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    Pc does not detect sata ssd

    Its dead. Samsung fixed it already.
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    Washer for waterblock

    I installed waterblock for my gpu and did not use the washer. What is the purposenof washer? Im just afraid of losing temp reduction without washer.
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    Pc does not detect sata ssd

    I have a samsung 840 evo in a hot swap of lian li case. Yesterday, I didn’t see it in window so I pulled it out today and plug directly to motherboard sata and the psu. I logged into bios and I did not see the disk too. What is going on? Any way to test the drive on laptop? Board m12a
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    Help control pump speed

    Im using apex 12. I plugged 1 pump to the fan header 3; the other to water pump header and the one on the water pump keep running full speed. The one on the channel 3 goes up and down a little bit but it stays almost at max speed, so I use split cable and connect both pump to fan header 3. Now...
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    Help control pump speed

    Tried to put to different fan header amd use fan speed but fan speed does not detect that pump.
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    Help control pump speed

    I have a Swiftech mcp35x2 pump and I plug it to the motherboard fan header to control the speed; however, it still runs at max speed instead of the curve I want. What can I do? That pump is noisy at max speed.
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    32gb 4400 or 16gb 4800

    I have 2x16 gb ddr4 4000cl19 and currently run them at 4400cl17. If I change to 2x8gb 4800 or 5000, do I get more fps? Im gaming at 1440p and I dont see any fps increament when oc my ram to 4400 from 4000.
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    Corsair sp rgb fan does not turn on

    Yeah, remove the ML and now 3 SP fans RGB is on. Weird, I used to have 3 SP and 3 ML and they all turn on.
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    Corsair sp rgb fan does not turn on

    I have 3 corsair sp 1 ml which are connected to commander pro. The ml has rgb but 3 sp dont have. They are all spinning. the problem with icue software or hardware?
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    How far pump from a reservoir?

    I connect a pump to a reservoir by 12 inches hose. Is it ok or it need to be right at the bottom of the reservoir ?
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    Pc no post but rgb on motherboard light up

    My apex xii has an onboard start button and I also tried that but pc doesnt on. What could be a problem? A power suply or a dead motherboard?