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    [H] Community Findings Streaming with RTX Nvenc on Mixer/Twitch

    Hi [H] Community, hope everyone & Your Families, have been able to stay healthy & safe throughout these times. I wanted to know a few details, from anyone that has recently been Streaming on Mixer or Twitch. I've been out of the game and am looking to start streaming again, and surprisingly in...
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    Nvidia Teases NEW GPU via Youtube <Link in Thread>

    Hmm Super huh Guess = SUPER EXPENSIVE!!! :):):)
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    RTX Titan aka T-REX Officially Announced

    Quoted from Guru3d "Nvidia releases Titan RTX with 72 RT cores and 24 GB GDDR6 at $2,499 by Hilbert Hagedoorn on: 12/03/2018 02:18 PM | source: | 21 comment(s) Nvidia today announces the Titan RTX; the new top model in the Turing generation. According to Nvidia this puppy offers 130...
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    GTX 1080 Retail Store Availability Only Founders Edition?

    So far looking around I am finding something pretty disappointing. Looking on retail store sites, it appears that only the GTX 1080 Founders edition cards are being listed. I really hope this isn't true, as that is a $100 price gouge. Does anyone on the Forum work at a store where they can...
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    VGA + Monitor Showdown Freesync vs Gsync Article Coming

    I'm wondering if the team here at [H]ardOCP have an article coming to show a comparison between the 2 technologies with some real world performance and some comparisons between the technologies. Who would be interested in seeing this here in the community?
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    Ubisoft accuses AMD of ACU Bugs Poor Perf. This got interesting now. I'm completely shocked they would stoop this low but wow, Just wow. :rolleyes:
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    They are COMING!! Specs look impressive. I can't wait! Any predictions?
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    GTX 960 Release Imminent On the shipment Manifest: GRAPHIC CARD GTX 960 4GB DDR5,256 BIT,993/6008 HDCP,DUAL DVI,HDMI,DP P PAKC (PCI,PCB POPULATED,VGA CARD,COMP. ACCESS) I think price will be around $199.99 performance around a...
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    New Nvidia WHQL Driver 344.60

    New driver released today. Version 344.60 Link to release notes Adds SLi and Stereo 3d Profiles for a few games including Call of Duty...
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    New Nvidia WHQL Driver 344.48

    New WHQL Driver 344.48 GO GO GO!! Release Notes Adds DSR for not only Kepler but even Fermi!! Many new Profiles added. It seems MFAA option is now...
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    Frustrated Re: Lack of Competition

    I enjoy competition. I like it when 2 companies push the best out of eachother allowing us ALL to win, but AMD needs to update it's schedule. Maybe this round there was an exception because both were shooting for a newer node(20nm) that didn't come to fruition and they decided on different...
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    Cannot Get i7 4790K to stop Throttling under load

    Trying to overclock my Haswell cpu on the setup in my sig. I've tried tweaking settings from some guides on the internet and for some reason I can't get this cpu to stop throttling. There are a million options in the bios but I can't seem to narrow down the ones that stabalize it. Temps...
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    Possible fix for GTX 970/980 Voltage Discrepancy & Driver Bug thread

    I'm going to list the current driver bugs in the importance to me. I'm affected by some but not all of these bugs. 1. Multi-Card Voltage Discrepancy. In SLi 1 card will run about 50mv Lower than the other card. Even at stock volts leading to some extreme undervoltage affecting stability...
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    DSR Glitch Thread

    Since I got my GTX 980 cards I had intentions of using DSR. It has been quirky trying to get it all to run correctly but to be honest I have a strange setup. My setup is 3 1080P (1920x1080) in a Portrait NV surround setup running at 3240x1920 @ 120hz. Here is what I found so far; DSR works...
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    Another Reason the GTX 970 is slower than the GTX 980

    Interesting Article on The article goes on to explain the pixel fill rate differences between the two cards and he closes in saying a GTX 980 price difference may be justifed...
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    Titanfall On Screen Display Issues Pls Help

    I have discussed this here and there but have yet to find an issue. This doesn't appear to be a global issues as players in the game have told me that they are fine. Issue: Either EVGA Precison X (tried 2 versions) Or the latest version of MSI Afterburner with On screen display enabled...
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    Best 120mm Enclosed CPU Water Cooler

    Is there a clear winner? As the topic says I'm curious if there is a clear winner out there worthy of my only consideration and hard earned cash. I was almost sold on the Corsair H80i at microcenter last night but shopped on Amazon online and found it for $60 cheaper. I was about to order...
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    MY R390X Predictions

    This card will be coming in 4 days. Source: latest Twitter Post I believe this card will be a Tonga Replacement for the R290X At first I was thinking it may be a card to compete the with GTX970 in price/performance but who am I kidding...
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    The Official GTX980/970 OC & Benchmark Perf. Thread

    As the title says, post pics of your stable overclocks. Benchmark Runs etc... Also anyone noticing anything like throttling on the cards based on Temp or Power Limit walls. I've read in another thread where a user believes he kept getting to the threshold of the GTX 970 TDP and his card...
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    OC on Future Reviews POLL

    Hypothetically speaking IF [H]ardOcp is reviewing and evaluating a card right now that Might come out soon, I really hope that on a new architechture that the team here at the [H] would overclock that card to see what this Hypothetical card could perform overclocked. This information may be...
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    Success/Failure R290 -> R290X flash

    HIS Fail --- HIS Success --- As the title says. If you own a R290 or a pair of them and have had success flashing them to R290X please post your result. In addition if you own more than one and had success or failure on both/all please post which cards you have and by what manufacturer and...
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    Flash 290 to 290X Possible?

    If anyone has any info on this please post in this thread, I loved my 6950/s flashed and overclocked way beond 6970s before. the 290s look like an enticing upgrade to what I have especially if this is possible. Does anyone know if the pcb is the same, it seems to look that way but I...
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    Newegg shipping Asus DCU2 670s for Asus GTX 680 orders

    I just want to keep the community informed that I got a GTX 670 Direct Cu2 from newegg instead of my Asus GTX 680 Reference that I ordered recently. It turns out that forum member burningrave101 got 2 GTX 670 Direct CU 2s in place of his 2 ordered Asus GTX 680s Don't expect much from their...
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    Nvidia Posts Full GK110 Whitepaper/Specs

    - 7.1 billion transistors - Up to 3x the performance per watt of Fermi - 15 SMX modules, 2880 cores - Six 64-bit memory controllers (384-bit) - An enhanced memory subsystem, offering additional caching capabilities, more bandwidth at each level of the hierarchy, and a fully...
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    GTX 680 Watercooled Rigs Post your Max OC & Pics

    Thinking about finally going all in on my rig and buying a full watercooling setup. I'm currently fine tuning my cards overclock to see how far I can take them on the stock coolers. I'm actually starting this thread to call forward anyone who has GTX 680/s watercooled and overclocked to find...
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    GTX 680/680 SLi Portrait Surround Working?

    So just as the title says, I'm wondering if portrait surround is working in stable fashion on GTX 680 SLi. I've heard people mention that it's borked. I can't recall if they were referring to 3d portrait surround or simply portrait surround I have 3 1920x1080 so portrait would be 3240x1920...
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    680 SLi Review Real World Testing + Eyefinity resolutions They have some good synthetic stuff in there too. I skimmed the article to be honest but from what I see, in eyefinity resolutions 7970 Xfire > GTX 680 SLi by a...
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    Kepler IS Coming Q1 & FF Crystal Ball Stuff

    Okay, so it's that time again. As usual I contacted some inside sources I have and as usual they aren't talking. Still I got some information that I just want to share with the community that may make things interesting. First let me provide this link...
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    7970 Eyefinity Screen Tearing problem Still Exist?

    I know this thread is probably a little early. One thing that I hated about the Cayman cards is that most cards had a unavoidable screen tearing on one display if you are using mixed connections with your monitors. E.G. I"m using 2 Mini DP to DVI and 1 DVI and I get tearing. After extensive...
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    Russian Key Code BF3 Borked After Patch

    Anyone who bought a Russian key code version of BF3 been able to get your game working after the patch? Mine is coming up the same way it did, if I were to mess up my English language files. If I launch single player, I get a screen with the tank in the background with a orange wave effect but...
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    Catalyst 11.11 and 11.11 Cap 1 Live NOW

    AMD has just put up the new driver and caps now. Nothing for Skyrim just yet. New Battlefield 3 CAPS. Let's see what these fix. I'm downloading and about to run battleifield now. Will update thread.
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    Colorful's 560 Ti Kudan = VERY COOL

    I was going to put this in the Nvidia section but this card is so frickin cool I thought I'd put it in the basic video card forum as I feel everyone will admire the hardware and the Hardware Pr0n pics I'm posting. This is by a Chinese graphics company and I doubt it'll hit the states. Also...
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    Cats 11.12EB drivers fix crossfire scaling in Skyrim

    First off, I give credit to forum member DASHIT who actually confirmed this for me. I just wanted to post this thread so the entire community was aware that if you have crossfire there is a solution. This is a confirmed working driver for quadfire, and crossfire x using 2 Cayman, or 1 6990 as...
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    Get Ready Southern Islands Coming This Yr.

    Vr-Zone is reporting that Southern Islands 28nm GPU's are officially confirmed for Q4 this year. We should have them out within the next 60 Days
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    Nvidia to unleash new GTX 560 Ti (448 Core)

    Hot off the presses it looks like nvidia is planning a new revised GTX 560Ti based on the GF110 core which will be a GTX 570 with 1SM disabled. I have mixed feelings but will reserve my final opinion until the final specs are leaked...
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    What happened to Asus Mars 2 vs 6990 Ausum Review Brnt Hinted about?

    I don't mean to rush things but I am wondering what happened to the review Brent Justice hinted about about 2 weeks ago for quad mars 2? I waited patiently as all last week went by without that review, and now we're headed to the end of this week too. That's the artilce I'm anxiously...
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    Official 11.9 Catalyst Drivers out now

    I know the 11.10 BF3 beta drivers are getting all the press lately but amd silently launched the drivers on their website. I don't see any noted improvements, will install now and report back on anything I experience. For now download link Win 7 x64...
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    Nvidia 285.38 BETA 4 BF3 Avail. now +38% Performance

    285.38 Beta Battlefield 3 Beta Driver Nvidia will support this game strongly and it's pretty apparent with them releasing new beta drivers specifically aimed at...
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    AMD HD 7000 Delayed to 2012

    Let's be clear, beacuse the more astute community members clicked on this thread already intending on posting... "Nothing can be delayed because nothing was officially announced" That's true, and that is a techichality and that's why a company doesn't stick their neck out as to not...
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    Fake Nvidia GPU's/Cards Circulating As the thread title says, There are fake rebranded GPU/s/cards circulating around so be careful where/who you buy from. If you have a issue with a card make sure to contact the...