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    Henge Docks Horizontal

    Just ordered one in, been waiting for years for something like this. I don't love the price, but it is the only dock solution I can find that supports triple monitor output from a rMBP15 w/Dedicated Graphics.
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    NAT workaround

    Have a bit of an odd situation, but definitely not rare. Have a network that I cannot forward ports on (the external firewall is carrier locked down), that said, I have a camera that I would like to get access to. Wondering if anyone has seen a man in the middle solution to this. Similar...
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    Powershell Disk Health Check

    Figured this might be useful to someone around here. I am running Server 2012 and needed something to alert on issues with my Storage Space Mirrors and a RAID array. Windows has a health status that reads "OK" when everything is fine to its knowledge. This is a powershell script that reads...
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    Surface Pro Anticipation

    Rumors have it slated for 1/26. Thoughts? I am interested in a Win8 tablet, but have not been super impressed by anything out there yet. This looks like it could be it with the build quality and specs...only negative is the price.
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    Paperless Document Organizer

    Anyone have good suggestions on a paperless document organizer? For organizing scans from a Scansnap scanner. I know it comes with the ScanSnap Organizer software, but curious if there are better suites out there. I also know of using evernote, but I dont love the looks of that option. I...
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    Hyper-V Replication 2012

    Anyone using this yet? Very cool feature, I am just having an issue with it on one of my hosts. I cannot select my second data drive as a replication destination (simple says it cannot use the selected location for a destination). I have checked file permissions, and they are the same as the...
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    Slick Website backup service Anyone try them out yet? I just set them up on two of my sites as I was looking for something easy to do backups on a regular basis. So far it seems really slick and thought through (something a lot of backups scripts seem to lack...). Pricing seems dirt cheap too, though...
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    Patriot Pyro 128gb SSD - $105 AR

    At Amazon. Patriot Memory PYRO 120 GB Solid State Drives PP120GS25SSDR List Price: $199.99 Price: $144.99 Post-purchase rebate: $40.00 Price after rebate: $104.99 Ordered one myself, nice...
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    Anyone programmed an OCI catalog for SAP?

    In particular people that have setup external OCI compatible web stores/Catalogs for SAP to use?
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    PlayOn DLNA Server - $15 - Yugster

    Best deal I have seen on PlayOn so far: use coupon YUGSAVE5/20 I just ordered one myself.
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    Family Tree Software?

    Anyone have any ideas for good family tree software? I dont want some cheap bloated crap and I know how to google but there are lots of them out there... Any recommendations?
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    Embarrassed to ask...noob question re: OC vCore

    Ok, I am not a complete noobie when it comes to overclocking but this question might seem like it (even though I have been doing it successfully for years). I really only get to play around with OCs on my own machine though so I dont get as much experience as other things that I am working on...
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    Upgrading 7900GS for some new resolutions

    Ok, I dont ask for advice very often, but I will at this point cause everyone always gets way crazy about Video Cards (kinda like PSUs) and it is hard to glean accurate info. Its amazing how in a short period of time the 8800s for example go from being so amazing to "pure crap" by many's...
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    WD Green WD10EADS 1TB - ZZF $69.99 AR

    Check it out: Seems like a good deal, same drive is ~$85 on newegg and other places.
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    Need a good OS...for Photo Frame

    Anyone have any links or info on a way to make a cool OS for a photo frame? I have an old laptop I would like to hookup to a monitor and use as a photo frame/info board but I have not found a good lightweight OS to use. Preferrably I would like to be able to add some widgets and have the...
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    What was apple thinking? Re: Apps in itunes

    Ok, so I just redid my machine a little while back and tonight was hooking up my ipod touch and itunes and such again. I stopped auto filling my iPod a long time ago so I dont have to reload it just because I reinstalled itunes (among other reasons), but then I was playing around with the new...
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    Need you advice...Re: ION vs. Celeron/9300 HTPC

    So, I am looking to build a new HTPC. Most of the use is streaming video from my server over the network. Also though would like the ability to add a bluray drive in the future. Currently I use an old Xbox with XBMC, but would like more support for bluray rips and such. I have not completely...
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    IE8 Force Compatibility View

    So I have a few sites that dont display right in IE8 (yay!), they work fine in earlier IE versions as well as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari with no issues. In the mean time I found an awesome tag that forces IE8 into compatibility mode for your page without the user have to select it on...
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    PSA: Windows 7 Preorder Deal Ending 7/11/09

    This is a reminder that the 50% off Windows 7 Preorder Deals are ending tomorrow, 7/11/09. I just preordered my copy from amazon. If you want to get in on this it is now your last chance!
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    PSA: Windows 7 Preorder Deal Ending 7/11/09

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    Is OS 3.0 worth it for iPod Touch 1st gen?

    So is it worth it? Seems like a rip off for $10...really adds nothing useful besides the landscape keyboard and copy/paste.
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    ASUS 520gu Wireless Router - Newegg Original Price: $59.99 Current Price: $34.99 after $10.00 Mail-In-Rebate Plus another $5 off with promo code EMCLTMT76. So total is $29.99 w/Free Shipping and you can get another $1.12 off with Bing Cashback...
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    Why do you have to wipe the iPod everytime you redo the firmware!

    Ugg. Am I the only one this annoys? Why do I have to resync 30gb of music every time I want to upgrade or update my iPod Touch? They have done it with all the iPods...making you completely erase the storage to do an update. Wouldnt it be great if they just let it update the OS partition area...
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    Suggestion: Youtube embed code

    Just a quick suggestion, could be stupid, could be against what Kyle wants, but I thought I would put it in the suggestion box none the less. What about having the auto youtube embed code so when you post a youtube link it shows the embedded youtube video that you can play? Makes it nice so...
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    iTunes utility

    Someone awhile back posted a great utility for importing album art/doing utility type tasks in itunes. Anyone remember what it was? I have searched and found some of the alternatives like TuneUp and ones that just do album art, but there was a really cool one I cannot remember the name of or...
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    Anyone use Napera product(s)?

    Look like an interesting startup: Expensive, but does some neat enforcement type stuff that I could see being nicer to work with than say CCA at least for the clients side.
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    Weird Firewall Log

    I am running Endian as my firewall/router as I have for awhile. I was looking through the logs awhile ago and noticed my main desktop machine had a lot of things being blocked in the firewall every few minutes. I thought it was odd, but didnt think much of it as I was going to...
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    FREE: Microsoft Accounting 2009 Express

    If you want to check out Microsoft Accounting 2009 Express you can get it free right from MS at Main difference between Pro ($199) and Express (Free) seems to be that Pro has more small business employee/hours tracking and billing and tax form generators.
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    Computer Toolkit! - At the Egg for $10

    Not a bad deal for a bunch o techy tools ;)
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    Test-Um NT950 or Fluke CableIQ

    I am looking for a cheaper cable verification tool (i know the certification ones are multiple thousands, so I cannot do that). Have pretty much narrowed it down to the Test-Um NT950/955 or the Fluke Cable IQ. Anyone have any thoughts on either? The Test-Um unit is a bit more expensive...
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    Awesome Gmail/Apps backup tool!

    Check this out for backing up gmail/google apps accounts: Tried it tonight and it seemed to work pretty good. Downloads emails as eml files and has separate files to ID labels and such.
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    Product Catalog Script

    Ok, I am looking for something that I am not having much luck finding. I need some sort of web software/script that can make a product catalog. Needs to be able to do categories/subcategories, product listings, images, have a control panel, etc. Also needs to be free. I have found lots...
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    How to output contents from mysql database

    Ok, I have something that should be simple, but I just dont have knowledge in it. Currently I have a client using ListMessenger (a newsletter engine) and some fields. ListMessenger populates a mysql database with the info, and thus I have entries for Name and Phone number. I need to make a...
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    Astaro Security Gateway

    Ok, I am trying out astaro again now that I have a VM with some balls that can keep it happy. I have a few quesitons so far though after messing around with it. First, does it automatically have a firewall setup? I cant seem to find any settings for it besides it saying it is enabled on...
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    Touch on the way!

    Just won myself a 32gb iPod Touch on eBay. Now I am taking a crash course in jailbreaking. What do you guys think is the best way to jailbreak it? I am looking at winpwn right now. Ziphone seems quick and easy, but many with little issues so I would rather use winpwn. What about...
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    OS Recommendation for NAS

    Here are my requirements: -Software RAID -Windows File Sharing (Samba, etc. if linux) -FTP -Easy to recover data from array if something goes wrong. -RAID 2x 400gb SATA and 2x 160gb SATA drives I am not that great with linux, but I am good at following guides in linux and usually catch...
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    GTA...Overhyped, your opinions?

    This is not a flame bait, but just a bit of a tangent from the normal trend of loving GTA. Frankly...I am sorta disappointed. I am having a real tough time getting into this one and feeling apart of it. Yes there are some really cool things, I love many of the little details put in (like...
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    GTA:IV - 56.99 + Free S&H from the Egg

    If you are looking for a good place to preorder, check out Newegg. 56.99 + Free S&H = about $10-$12 savings for most over buying retail (as its cheaper and no tax). PS3 360...
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    Anyone have this box from D Link? I just ordered it to replace my DSL Modem (currently Zyxel 660 from ISP) and hoping it will help with my torrenting issues. Currently my modem totally freezes after a few hours of heavy torrenting even though it is...
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    Reading Cisco Show Version

    I am selling a Cisco 1721 router and trying to determine how much memory it has (DRAM/FLASH). Can anyone tell me what it would be off of this show version printout? : I believe it is 128/32 is that correct?