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    Massive Overkill defined It has arrived...........ahhhh....6DDR slots (look at the picture, not the description).
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    Maximus IV Gene Gen. 3 in stock at Ewiz (Superbiz)
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    Acer Iconia tablet Best Buy $243 w/tax + $10 gift card
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    4.2 Ghz from 2600 non K?

    I thought maximum turbo boost was 3.8 Ghz. 1 thread 8 threads I just flashed the 0403 BIOS for my Maximus IV Gene. I may have to get with UncleWebb to see if the latest TS can enforce 42 multiplier (which is an option in BIOS)
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    Maximus IV Gene initial observation/warning

    If you're using a Thermalright/Cogage HS you may have to grind your mounting bracket down to clear capacitors: The CPU socket is placed more inboard than my previous AM3 board. I can no longer remove/insert the motherboard plate with the heat sink installed: I can only mount my...
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    Maximus IV Gene in stock at Ewiz (Superbiz) Newegg typically has it within a week of these guys getting it. I'm going to wait and see what Newegg's markup is. I'm...
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    Another nice thing about upgrading to SB...

    Is not having to upgrade my power supply, nor my UPS to support the extra wattage. I wonder if power supply companies are seeing any decline in sales from the reduced need to upgrade your PS. Then again I'm sure they love Nvidia and Fermi to help offset the sales lost to ATI graphic setups...
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    4th Generation Gene confirmed

    Well, I'm assuming they'll honor the Gene lineage:
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    My GF is going to kill me but I couldn't pass it up:

    I reaaaaaaaaaaaaallly need to delete MWave from my favorites. They got me for a P5E-VM HDMI for $55 and it's sitting collecting dust.
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    I've introduced you to my MOM, now meet a MILF

    Massive's Itsy Little Fragger: I really don't need another rig, but to honor Lan Gear for selecting me as a beta-tester I had to throw something together. The innards are nothing spectacular now, but I plan on doing some upgrades (definately get rid of the stock heat sink (all my spare...
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    Hawwt! Oh my poor credit card...........
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    Please post here if your motheboard died with a Phenom II X6

    Please post your CPU, OC, if turbo was on, voltage, cooling, mobo (w/ revision), and symptoms: I want to see if this is a Phenom II X6, MSI or some other trend going on ( maybe Turbo Core ramping voltage up too high). I'll start: 1055T at 3.8 Ghz w/ turbo set to 15.5 with 1.4 V (turbo...
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    My MOM got all wet!!! Now I need a MOP

    I wanted to get a Gulftown and Fermi as an upgrade to my already overpowered i7 rig, so I sold MOM to reinvest. As fate would have it, Fry's had its 25th anniversary sale and I figued instead of throwing tons of money at a CPU and GPU that are too expensive, suck up too much juice, and trip my...
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    Free Paragaon partition-alignment tool I haven't tried it yet, but supposedly it can partition-align while keeping data intact.
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    Free Paragaon partition-alignment tool

    Free white-paper as well as partition-alignment tool. *Offer is valid until June, 30th only!
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    Now I remember why I love Nvidia

    Flamesuit on. OK, sold my SLI'd GTX 275s while they still had some value and got an Asus 5850 CU, not as powerful, but runs cooler, consumes less power, and performs pretty damn good for a single card. Nvidia's drivers have been sucking lately, I remember ATI's drivers sucking as well, but...
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    What to do while waiting for Revision 2?

    This is just a mockup until I figure out the mounting: There will be no light around the edges when I'm finished: I'll probably go with at least 1 120x38mm fan. I'm going to get another Lan Gear MOM, but I'm not sure how long to wait. If it's going to be close to a year, I...
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    Ban the Mini-P180 and NZXT Rogue from SFF

    What do you say, ban mini-P180 and NZXT Rogue posts from the Small Form Factor Forums, or get rid of the Smal Form Factor subforum alltogether? Sorry, last choice should be Level 10
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    I'd like you all to meet my MOM

    Massive Overkill's Micro from Lan Gear. My trusty old Micro-Fly has been retired (please be patient while I resize LOL). One thing that my beloved Micro Fly was able to contribute to my MOM was its case feet. Sorry there are soo many, but seeing as everyone who bought this case are deciding...
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    New Aerocool variant Not my cup of tea, but if you're using a stock heat sink, it may appeal to you.
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    i7 920: I don't live near a Fry's or MC deal $30 off w/ code BFCPU30, ends 11/30 $258.99 after applying code.
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    Fermi Killer ATI 45,770

    Fermi Killer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :D
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    Seagate 7200.12 1TB + Kingston 4 GB SDHC Flash card $73.99 shipped

    Today's Shell Shocker only shows the drive as $73.99, but get the combo below for a free 4 gig SDHC flash card with a nifty USB adapter (USB adapter is the bomb)
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    Gigabyte P55 mATX at Ewiz

    I hate Gigabyte, but for those that love em and want a P55 board: Crossfire/SLI Crossfire only:
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    Newegg hard drive packaging

    It took them 7 years (that's how long I've been shopping the Egg) but Newegg has finally come around: I ordered 3 drives through work, and specifically told them NOT to buy the drives from Newegg (my boss probably didn't listen because I buy everything else through them). I was...
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    Cheap compressed air to clean out your PC

    Try a turkey baster...............serious. Use it at any angle, you can't blow capacitors off with it, yet it's strong enough to remove all stubborn dust, and perfect pressure control,
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    Micro Fly clone back in stock from 3BTech

    Made by Chiefmax, free shipping: They also have it in two-tone silver/black.
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    7200.12 1TB SATA 3.0 ST31000528AS so [H]ot, it's OOS Only 888 bucks. Man this is surely to outperform all SSD's!!
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    Massive's iCore7 SLI GTX 260 rig:

    Single eVGA GTX 260 216 55nm, Thermalright HR01 Plus and 12 Gigs of OCZ DDR1600 CAS7 (I have them underclocked to around 1440 and at loose timings for now) Better shot at secondary cooling eVGA got lonely so along came an MSI: Power connector shot: HR 01 fits quite...
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    GSkill Titan 128 Gig SSD drives are in

    I'll be using 1 for my OS, and the other 3 are for sales laptops, but I'll set 3 up on striped RAID on my ICH9 before doing so. Downloading Windows 7 as I type this and prepping my existing 640 7200.11s for backup and firmware update. I got 20 more coming in for the rest of the sales force...
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    No longer 0% off!!! Clarion in-dash reciever with USB

    They got it right this time. $117 shipped. I have this stereo and it sounds great with my stock speakers. Rear USB port allows you to hide your thumbdrive. First attempt (
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    Haawwt Newegg Shell Shocker........0% OFF!!

    Showing as $117 shipped now. Yeahhhh baaabyyyyy!!! I have the front USB port of this stereo. Got it when Newegg had it for $100 shipped. Crutchfield wanted $250 for it. I would have bought today's deal if it had been the same price as...
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    Phenom 9750 95w

    I picked one of these up at Fry's and just doing some research, it seems that these are pretty rare. I've got mine up to 3.0 Ghz on a cheap Biostar 780G mATX board, and I think she can go further. I may end up selling it to some co workers however, but you think it would be unfair to charge...
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    Asus 25.5" 2ms GTG monitor $379.99 shipped Use code EMCBCCCAE I have this monitor and there is no lag in gaming. Picture and colory quality are Eggcelent. Built in webcam/mic are nice as I...
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    New Thermalright server heat sinks

    You guys think this would fit socket 775 if you re used a TRUE or Ultima mounting kit?
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    AC Freezer Pro for $3.38

    Probably a price mistake/description mistake, but I'm in for 5 (at a weight description of 520g they better not claim that it's only the fan and not the whole heat sink, I've got screen shots).
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    Alternative to the discontinued Micro Fly If the Q-Pack2 had 3 seperate side panels I would probably buy it instead, but these things are half the price and have free shipping.
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    Ultra Micro Fly being discontinued?

    I've noticed that Tiger Direct and Performance-PC's are dwindling or out of stock of these cases. I really hope they're not discontinuing this case. I don't like the QPack 2's single shell design or front facia, not to mention it's more expensive for basically the same case.
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    Seagate 7200.11 640 gig results

    Single: Matrix RAID Striped Portion: Old 7200.11 500 gig Striped Portion:
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    Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H mATX board at the Egg I like the e-SATA, I don't like the fact that your video card needs to be removed to install/remove RAM.