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    Untitled Goose Game

    I did a quick search, but didn't see this mentioned elsewhere (even though I think I remember a thread with it before...) Anyway, the Untitled Goose Game comes out this week apparently. I've been waiting for it for quite some time now.
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    Gunlord for the Switch!

    This is an obscure one. This was made by modern Neo Geo devs (NG.Dev) who've been making Neo Geo games over the last few years. Gunlord specifically is basically like an over the top Turrican game that was released as a Neo Geo Cart (AES and MVS) as well as a port to the Dreamcast. I have a...
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    Hmmm... (GOG)

    Just saw mention of GOG layoffs. I don't like the sound of that. I don't generally like to be alarmist, and they are backed by CDPR, but I may just download all my GOG content to an external SSD I have laying around doing nothing. I mainly use GOG for old DOS games anyway, but have probably...
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    R-Type Dimensions

    Out now, and on sale. If you're an R-Type junkie like me, and never had this on PS3, it's available on Steam now.
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    Soul Calibur VI

    ...releases in ten minutes. Just bought it. The soul burns, but I can't leave work! :mad: (There were some other threads for this, but none in this sub-forum. Most were Front Page stuff.) CD Keys has a pretty good deal, and possibly GMG. (I saw GMG discount for the deluxe version, but not...
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    The Messenger

    Releases tomorrow. Looks incredibly good if you're into this sort of thing like I am. It has a time travel mechanic that brings you between a more 8-bit look and sound to a more 16-bit look and sound. The music changes from NES A03 style to the Genesis YM2612 FM style. The game play looks...
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    I did a quick search, and didn't see a dedicated thread, though the game has been mentioned in other threads. It's an adventure game made by the Coles (who created the Quest for Glory series.) So far all the user reviews are looking quite good. I haven't had a chance to install it yet, but...
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    ...fucking Rogue... All I get in my recommended games on Steam now is Rogue-likes, Rogue-lites, Rogue-This, Rogue-That, Rogue-TheOther... You play a few games that have that as a bullet point, and you're forever cursed to see every variation known to man!! :mad: I absolutely LOVE the...
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    Looking pretty nice! Despite some people's opinions, and despite that the port could have been a little better, I've really enjoyed DOA5 on the PC. Still play it fairly often. Looking forward to 6. I also think the devs have a better idea of what PC gamers want.
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    Overload is out.

    Looks like it's getting decent reviews so far. I don't have time to pick it up and try it yet, but it does look pretty fun, if you're into the Descent thing.
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    Old PC Game Style Music

    Didn't know where else to stick this, but thought it might be ok here. I've been playing with this FM tracker called FM Composer, and making some old Adlib-style music. Today I wanted to make something in the style of id's Bobby Prince (Wolfenstein, Keen, Doom, etc.) Here's how it ended up...
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    Thank me later... :)

    If you haven't played this before:
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    Outcast: Second Contact

    I just saw that this is coming out in a couple of weeks. Looks like it's an updated version of the original. I own the original, but never got around to playing it (even though I've heard nothing but good things about it). Looks like this remake could be a good way to play it finally. The...
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    PSA: GOG Connect for Runic Games

    Just a quick note. If you've got any Runic games in Steam (Torchlight, etc.) they'll come over to your GOG account if you hit their Connect page.
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    Anyone played Gunlord?

    I was doing my rounds looking for games like Turrican (one of my favorite series from back in the C64/Amiga days) and came across NG: DEV.TEAM's Gunlord. These guys actually make their own NeoGeo games, (some are ported to the Dreamcast as well) and dev kits, etc. Very cool if you're into...
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    Good 2D PC Game "Database" :)

    After filling up the Dead Cells thread with all kinds of good recommendations, I thought having an "official" dedicated thread might be cool. Just recommendations for good 2D games. Maybe put a category, visual style, and maybe a short description if you like. I'll start by making a list, and...
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    Tokyo 42

    Apologies if there's already a thread somewhere. Didn't see one at least in this forum. Anyway, this game is released tomorrow, and looks like a lot of fun. (kind of a more action-oriented/simple (and bright) Syndicate by the look of it). I've been watching it for a while, but didn't know...
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    Hard Reset Redux This is a pretty good game, especially for the price. (This is an updated version of the original.) It's $3 on Steam if you own the original. I think it's available at GOG too.
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    Hyper Light Drifter

    Get this game. It's really good. I posted some thoughts on it over in the "What are you nerds playing..." thread. Save 10% on Hyper Light Drifter on Steam The game is worth every penny. I played it all weekend. I think I had read about this, or saw its initial crowdfunding campaign a...
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    Do me a favor please! (Dino Eggs)

    Get this greenlit. Used to play this as a kid on my C64. Thank you! :cool: (and no, I'm not affiliated in any way with these guys... I just want to play the damned game...)
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    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

    This game isn't exactly brand new, (came out in September.) I searched this forum quite a bit, and didn't see a thread. I picked it up the other day though, and have been playing it with my daughter. It's an absolute blast, so I thought I'd drop a quick note to recommend it here...
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    Games that Stress the Player :)

    Alien Isolation. There, now we have a thread for this. ***UPDATE***And games that just piss you off period...***UPDATE*** Edit: I'll add the System Shock games. They don't stress you out quite like Alien, but when you're down to your last three rounds and you have a hybrid chasing you down...
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    System Shock Enhanced at GOG!

    System Shock has been re-released on GOG. It has similar (but improved) enhancements to what was available in the community driven System Shock Portable package. It runs natively in Windows rather than DOSBox builds. It supports custom resolutions, mouselook, and a bunch of other things. If...
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    Shovel Knight Expansion

    Just a quick PSA. The Shovel Knight expansion is out next week. It's free too. Looks like fun. You can play as Plague Knight. Anyway, looks fun, and the base game is already among my favorite games. (Have it on three platforms. :D )
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    That game that everyone hates, but you love...

    Inspired by the "That game that's so popular with everyone, but you just can't..." thread, here's the opposite. I'll kick this one off with some of my favorite games that people generally don't like too much. RAGE. What can I say, I don't have any problems with this game either graphically...
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    Steam Refunds

    Looks like Steam will be offering refunds for any game for up to 14 days after purchase as long as it was played for less than 2 hours. Interesting. I can see some potential for abuse there, but good new for people with legitimate issues with a given game...
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    I'm not sure if this is appropriate, so please let me know if this should go elsewhere. This is a game that my little brother is working on with a few people. It's in the Greenlight process on Steam right now. It looks like fun, so I thought I'd post a link here in hopes of getting it a...
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    Interesting image on steam...

    Hehehe check out the daily deal. French Indie sale thing. My mind is in the gutter today, but the image makes me laugh. :D
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    Ok, really oddball question here (Doom 3)

    This is going to sound odd, but it's driving me crazy. I'm a little OCD, and other assorted very mild mental oddness. :D One of the things I love about Doom 3 is all of the crazy machinery. I'll often kill everything in a room, and then just go look at all of it. On my first playthrough...
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    Anyone running Cisco UCS with EMC VNX?

    Hey! I'm working on a new infrastructure upgrade for my work. I was starting to go with what I knew from previous jobs, Dell/Compellent/Brocade. A couple of colleagues from other offices suggested Cisco UCS (I prefer the non-blade servers they have for hosts but using their fabric extenders...
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    The Wii U Thread (that doesn't suck)

    Thought I'd start a new thread for people who enjoy their Wii U to talk about it or its games. That other thread is just ridiculous. So yeah... Go Wii U!! It's fun. My kids and I play it frequently. :cool:
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    I've been following this for what seems like years. It was this and Fez (until Fez went console only.) Looks like it's finally about to be released! Edit: And the day I mentioned Fez being console only, it pops up on Steam. Nice!
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    Some Sapphire 5850s at Newegg...

    At least as of 45 seconds ago.
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    NV Physx question...

    I haven't done much searching on this yet, but I doubt I'd find much anyway. So, I'm planning to pick up an older card for Physx (or I may even have one laying around) in the 8800GT/GTS or 9600GTish range. (just to mess around with, as I know not much makes use of it yet, if ever) So, my...
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    DLC/Update for Mass Effect is Out...

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet. Bring Down the Sky and the 1.01 update have been released on the Mass Effect site. Downloading now...
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    BioShock Specs Part II

    Just grabbed this from VE3D. These look a bit more final than the ones in the previous thread, and include minimum spec: Operating Systems: # Windows XP (with Service Pack 2) or Windows Vista Minimum System Requirements: # CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz Single Core processor # System...
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    Utility that copies files to every subdir in a tree??

    Anyone know of a free utility that I can use to copy a set of folders/files to every subfolder in a tree. I have a group of folders that needs to be in every folder on a fileserver. Seems simple enough, but I can't seem to find something that will do it. I generally use SyncToy to duplicate...
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    Anyone see this yet? [360 Related] Read the description carefully...
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    Anyone having problems with the latest A8N-SLI BIOS?

    I just flashed to the latest A8N BIOS last night, and started seeing some strange behavior. (BIOS ends in 12 (can't get to ASUS right now to get the exact version)) I'm having huge stability problems that weren't there before. Right now I can't even complete a repair install of XP at stock...
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    AS5 and X2 3800+ question...

    With the possibility of more die space being taken up (by two cores) do you still apply the same small BBish amount of AS5, or do you add a little more so it spreads out further toward the edges?