there a motherboard that has 4 Intel SATA 3 ports (not Marvell or other and not SATA 2). I know most have at least 2 ports, but I am looking for 4 to use in a raid array. I also know that there are PCIe cards, but I would like to use the Intel on-board ports.
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    Looking for a DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless cable modem

    Anybody have a recommendation for a cable modem Docsis 3.0 router with wireless and with at least 4 ethernet connections? I am so angry with my internet provider, Suddenlink. I discovered this today when I looked at my last 12 months of receipts. Apparently I was not paying the rental fee for...
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    Safe temps for my O/C?

    I have had this computer for a while and just now started to get serious about overclocking. I would like someone to check to see if I am safe using my final settings. My sig shows my current hardware. To check my overclock, I run Intel Burn Test and watch CoreTemp to check temps and Vcore...
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    Need help with DVI connectors

    I am in the market for a new monitor. I do some light video work with Premiere Pro CS6. I am not a pro, but would like a fairly good 27" monitor for about $500 or less. I have an Nvidia GTX 470 vid card and that has an HDMI and 2 each DVI-I connectors. Most of the monitors I've found have...
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    Get a monitor or flat screen TV?

    My monitor is slowly failing (it's a Hanns-G 28") and I am in the market for a new one. I have found several that will make good replacements, but they are more expensive than a similar flat screen LED TV. Most have an HDMI input, so should be OK, as my vid card has HDMI output. Am I missing...
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    How to get more out of a wifi signal

    I am live streaming video in a rented building for our church service. We use the wireless signal in the building and I am not allowed to add anything to the router or change the SSD. I think the upload speed of the service being used is 700 Kbps and the signal we see is about 300 Kbps to 400...
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    Can I use a memory card for a bood drive?

    I have a 128GB Class 10 SDXC memory card with a USB card reader. I would like to make an image of my Win7-64 bootable hard drive and then restore it to the memory card. Is this possible? What backup software will allow this, if any?
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    can I add a different brand HDD to my raid3 array?

    I have an Areca 1882ix-12 raid card which currently has 6 Hitachi drives attached in raid 3. I found two Samsung hard drives which are the same size that I would like to add to the array, which would make it an 8 drive array. 1) I know you are supposed to use the same drives, but what...
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    Samsung 840 Pro performance 2 x 128 vs 256

    Is there a comparison somewhere of Samsung 840 Pro SSD's where the performance is compared between 2 each 128 GB in Raid 0 compared to 1 each 256 GB? I know the 256 types are faster, but are they faster than 2 128's in raid 0? I am trying to decide which way to go and read that someone...
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    Need a simple "forum" sorftware for website

    I need a very simple forum page for a website. It doesn't need all the bells and whistles of the fancy programs. In fact, all it needs is a place where users can trade messages and then sign up on a calendar. It will be used for triathlon training. The users will leave messages for each...
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    Is my cd drive dead or do I have other problems?

    I am not able to access my CD drive and it does not show when I start Internet Explorer. I have Win7-64 and am using an LG GH22NS90 drive. The CD drive does show up in the bios and I put in my Win7 install disc. The disc will boot up when it is listed as the first drive in Bios. When I get...
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    What is a hotspot? Might need one

    Our church is renting a building that does not have an internet connection and we are in need of connecting to the internet. We can't order service because the building is not ours, so are considering something that we can bring in and take out when we're done. Does that mean we need a...
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    How to extend my wireless network

    I have a 3 story house and my cable modem/router is located on the top floor. I need to extend wireless coverage to the bottom floor, and it would be almost impossible to run an ethernet cable there. My cable plan for dl/ul is 20.0/1.0. Someone suggested Hawking Industries, so found THIS. It...
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    Need 120mm case fan recommendation

    I have a case fan that may be slowly failing. I would like to replace it with one that can move lots of air and be very quiet. In fact, I saw a case fan roundup a few months ago, but it did not register at the time because I didn't need a fan then. I've also searched, but have not been able...
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    4 SSD's on Asus P9X79 Pro ??

    See my sig for my current hardware. I will be donating my current computer and will be building a new one for myself. I want to keep most everything the same except for the boot drive. I currently have 2 SSD's in raid0 on the two Intel SATA3 connectors. For my new machine, I want to have 4...
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    Help with choices during RAID setup

    I am setting up a hardware raid card and have some questions about some of the choices. I am using 2 each 2TB drives, but will also be adding 2 SSD's as the OS/boot. I would like to know what these are and which I should choose: 1) 64bit LBA or 4K block (for greater than a 2TB raid set) 2)...
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    Help with BSOD after new memory

    I just got 32 GB of THIS MEMORY a few weeks ago. Today, for the first time, I got a BSOD and the note said "Memory Manager", so assume it was caused by memory somehow. I checked the Dram voltage is at 1.50 volts. I ran Memtest through two full cycles (about 5 hours) with no errors. Any ideas...
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    Which raid type to use?

    I will be getting a fourth 1GB HD next week. I currently have 3 of the same type and would like to create a raid array using an LSI 9260 controller. I have read several articles, but am not sure which raid type to use. Any suggestions? I will be processing large video files and would like to...
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    Help with CPU-z memory results

    Can someone expain what I am seeing? I have an Asus P9X79 with i7 3930K 6 core CPU and 16GB of OCZ DDR3 1600 memory (8x2GB) In CPU-z it reports, under the Memory tab, Dram Freq 486 MHz, FSB : Dram = 1:6 Under the SPD tab, Max bandwidth = 533 MHz, four listings for Freq: 380-457-533-609. I am...
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    Need help with bios on an Asus P9X79 Pro MB

    I have a new setup and it includes a Revodrive SSD on a PCI card. The card has a driver that accesses the motherboard bios in order to boot up. I would like to make use of the Asus onboard Raid and also be able to boot up using the Revo card. When I put the SATA mode to ACHI, the card is able...
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    How to backup and restore a dynamic array

    I built a new computer and have a raid0 array that I installed in Win7-64 computer management. The two HD's are listed as a dynamic array. I have not been able to find a backup solution that treats these drives as one drive. I have tried Easeus, Acronis 2012 with Plus Pack, and Norton Ghost...
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    Will the Corsair H100 be a big improvement for me?

    I do lots of video editing and my system just shut down on me. I think I need to make some improvements to the cooling on my system and was thinking of the H100. Anybody have a feel for how much, if any, the H100 will improve my cooling? Currently I have a Prolimatech Megahalem heat sink.
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    Which 64 bit driver for SATAPCI4R1? 4 Port PCI SATA RAID Controller Adapter Card PCISATA4R1: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@ I just bought one of these to expand the number of SATA drives in my computer. I am not using it for raid, even...
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    Pick a SSD from my list

    Name--------------------- Read/Write spec------- SATA------ Price(current Newegg) Intel 320 160GB----- 270/165-------------------- 2------------- 325 Intel 510 250GB---- 450/210 (265/200)----- 3 (2)--------- 565 Corsair Perf3---------- 480/320-------------------- 3------------- 475...
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    raid newbie needs help setting up a raid array

    I am thinking about getting a pair of SSD drives and putting them into a raid 0 array, but have never even thought about raid before. I've read some on the theory and I have a basic understanding of how a raid array works. The part that I am not sure about is which software or settings I need...
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    Help with first time raid user

    I downloaded the intel raid drivers, but am not sure how to install the drivers. Is this done at OS install or can I use the drivers on an existing system? Also, are these the best drivers to use? BTW, I have 2 750GB drives. Both are the same and they are connected to a SATA card (I am using...
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    Any promo codes for C300 256GB?

    I have decided to get my first SSD, a Crucial C300 256GB. The best price I have found is at superbiiz for $445. Are there any other lower prices or promo codes?