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  1. 123Lanoix

    Alienware r3 15 GTX 1070

    Alienware r3 15 with i7 7700HQ GTX 1070 Samsung 250GB 960 EVO 1TB Mushkin Reactor 2.5" SSD 16GB 2400mhz DDR4 Intel 9260 AC Wifi 120hz 5ms WXGA TN G-Sync Display
  2. 123Lanoix

    Adata SP550 120GB SSD
  3. 123Lanoix

    Samsung VR Headset
  4. 123Lanoix

    Samsung 960 Evo 250gb
  5. 123Lanoix

    INTEL 520 SSD On Sale @ BB

    Hey i just thought i would share a deal i got earlier today when i was shopping on Intel 520 180gb on sale for $129.99 Intel 520 120gb on sale for $99.99 I just ordered a 180gb for instore pick up...
  6. 123Lanoix

    Asus rma process sucks

    I recently tried to rma my p8z68 pro v gen3 motherboard and tried to get advanced replacement from Asus but was denied due to no stock availability!? Are you kidding me! You're telling me they do not stock extra boards on hand? I paid a price premium for asus products so I didn't have to deal...
  7. 123Lanoix

    which is faster 2 dimms or 1 dimm

    which is faster 2x4 gb dimms or 1 8gb dimm ? running on a z68 motherboard.
  8. 123Lanoix

    windows not reporting my 2600k correctly?

    I'm running an ASUS P8P67 with the latest bios installed i have a core i7 2600k installed. Everything is running stock and i have not changed any settings. When i go into control panel under systems windows reports my 2600k running at 3.4ghz @3.7ghz ? I thought 2600k was running...
  9. 123Lanoix

    Power tune

    Has anyone experimented with turning up power tune in CCC to like +10% or +20% i tried +20% and it seems to perform better. I was wondering if anyone had similar results or benchmarks? thanks,
  10. 123Lanoix

    sprint palm pre or HTC HERO ?

    can't decide should i get a Palm pre for $200 or HTC HERO for $279 ???
  11. 123Lanoix

    need to choose opamp for X-fi Forte

    i was wondering what a good opamp would be for the forte i was thinking of getting the OPA637AU ?
  12. 123Lanoix

    Need help picking out PS3 games !

    ok so iam going to go to bestbuy and i have enough Giftcards to get 2 ps3 games I was thinking uncharted 2 definately and for the 2nd game not so sure maybe reserving god of war 3 and getting god of war collection with $10 off making it $29.99 or getting MW2 for $39.99 I don't...
  13. 123Lanoix

    i can't get into borderland DLC on steam ?

    how do i get into DLC for bordlands on steam i launch the game and it just brings me to the original game not dr. Neds is it something that i do in the game ?
  14. 123Lanoix

    have to return my AD700's because they leak too much sound

    I have to return my AD700 they leak to much sound. I think i need closed cans. My wife complains she can hear them from the other room. I need help picking out closed cans. i was thinking of getting A700's ?
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    anyone getting this next tuesday and for what system ?
  16. 123Lanoix

    need for speed shift

    this game looks great wondering if the grahics are the same on pc , ps3 or xbox ? i wanna play it on my 55inch tv but not if the graphics will be slow or shitty thanks !
  17. 123Lanoix

    Marvel alliance 2

    so who has preordered this game ? i am getting it for ps3
  18. 123Lanoix

    4850 512mb crossfire vs. 4890 1gb

    which is faster ?
  19. 123Lanoix

    DEMIGOD $29.99 ymmv

    Hey i saw my local wal-mart had demigod rolled back from 39.99 to $29.99
  20. 123Lanoix

    trying to connect 2 routers together wireless

    I have a Dlink Dir 655 and a Dlink Dir 625 routers. I'm trying to boost my signal in my living room and connect my ps3 to improve its internet speed. The Dir 655 is wired to my main computer using gigabit ethernet on the other side the house. I'm trying to figure out step by step if there is...
  21. 123Lanoix

    Dell Hot Corsair PSU deals

    I just bought a Corsair HX-850 off of Dell Business for $159.99 + Free 3-5 day shipping Cost me $167.99 after tax. They also have the HX-750 for $139.99 !!!! here is a link
  22. 123Lanoix

    NHL 10

    The ea site has been up now ! Who here is excited ? NHL 09 was awesome i still play it and love it but 10 looks amazing !!!!
  23. 123Lanoix

    hi jacked steam account

    how long does it take valve to reset my account ? some guy tricked me into joining a community i submited a ticket to valve and just wondering if this has happen to anyone before ?
  24. 123Lanoix

    Ati is dumb !

    god ! ATI is so fucken dumb ! i just installed the 9.4 drivers today after doing a complete uninstall and driver clean from 9.3. So i load into windows and i get a message can't find ati driver or card is not functioning properly. So i go into my device manager and right click select update...
  25. 123Lanoix


    Has anyone played the pre-release demo ? I have played it and it runs alot smoother than 08. I noticed the lighting now makes the game look so realistic. It is starting to get harder to distingush this game from tv! I also like the controls this year as i feel like i have more of a finer...
  26. 123Lanoix

    help with buying UPS

    I need to buy a UPS to run my HDTV its a rear projection Sony KDS55A3000 its been calibrated and is in power saving mode which means its running 120watts instead of 240watts anyways. I was thinking of getting this APC battery back up BN1250LCD at sam's club but i want to buy one that...
  27. 123Lanoix

    Anyone Getting Resistance 2 ?

    I have not seen any Resistance 2 threads ? The game is out now and I was wondering if anyone has it yet ? I got $20 in gift cards to bestbuy so i will be picking up later today ! Mostly getting it for 2 player campaign mode
  28. 123Lanoix

    UPS sugguestions

    i need a couple UPS backups i need one for my computer which is in my sig i have CF 4850. The other UPS will be for my Hometheater i have a DLP tv sony kds55a3000 i wondering what size of a UPS would i need ?
  29. 123Lanoix

    looking for the best laptop hd

    what is the best laptop Harddrive out right now i would like to get a high capacity drive iam not sure which company makes the best any advice ?
  30. 123Lanoix

    NHL 09 PS3 Club Love

    Lets start teams for ps3 verison
  31. 123Lanoix

    I fixed my 4850

    I have a visiontek 4850 and i had been experiencing the same problem alot of people have with the card shutting of and going to a black screen and the driver failing. This was due to the card overheating well specifically the VRM's well this what i did. Instead of buying another cooler all i...
  32. 123Lanoix

    FOUND A FIX for Ati 4850 crashing

    I have a 4850 and this week my card kept shutting off and the screen going black when playing games. I even returned my card to bestbuy and got another one and it did the same thing even tried the drivers on the disc and hotfixes and that did not do it. I read something interesting on the ati...
  33. 123Lanoix

    Gears of war worth getting for co-op ??

    is gears of wars worth getting for co-op online play??? is it worth 29.99 or should i go with something else
  34. 123Lanoix

    sell 880gtx and get 4850 ???

    i'm thinking about selling my BFG 8800GTX oc for 225.00 and getting a ATI 4850 and saving some cash Do you guys think this a good idea . I game at 1920x1200 i was looking at anandtech review of the 4850 and it looks to be faster than 8800GTX and it would save me some money here and i...
  35. 123Lanoix

    E7200 & P5Q PRO OC

    I'm just wondering if my voltages are avg for this kind of oc I have a e7200 and a asus p5Q PRO I'm trying to oc to 3.6ghz 1:1 ratio 400fsb 800mhz ddr2 it won't boot unless i put the cpu voltage to 1.40 iam running 1.41 for added stabilty NB v is set to 1.2 it won't do 1600fsb with...
  36. 123Lanoix

    ps3 firmware 2.30 can't get DTS-HD to work

    my ps3 is updated to the 2.30 firemware and it still doesn't show DTS-HD or Dolby true hd on my receiver I have a Onkyo 705 7.1 receiver so it should be able to handle it iam using all audioquest hdmi cables i set it to bitstream and it still plays in regular DTS5.1 or dolby 5.1 iam not...
  37. 123Lanoix

    GOOD surge protector for 55inch hdtv

    i wondering if you guys know of a good quality surge protector for the money. i am going to be using it for my Sony rear projection tv 55inch A3000 and a ps3 hd cable box also have a wii please give some recommendations.
  38. 123Lanoix

    looking to buy a DLP TV got my tax return and i want to buy a new HDTV i was looking around the stores at LCDs and DLPs and plasmas my price and budget i think the DLP looks the best but iam not sure if i should jump on this one at circuitcity...
  39. 123Lanoix

    WTB PS3

  40. 123Lanoix

    anyone play C&C3

    does anyone play C&C3