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  1. dvsman

    Which display would you choose? Samsung G9 49" or LG CX 48"

    So it's close to annual bonus $$$ time and I'm thinking of giving my 3090 a new display. I'll totally have to rearrange my setup for the LG CX but OLED is just hard to beat for visuals. At the same time the G9 has vertical space that I love for spread sheets, even though it's LCD and not OLED...
  2. dvsman

    New M2 Chip Expected to Be Used for Apple’s Upcoming iMac

    Btw I'm waiting to see the M1x or M2 (hopefully early next year) before jumping in and replacing my old Mac Air. Its been awhile since I've been excited about Apple hardware so this has been great news!
  3. dvsman

    New M2 Chip Expected to Be Used for Apple’s Upcoming iMac

    While Apple may roll out hardware at faster intervals, i dunno about a yearly cycle. The new hardware is so fast with ARM specific software that it will take a while before software overwhel.s hardware and forces the user to upgrade. Choose to upgrade? Sure. Hardware geeks will be hardware...
  4. dvsman

    New M2 Chip Expected to Be Used for Apple’s Upcoming iMac

    This chip design is perfect for Mac and Mac users who are used to non-upgradeable hardware. No ram upgrade? That's ok. No internal SSD upgrade? That's ok. Everything and the kitchen sink plugs in via Thunderbold, including external HDs and SSDs. I've been following the M1 threads and talked...
  5. dvsman

    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    I know there are some issues with vertical mounts running only PCIE 3 and not 4 but other than that, anyone run into any issues? Thanks!
  6. dvsman

    Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe 4.0 Gen4 PCIe M.2 is only $149.99 right now on Amazon

    Benchies? Yes. Seat of the pants? No.
  7. dvsman

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    I also wanted to note: Everything is on the chip and nothing is upgradeable. Ram - you buy 8gb you get only forever 8gb and it currently only goes up to 16gb. I think the SSD is also soldered down on the board, so no upgrading on the new machiens. Period. This was the main reason I didn't...
  8. dvsman

    Alleged Apple M1X Processor Specifications Surface

    I'm a die hard PC guy but I've been thinking of picking one of these up as a toy / email / writing appliance. From the reviews, not only is the performance on par or better than PC counterparts (especially for optimized apps / not Rosetta 2 reliant), but the power drain is incredibly efficient...
  9. dvsman

    [ROUND THREE BATCH] Playstation 5 $499.99 available online only on 11/25 9PM EST | Xbox Series X/S at 9PM EST only on 11/25

    Yeah - I think post-Xmas, things should ease up somewhat. I'm not in any hurry myself. I'll just mess around with my PC in the meantime. Bound to get lucky with the 5950x and F5 key one of these days.
  10. dvsman

    Where / how to buy AMD gpu tomorrow

    I went to MC during the RTX 3000 initial launch days and while the hardcore geeks were out for sure - there were definitely some people in line for the scalpers. Didn't know anything about anything. They were just in it, to flip it on the 'Bay. I was there to buy other stuff that trip so no...
  11. dvsman

    Any new OLED monitors coming out next year (2021)?

    That is one of the reasons I was asking. Given the COVID, I was pretty sure all the trade shows were cancelled and I don't follow the monitor-news close enough to know if anything slipped by on the DL. Ultrawide is nice for gaming but I'm getting over it for general use / productivity and want...
  12. dvsman

    Any new OLED monitors coming out next year (2021)?

    I just swapped out my 2080ti for a 3090 - which I think does have 2.1 already so I'm hoping that will keep me off of the upgrade train for a while and work with whatever monitor I end up going with roo.
  13. dvsman

    Any new OLED monitors coming out next year (2021)?

    For next year, I'm thinking of upgrading the monitor on my main rig to an OLED. I love my few years old LG E7 65" in my living room, so figured I'd look into bumping up my gaming setup, especially given that the new panels can run 120hz over HDMI 2.1. Ideally, I'd like something in the 40" or so...
  14. dvsman

    Best Smart TV? (>40")

    Sorry for the late reply - totally slipped my mind until a few minutes ago. I just checked and the Photo & Video App on my LG E7 OLED can pull video files from both my NAS and the USB HD plugged into the router. FWIW!
  15. dvsman

    M.2 drive with the highest endurance?

    From what I understand, generally speaking the more layered the die is the less endurance. SLC would have the most and TLC or QLC less and less. For the samsungs - it would be the Pro series (vs their EVO series). I haven't used other brands too much so can't offer any advice on any of those.
  16. dvsman

    Best Smart TV? (>40")

    I can see with your setup it's much more complex. I'm running everything via apps and streaming. Otherwise, I just run stuff on my "smart remote" - my old retired smartphone (a Note 8+) that now just sits on the wireless charger and works as a fancy remote - and cast the signal from it to the...
  17. dvsman

    Best Smart TV? (>40")

    I have webos on my old LG E7 OLED and it works fine. The apps all work and sure once in a blue moon there might be a app crash or glitch but overall I turn it on and it works as intended, so I can't complain. I have an HTPC plugged into it via HDMI but I rarely turn it on anymore. YouTube TV...
  18. dvsman

    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    I'm trying like crazy to get a 5950x but still coming up empty. I'm hoping I'll get lucky one of these days / random F5 presses. I'm hoing to put together my last new rig for awhile - before I make a big move at the end of '21 so keeping my fingers and toes crossed. If anyone changes their...
  19. dvsman

    The Division 2

    Haha yeah. That was pretty cool.
  20. dvsman

    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I was hoping the CPUs wouldn't be as bad as the GPUs since less / no crypto potential but scalpers still be scalpin' This will be my last build for awhile so I guess I can wait to get the parts that I actually want. Good luck all!
  21. dvsman

    Radeon 6000 series: Disappointing Pricing??

    That sounds pretty good but I guess good is relative depending upon how well / bad the AMD cards actually benchmark once the reviewers get their hands on them. We know companies will always hype up the stats on their own products at their launch events.
  22. dvsman

    Radeon 6000 series: Disappointing Pricing??

    After reading some of you guys' comments, I think the pricing is good. The 6800 does have more memory and better performance than the 3070 (I thought it was overpriced at first but now, maybe not). The 6800xt is likely the main seller and being slightly cheaper than the Nvidia counterpart...
  23. dvsman

    Is using "Infinity Cache" for Navi 2X a good move?

    At this point my next build will likely be all AMD. While the CPU is me going bang for buck (C'mon Intel, get your crap together), GPU-wise its simply based upon likely availability. I can't even find a ghost of an Nvidia 30xx card right now even if I wanted to ... and I've tried. Just no luck...
  24. dvsman

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    If it does - that would be great. I haven't been following the deets on RT since I'm not a big fan of the earliest implementations. It was either too shiny or reflections for the sake of reflections. I'm hoping Navi can keep it in the same ballpark as Ampere. I'd definitely like to go that...
  25. dvsman

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    I think the test machines CDPR used for demos awhile back were running 1080ti's so that shouldn't be an issue if you're running those. As has been said, this game has been under development before RT/RTX was a thing. If you want FPS, just turn that shizz off. The question I have is more along...
  26. dvsman

    3090 sli

    Off the top of my head, I don't know of any modern game that supports SLI but man a geeks gotta love whatever game they are playing to be spending 3K to get some more FPS in it. Hopefully that same geek will also have paired it up to an equally awesome display setup (maybe a bank of monitors?)...
  27. dvsman

    3090 sli

    From what I've read, of the new gen cards, only the 3090 can even support SLI from a physical connector point of view. Now considering that the 3090 card = $1500 and SLI = x 2 How many gaming rigs do you think will actually have that? Now take that number and try to make a business case for a...
  28. dvsman

    If Navi matches 3080 in Raster performance but not Ray Tracing... will we care?

    I'm with Dayaks. I'm not going to pay more for fan-boying purposes. AMD has to earn my business. Whether that's through performance or cost-effectiveness. With that being said, I would certainly like to have an all AMD box if possible and not giving money to Nvidia would give me some measure of...
  29. dvsman

    If Navi matches 3080 in Raster performance but not Ray Tracing... will we care?

    If performance is the same but price is much cheaper then I'm fine. If performance AND price are the same but AMD doesn't have RTX, then nope. I'll go team green.
  30. dvsman

    MSI 3080 cards available on Dell's site

    Wow great find guys. So is the 6 caps or the 5+1 caps better? I haven't been following the thread. I'm not buying but curious to know in case someone asks. I'm going to be patient this go around and see Navi first. 2080ti is going to have to do for now.
  31. dvsman

    3090 sli

    I think the important point is that SLI requires software support. Even if you have everything plugged in, if the game or app doesn't support it, it won't do jack except waste electricity. Sure the cost is crazy but if it actually did something, some people some where would justify spending that...
  32. dvsman

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    I got the Baldur's Gate 3 alpha/beta/whatever its being called. Pretty good so far, but still some graphical glitches here and there. Also some spots that say (cut scene here) or similar markers for stuff that's not finished. I think it will be good when they finish polishing it, but its not...
  33. dvsman

    D-Wave’s 5,000-qubit quantum computing platform handles 1 million variables

    I don't mind - I bought in at 200-400 so 10k+ is still nothing to sneeze at. But if the quantum code buster buster buster becomes a thing, well blockchain go bye bye! :-D
  34. dvsman

    Is an SSD RAID 0 worth it?

    I added a benchie from my main home rig with a single PCIE4 m.2 SSD. As you can see from the comparison, nowadays RAID0 is definitely not needed if you can afford to throw money at it instead. BTW: notarat Do you mind giving your setup a spin on the AS SSD benchie...
  35. dvsman

    Is an SSD RAID 0 worth it?

    For comparison's sake - here is my work laptop (9750H w/ 2x intel 660p in raid0). These are probably the slowest m.2 NVME SSDs around but they were what I happen to have on hand / sitting around and that were a matching set. But I'd wager seat of the pants they would feel pretty much the same...
  36. dvsman

    Big Navi is coming

    Since there is mention of "Pro" and the Titan series, what makes any of the Titan "Pro" exactly? I thought Quadro were the "Pro" cards? Or is there another "Pro" thing about it. I ran my Titan Xp cards with geforce drivers, there were never any pro drivers / features that I knew of. Or did that...
  37. dvsman

    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion

    Bethesda only made good games when they were single player and the players could mod / bug fix it themselves. The company wasn't responsible for much of the success that Fallout or Skyrim ended up having IMO.
  38. dvsman

    Microsofts underwater server experiment

    In the future: Job Fair Guy "We're looking to hire some techs. Do you have your PADI cert?" Applicant "...?"
  39. dvsman

    Which manufacturers have transferable warranties?

    EVGA is the only one I've ever used personally and even then, I remember reading here on [H] about the company making a policy change regarding their warranty a while back.