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  1. dvsman

    Which display would you choose? Samsung G9 49" or LG CX 48"

    So it's close to annual bonus $$$ time and I'm thinking of giving my 3090 a new display. I'll totally have to rearrange my setup for the LG CX but OLED is just hard to beat for visuals. At the same time the G9 has vertical space that I love for spread sheets, even though it's LCD and not OLED...
  2. dvsman

    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    I know there are some issues with vertical mounts running only PCIE 3 and not 4 but other than that, anyone run into any issues? Thanks!
  3. dvsman

    Any new OLED monitors coming out next year (2021)?

    For next year, I'm thinking of upgrading the monitor on my main rig to an OLED. I love my few years old LG E7 65" in my living room, so figured I'd look into bumping up my gaming setup, especially given that the new panels can run 120hz over HDMI 2.1. Ideally, I'd like something in the 40" or so...
  4. dvsman

    Is anyone still holding BTC?

    I still have a bit in my account but given how hot the stock market is, I'm thinking of cashing out (maybe partially) and jumping in for some short term gains. I already have stocks in my portfolio so it's more of shifting of things around than trying something new. What about you guys?
  5. dvsman

    2020 Post-pandemic VPN?

    So I haven't had a vpn since PIA got bought out by foreign owners. With that in mind, I've been searching for a replacement that is not owned by a foreign country - whether it's China / India or other. While reviews suggest the same names as always, though PIA seems to have dropped off some of...
  6. dvsman

    Web conferencing / meeting services

    With all of this telework and related craziness, I wanted to see what everyone's office / company is using - webex,, zoom, skype, ms teams, other? Let me know! Thanks!
  7. dvsman

    Samsung Watch 4G or any other Android watch w/4G - anyone use?

    So I was thinking of trying out the new edition Samsung Watch 4G - but I've gotten conflicting info from people I've talked to - including the corporate AT&T sales guy vs the in store AT&T guy. What I'm trying to find out is if I can (with added fee) share the same phone number as my current...
  8. dvsman

    So what's the (fan) difference? Corsair LL / ML / QL?

    So I'm putting another build together and I currently have the 3x LL120 in my current rig but when I was looking around for parts, I see they also have ML (magnetic levitation), LL (what I currently have) and QL (the newest latest but not sure what QL actually means). Anyone have any idea? I...
  9. dvsman

    Hardware question on NICs + Win Server

    So I had the crazy idea to load Win Server 16 essential onto my backup rig / old gaming rig, primarily to learn more about it and networking in general (since IRL I'm not an IT guy) but ran into issues with the built in NIC not being detected or supported out of the box (it's an intel i211AT I...
  10. dvsman

    Witcher 4 rumors

    Not much detail yet but it's likely not to have the Geralt character as the lead. So maybe Ciri or (keeping my fingers crossed) a roll your own player PC?
  11. dvsman

    So I just got an Alphacool Eisbaer 360 and need help from [H]

    Outside of OEM and aftermarket air coolers, I've only ever used some Corsair AIOs. The Corsairs would have fans that plugged into the cooler. Nice and easy. On my latest build I used an Alphacool Eisbaer 360 - plugged the CPU fans into the CPU fan 4 pin on the mobo (and plugged the CPU pump...
  12. dvsman

    Question for people that switched from goopy TIM to graphite thermal pads ...

    How has your experience been? Worth it? Sticking with it or going back to the goop?
  13. dvsman

    Anyone running a 3000 series cpu on the Asrock x470 Taichi

    Anyone do it yet? I'm about to do the 3900x transplant this Wednesday evening (updated to the latest bios 3.43) but wanted to see if there were any gotchas I should take care of before hand. LMK! Thanks in advance!
  14. dvsman

    Has anyone had hands-on with 5G yet?

    So my Note 8 (on AT&T) is starting to have charging issues, making me think of using my upgrade credit at work. While I could just go to a Note 9 or S10+ given how expensive the newer phones are, I'm thinking of just making the jump to a 5G compatible model to stave off obsolescence - even if...
  15. dvsman

    Vertical Video Card Mounts

    So I was watching some youtube videos and saw the channel creators PCs that had their video cards mounted fan side "up." I had never seen this type of vertical mount before and now that I have, me wants! For those that don't know either it looks like this pic (sample from google) Does...
  16. dvsman

    Foreign Languages + Email (Unicode related question, I think)

    Not sure how many of you guys have to deal with foreign languages / fonts but I get emails and occasionally they show up looking like gibberish. As far as I can tell, the original sender is sending it in a Unicode font but something is messing up along the way to my inbox. I've tried changing...
  17. dvsman

    Double Height DDR4!

    I didn't see anything about this yet. Thought it was a cool, random thing while web surfing the news.
  18. dvsman

    Do you use all the motherboard standoffs in your build?

    I use a the 4 corners plus a few extra where needed method but curious what other people do?
  19. dvsman

    Only 2 drives in a Ryzen RAID array?

    So I'm migrating from a 5930K setup to a 2700x+Asrock Taichi x470 setup and for the life of me I can't figure out how to move my 2 raid arrays. Using Windows and /or Intel RST I had a 4x SSD RAID0 and a 2x HD RAID1 - both were setup and worked without problems. Setting up my HD array (2x 3TB...
  20. dvsman

    Hot-ish? M.2 NVME 1TB for $169 Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVME Read/write 2K/1.7K for $169.99 @Amazon Not super fast but better than SATA and some M.2 I've seen. Found it on a random ad on a news...
  21. dvsman

    CBS All Access online TV Free for 1 month

    I got an email from CBS and was meaning to post it but totally slipped my mind. Enroll by 12/26/2018 - code DECEMBER for 1 free month. Though it looks like the CBS website has a promo running right now without a coupon code needed as well. I figured someone might want to try it and binge some...
  22. dvsman

    Is MS Win Server software tied to hardware?

    So I can get an old server from my office to putt around / learn on but I think the thing (Dell PowerXYZ 2600) ran on SB Server 2003 and it's only going to come with the hardware, no docs or drives. I know 2003 is way out of date but if licensing it was free / cheap, I'd give it a shot. Could...
  23. dvsman

    WD Black m.2 1tb NVME SSD for $199

    Warm? Not sure how good the WD Black m.2 drives are but I'll give them a shot at this price and this level of claimed performance. I'm in for 2 to try some m.2...
  24. dvsman

    New movie filmed entirely on Mirrorless cams
  25. dvsman

    Question on how to fix a bad voice recording

    Hey guys, So one of my colleagues was trying to record a meeting and did record a file but apparently their phone was next to their notebook / papers and there's the sound of paper rustling that's louder than the sound of the people talking (drowning it out). The original file is in AAC (from a...
  26. dvsman

    What is the best looking website that you have recently been to? (IYO)

    IYO (In Your Opinion) - I am curious what website people on [H] consider "good looking." Have you come across a website that just popped or was just very functional or well organized? The topic doesn't matter. Tech, photography, news - this is more of an aesthetics questions than...
  27. dvsman

    So you have Gigabit Internet ...

    So I'm running 155-180Mb internet service at the moment but my ISP has options up to a "Gigabit" and that got me wondering. For those of you that are already running really fast / absurdly fast internet, what exactly are you using it for / doing with it? At 155Mb / 30 up downloading from Steam...
  28. dvsman

    New Dell 49" display

    From: "Dell designed the monitor, which boasts a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120×1440 resolution, to be able to accommodate either one or two people comfortably. Picture-by-Picture mode allows for multi-tasking content from two...
  29. dvsman

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey via Google Streaming

    I don't see a thread for this but I got an email saying I was accepted into the beta test for this. I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this yet? I've got the full game on my home machine (bought copy) but it seems to run on my office 4790 rig via stream (With I think Nvidia 760...
  30. dvsman

    Online storage question - must be windows / newb friendly?

    I'm looking for a cheap / free way to share files with my folks / family overseas. I normally use Onedrive (I'm running the Office 365 1TB package) and Google Drive (Free version) - but I don't want to tie the files to my personal accounts in case something happens to me / them. Also the reason...
  31. dvsman

    PCIE x16 vs x8 still a thing?

    So I'm thinking of consolidating some rigs at my place just to simplify things a bit. Right now I'm debating on either keeping my 1) x99 5930k system with SLI 2x Titan Xp (x16+x16) or 2) maybe swapping in parts from my x470 HTPC 2700x + SLI 2x Titan Xp (x8+x8) Older with more PCIE lanes or...
  32. dvsman

    What bag are you carrying around your gear in?

    Hey guys, So I'm in the market for a new bag to carry my laptop / papers around in and wanted to see what the [H] is using. The two laptops I normally use would be either an XPS 13 or occassionally my older Macbook Air, so both are pretty small form-factors. Right now if I'm carrying a camera...
  33. dvsman

    Need suggestions on OSX email client

    Hey guys, So I dug out my Mac Book Air (2013 or 14, not sure) to use as my dedicated email box. With that in mind, I'm trying to sort through all the different email clients available on the Mac and figured I would see what other [H]'ers are using on their Mac setups. My only real requirement...
  34. dvsman

    Random External graphics idea / question

    Seeing how alot of new moboes and computers are coming with thunderbolt ports, would it be possible to use two separate external enclosures with a GPU in each, to do SLI / XFire (maybe XFire since there's no way to attach the SLI bridge)? I've been debating updating my intel box (was thinking...
  35. dvsman

    SSL + your website = ?

    So I noticed that google chrome is giving me the stink eye about websites I visit that aren't SSL secured lately. Is this really a big deal that I should be concerned about? What about for personal websites / blogs that don't do e-commerce or financial transactions of any kind? I wanted to see...
  36. dvsman

    Email Encryption Q

    Hey fellas, So I got my hands on my old office Xerox printer / copier thing (for free!) and have been playing around with it and have a q? I hope one of you guys can answer. The feature I normally use is scanning paper docs to email (vs faxing) and one of the options in the menu - which I've...
  37. dvsman

    Using public wifi (+email) question

    OK guys this is probably as stupid question but I'm not an IT guy so I figured I'd ask you interwebz experts. When I'm at the car dealer or coffee shop or hotel or wherever and am using their wifi, I've been told to use a VPN to up my security - which I do (Private Internet Access). Here's my...
  38. dvsman

    FS: NIB 12gb Titan Xp (full fat Pascal) video cards

    EDIT: If you don't mind the funky star wars design on your cards, you can get one for $1138 per / limit 2 New in box, direct from Nvidia $1,200 per / limit 2 (in stock) (scroll down on the page) Why am I posting this...
  39. dvsman

    Itchy trigger finger on a Samsung CHG90 ... any thoughts?

    I'm going through a mixed time in my life at the moment (great professionally, not so great personally / breakup with my girl), so I figure I'll distract myself with some new shiny tech bits. I was originally going to buy a new TV for my living room but YouTube video heads have said to wait...
  40. dvsman

    Hot or ...? Samsung 960 EVO 1TB $339.99

    At my local microcenter Cheaper than on Amazon $443.99: Just in case anyone was in the...