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    Skillz new MB Now you can run all your graphics cards off one MB. :)
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    FS: 2 x Supermicro H8DGU-F (2P) Motherboards w/6172 CPUs

    SOLD! Going to shut the farm down soon when I head to my summer home in Colorado. These boards are currently crunching but I plan to replace them next Winter. If anyone is interested in them just let me know. H8DGU-F motherboard with a pair of 6172 Opterons for $65 shipped each or $115 for the...
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    GPUGRID: Probable access problems on 9th Dec

    Anyone getting new work from this project yet? Due to the fact I can only upload/download between 12am and 5am I didn't get any new work last night.
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    Folding@Home client for Android Mobile phones

    I'm not interested but others might be.
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    FS: 2x Tripp-lite Smart 3000 RM2U UPS

    Willing to give a great price to a known active Folder/Cruncher. Skillz is the winner! My Heatware:
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    [FS] 2 x 775 Motherboards + Memory Combos

    I have 2 Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboards for sale. Used but like new in the box with all accessories. I have 2 sets of Crucial memory to go with each board. One set of memory is Crucial Ballistix 4 x 1GB DIMMs brand new in sealed boxes (BL12864AA106A.8FH5). The other set is Crucial 2 x 2GB DIMMs...
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    [FS] Gentle Typhoon AP-15 Fans

    I parted out my water cooling system and sold it. All I have left is 16 Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans. They are sleeved by Jab-Tech. View here: I'm asking $10 each for the fans. Minimum purchase is 4 fans, shipping cost $5. Buy 8 or more fans for free...
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    [FS] MC Opterons plus SM GL board

    I'm downsizing and upgrading at the same time. I have 13 MC 12 core Opterons that overclock to 3 ghz (pm for details). These have a base clock of 1.7GHz. I've been able to run all of them OCed to 3GHz with WCing with varing vcores. Looking for $275 each. $250 for [H] folders. Purchase a lot...
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    If you don't get a bigadv WU

    In the next few hours, this is why. It looks like we might have a problem on; we're taking it down in order to investigate.
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    Welcome Grandpa to the [H]ard side! Glad to have you onboard!!!
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    New 4P Build

    This is my second 4P build. The 1st one I just got a Supermicro barebone 4U server and added the CPUs and memory. This one I ordered a Supermicro H8QGi board and a Coolermaster HAF 932 case. Has anyone over here used that case for the Supermicro board? If you have, how difficult was it? I know...
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    Here's a thought

    Why not be part of the solution instead of part of the problem? I see lots of people over here whining and complaining about the situation over at the FCF. I don't see many offering to help. If your so [H]ard, why not help? Surely the #1 team in the world has some talented people that could...
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    Folding@Home on the PS3: the Cure@PS3 project

    It will be interesting to see how this works out. Folding@Home on the PS3: the Cure@PS3 project ChelseaOilman
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    ClearSpeed: Vijay is quoted in that page. Imagine having a few of these cards in your overclocked dual xeon HT machine along with one of the latest ATI or nVidia graphics cards. I wonder how many...
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    Team Certificates

    Something new! :D Points: WUs: ChelseaOilman
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    New F@H protein and core

    There's a new Gromacs core, FahCore_79.exe, in addition to the FahCore_78.exe. Pande Group has only released a few p930 proteins so far that use this new core, as a test. Monday they should be sending out more. Apparently this new core uses SSE2 if you get it on a CPU like the P4 thats supports...
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    Tinker WUs - You may temporarily get them

    Vijay posted this: ChelseaOilman
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    My production has dropped off some some reason

    Hi Brian, Any chance you can participate in this thread started by Vijay? subject: Freezing with AMD and SSE? Please submit info here: I think you would be perfect for the survey since I'm guessing none of your machines are...