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    AMD and NVIDIA

    Good luck finding a pci videocard.
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    Six monitors and video card question

    I am not sure if a 3070 can actually drive 6x displays but it looks like the Gigabyte Aorus cards hav 3x display port and 3x hdmi if you wanted to have a single card run your setup. It would...
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    Old and Uninformed: I need to replace an 8-year old GTX 680. What's the best $200-300 card?

    Exactly, not to sure how a $499 retail card will effect something in the $199-230 range. I mean the Rx500 serries has been around for ever and they are still in the $160 range. Also it looks like Nvidia did a good job again clearing the rx 2000 series out of the channel to have surplus...
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    Old and Uninformed: I need to replace an 8-year old GTX 680. What's the best $200-300 card?

    Anandtech bench is a good general performance index for gpus in some games at 1080p, 1440p and 4k. Honestly bang for the buck the r5 3600 at $180 is really hard to beat and you can just throw it in a b450 board, note if you were wanting zen 3 jan 21 is when bios updates for 400 series are said...
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    Intel 9260 wifi M2 adapter - Sloooooow ?

    If you have a hard wired machine on the network try setting up iperf 3 it can show you actual throughput without using internet.
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    Intel 9260 wifi M2 adapter - Sloooooow ?

    Hmm have you tried taking the card out and reseating it, and reconnecting the pigtails? Sounds like a signal problem.
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    6 Core vs 8 Core in gaming?

    Yep Microcenter, so for me the 3600 at $180 is a lot more palatable than 5600x at $300, but it does give a 20% ipc bump so maybe worth the 120 extra if ipc is your need. Heck the 9700k at 200 is a sweet chip for gaming if you are wanting to go down that road, with a 5ghz OC it it still near the...
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    Your video card history

    s3 riva tnt tnt2 voodoo 5 5500 geforce 3 geforce 4400 radeon 9600 geforce 6600 sli 6800gt radeon 1950xt geforce 8800gt radeon 4850 gtx 260 gtx 560 radeon 5870 gtx 680 radeon 7970ghz radeon 290x crossfire gtx 980 gtx 980ti gtx 1080ti gtx 2080
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    6 Core vs 8 Core in gaming?

    Historically game engines have mirrored what is available to consoles, so probably 8c16t zen 3 would be a good baseline. Donno if you have seen benches, but 6c12t zen 3 slams 8c16t zen 2 and intel chips so architectures matter as well.
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    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080

    Not to get way off topic, as I am suggesting to take full advantage of a gpu of that class you are looking at a full system swap. In that it is probably more cost effective to get a current gen prebuilt as you would need all the components anyway. Also I am not sure you are actually looking at...
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    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080

    I meant to say 1660 supper / ti... but based on the rez or game they are surprisingly similar . And let me preface this by saying 60 fps is playable in my book at least on my 4k tv which can fall back to 1080p and still be enjoyable. So like...
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    Looking for PC build recommendations to go with RTX 1080

    Assuming 1080 in good working order, sell for like $280 ish on forums. Then buy a $600 ish black friday gaming machine. Pull out hdd of old machine and donate your old rig. Honestly a 1660 or better is way similar and you could get a full platform bump.
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    Old and Uninformed: I need to replace an 8-year old GTX 680. What's the best $200-300 card?

    Well the only rtx in your price range is a 2060.
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    9700K $199 Micro Center (plus $20 off MB)

    I am not sure you will see a huge drop in Ryzen 3xxx chips as the 5xxx chips have a hefty MSRP jump over the last gen. Hope you logic works out as I would like to double my 3600 to a 3900 for reasonable $.
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    Need a new CPU for 4K gaming but Zen3 has no upgrade path.

    Honestly if you stuck with a 2011v3 platform thus far what makes you not want to do the same with am4? If amd really trumps intel ipc this cycle which sure looks like a possibility, and you can get 16c32t what more would you want to gain? Just curious what massive tech could be crammed in in...
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    50 of 11 ms ... what does this mean? (HTC Vive)

    What is your rig config for that setup?
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    Finally Going To Replace My Aging Gaming PC (Need Advice) UK

    No idea if AMD press slides are right but zen 3 might really crush intel for once. I would suggest the 8c16t part to match up to next gen consoles. As far as gpu 3700 RTX or Navi have my interest peaked but waiting for release. Just so you know the 980ti is still on par with the gtx 1070 or...
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    16TB Seagate External HDD $289.99

    Fyi I have one of these 16tb drives and they are fast but a little noisier than the 8tb wd reds it replaced.
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    1080ti blank/blue/green screens crashing or white squares crashing/rebooting

    I assume your card is an EVGA right? If so RMA it, I had a similar issue with with an EVGA 1080ti, they were super helpful and even allow cross ship if you put a deposit cc on file so literally no down time. Depending of stock you may get offered a side grade of card maybe 2xxx series even...
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    PCIE 4 vs PCIE3Gen4?

    Yes raw gpu no impact but system maybe. Interesting that tech is in xbox x already so maybe ports can be patched,
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    PCIE 4 vs PCIE3Gen4?

    Well it might help with DirectStorage API where apparently gpu has direct access to ssd so 32gb/s vs 16gb/s at 16x :)
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    Motherboard won't detect SCSI Card

    You prob have to set the interrupt or boot option to pick up the card.
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    upgrade cpu or gpu?

    Are you actually running into any bottlenecks? The 1700x and gtx 1070 is a pretty health base. I will say from personal experience I upgraded from 1700x to 3600x and was a pleasant upgrade for VR, mainly in minimum frames or the 1% lows were a lot higher FPS and reprojection stuff in headset...
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    New “Build”: buying prebuilt adding GPU?

    Honestly in price range you should be able to get rtx 2060 or gtx 1660 super pretty easily, so go turnkey for them, or just build one. Heck I have friend running my old machines all over the place. You really just need to expectations when you sell them a pc.
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    Ryzen gaming laptop with 2080?

    Personal experience is what ever is in $1200 range will be obsolete in regards to next gen[3 plus years]. I would reccomend something with thunderbolt and external gpus if looking for a top tier machine like that. That being said I have only seen a 2060 rtx as top gpu in amd linups so far, and...
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    Multiple questions Re: CPU temp, fan speeds, UEFI settings

    Well if you can live with temps and don't want to mess with it you should be fine with stock heatsink. Personally I like a quiet system, so you can keep the bios fan setting to silent, or you can setup a custom fan curve to say go faster after 70c, and even break up based on which fan. It may...
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    VMWare ESXi 6.7 U3 - vswitch dies randomly - help

    The reason I ask is there is a cpld update that fixes nic dissapeared nic issue CPLD_Firmware_YR1G7_LN_1.0.3_A00.BINOther formats File size: 2.28 MB Description: PowerEdge CPLD R6515/7515 Ver. 1.0.3...
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    VMWare ESXi 6.7 U3 - vswitch dies randomly - help

    Are you fully patched with latest firmware? Also are there any logs in vmware?
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    Win10Pro & Xbox360/One or PS3/4 Controllers w/ ChatPad as KeyBoard & Mouse?

    Looks like you can do an xbox one chatpad on windows if you have the xbox one wireless dongle : , mouse though is going to be a challenge, still not understanding why a wireless kb/mouse like a logitech k400 would not fit...
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    Odd inquiry: Solidworks 2020 and Plex VM graphics card

    FYI here is a good link for Nvidia decode info: looks like a p4000 can do like 20+ transcode streams in h265. Also noe Nvidia just unlocked an extra decode stream on consumer cards to 3, without hacks.
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    Question on upgrades - been out of the loop

    Honestly for $800 you could almost get a complete "15 gaming laptop with a Ryzen 4700u/1660ti. I would almost think you would be correct in your upgrade theory that with 2x 16x pcie gpu's that you would have very few pcie lanes left on you mobo at this point if any for 2x or 4x nvme adapters...
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    Lowest power desktop socket 4+ core?

    Honestly the new AMD 4700u chips are 8c16t parts that can fit in 35w or 45w envelope and have a decent ryzen APU, they are generally in laptops but a few of the mini sff builders like ASUS and Asrock have announced parts, I think these even smoke 95w zen 1 parts. Or even the v1605b 15w parts...
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    Any cool ideas for using this old Dell Precision 390?

    So no retro gaming, maybe a basic emulator box, should be good up to n64 class of games? You could do some kind of steam punk or custom mods or the likes. Other than that maybe a pfsense firewall or lamp stack kind of box.
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    Combining computers for first build

    I would second the dell with the i5, these are still pretty good value and performance. There are brand new 570 rx 8gb in newegg right now for $120 shipped. If worried about power the gtx 1650 super cards are lower power but more $. If you have no $, throw the card you do have in and fire...
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    What is this slot? msata, m.2 ssd? toughbook CF-31W

    It might be a wwan card for cell?
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    NAS Storage Recommendations

    Well I just have 2x 8Tb reds in storage pool non raid in win 10, but can get like 140 to 180 Mb/s is when copying large files from ssd boot drive, so I think you could saturate gigabit ethernet with one, let alone 2 plus with parity stuff in zfs. I think WD essentials are $130 is at Bestbuy...
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    NAS Storage Recommendations

    Question OP, how many of those 1tb Samsung's are you running in your setup? Looks like 8Tb WD Reds would keep you in the clear, but if you run 3 in ZFS, you get what 14Tb is in usable storage. I assume these are still relatively cheap shucking WD externals. You should also saturate 1GB network...
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    Gaming (until Zen 3) + Small server (Zoneminder) + Router (pfsense) recommendations

    FYI not sure on release date for the Samsung ssd's but probably close according to Guru3d: Guru3d. Also if you are targeting VR I would say from my experience you can get away with something in the RTX2060 class as I used a 980ti with Oculus Rrift, but as you get to more complex games and higher...
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    Portable SSD make a huge difference over a portable normal hard drive ?

    Well at the very least you don't have to worry as much about physical damage to the drive itself. Speed will prob be faster on usb3.
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    Gaming (until Zen 3) + Small server (Zoneminder) + Router (pfsense) recommendations

    So quick suggestion, I would virtualize server into you gaming rig just to save on total cost. Also missing storage for your nvr unless doing cloud? Maybe bump up to a 3700x if you need the extra cores, but prob not as the 3600 is a monster. For pfsense I would really look at a board with dual...