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    Unsure VR GPU Upgrade Question

    I am looking at the Newish Samsung Oddessy Plus VR Headset and have some questions as to the state of GPU's currently in regards to upgrading my 980ti. Are there any useful or potentially useful VR feature sets in going to the 1XXX GTX or even the 2XXX RTX series of cards? I am thinking that a...
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    Luke warm Microcenter 8320e 50ar

    Just a heads up Microcenter has 8320e and 8350s for $50 \ 70 At $30 b&m only. Might be warm to upgrade an existing am3 board, also get $30 off an AMD board so if you have ryzen and want a different board maybe a deal These are still good for Plex servers and VM type stuff
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    Warm Newegg LGA1150 ECS Z97 ITX for $72 Shipped

    Hey guys ran across this ECS Z97I-Drone ITX mobo on newegg for $72 Shipped: Probably pretty good deal if you have a 1150 Haswell / Broadwell CPU and DDR3 lying around :) Only con I see is the...
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    Possible Zotac 1080gtx $410 +tax YMMV

    Hey guys looks like amazon has a 1070 listed as a 1080 gtx here: But you can pricematch with the online chat function on for a real 1080gtx / or hope that the card above is a 1080 and...
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    Dumb Doom Vulkan enable help RX460

    Hey guys, I am having a little trouble with my rx460 HTPC getting doom to run with Vulkan enabled. System config: g3260, 16gb ddr3, powercolor rx 460 2gb, 256gb ssd. So the game runs okay at 1080p low in openGL (36-50fps), but you know I want to be cool and get a little more out of it with...
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    Warm Newegg Ebay 1080gtx Asus $539 -15 coupon $524

    Hey Guys found this on ebay: for $539 in cart and if you add the 15 off 75 coupon you can get the card for $525 Shipped. Code: CNEWYEAR15OFF Not bad for a 1080GTX but maybe warm with the potential of the 1080ti and Vega stuff cumming soon
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    AMD RX 470 Hitman Code

    Hey guys if you want the new Hitman Code from the AMD promotion check out my ebay auction :
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    Evga bstock 980ti 320

    EVGA - Products - B-Stock - GeForce 900 Series Family Add to cart to see price 980ti 309 to 329 for hydro Also 970gtx for $180 Note these are refurb or step up cards, and there is shipping. I have had pretty good luck in the past.
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    Asus UN62 Barebone Listing

    I am listing up my bare bone Asus UN62 ASUS Vivo Mini UN62 Intel Core i3 4030U NUC Haswell 4th gen 2C4T SFF Mini PC 4k It is a nice little NUC like box. Also listed a few other items: Raspberry Pi 2 B+ LED Wall Art Project (cool if you have the mad skills to finish) $99 Raspberry Pi 2 B+ LED...
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    Microcenter AM1 CPU +40 off MOBO b&m

    I just stumbled off a Microcenter Warm deal: AMD AM1 5350 $39.99 plust 40 off an AMD motherboard or 3850 $29.99 plus $40 off a mobo Micro Center - Computers and Electronics Stock for AM1 boards is pretty low in Richardson TX Combo price does work with other AMD boards, so might be worth while...
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    i3-4170 Haswell and Asus 750ti

    Hi guys just upgraded my HTPC rig and have a few of the parts up on ebay: Intel I3-4170 With Unused Retail HS HERE Asus Geforce GTX 750ti HERE MSI ITX e-350 mobo without io shield here Thanks For Looking :)
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    Refurb Pioneer VSX-523 5.1 Receiver Frys $120

    Hey Guys, Frys Weekly coupon code email has a refurb Pioneer VSX-523-k for $150-30(email code) for $120. FRYS I used it to replace an old Onkyo with fried HDMI switching. Not bad at all for the price imo. Amazon Link for more info Link Sorry yes sold out for shipping but in stock in store so B&M
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    Gigabyte P25X V2 Gaming Laptop

    Link FS:Gaming Laptop Gigabyte P25xv2 880mGTX 1080p i7 Haswell Hey Guys Looking to sell my Gigabyte p25Xv2 Gaming Laptop. I bought this in March from Cyberpowerpc and is still under warranty from them until 3/16. Upgraded to Win10 Home and has Office 2013 installed. Specs: 15.6" Laptop...
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    Dual LGA 2011 Workstation/Gaming Rig 16c 32t 64GB DDR3 GTX980

    SOLD Thanks For checking it out guys, here: EBAY Let me know if you have any questions ;) SOLD Added a 4 1tb Seagate 1tb SAS drive lot here: LINK SOLD 24 Port Cisco Gigabit Switch here: LINK
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    32gb Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked $130 Free Year Prime

    Hey guys get a year of Amazon Prime ($99) and $30 + Tax Amazon Fire Phone (Unlocked GSM) Here I know not the best phone, but apparently rootable and can side load Google Apps and Play store. Not too shabby for $30 if you need a Prime Renewal ;)
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    Mini (nuc like) i5-4200u PC $208 Stole from But seems like a good deal on a mini pc with an i5-4200u From what I can tell...
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    GIGABYTE P25X2 Venom Gaming Laptop $992 Shipped

    Hey Guys saw this deal over at cyberpowerpc: VenomX GIGABYTE P25X2 Gaming Laptop 880m GTX, 4710mq i7, 8gb ddr3, 1tb hdd, 15.6" 1080p (Not sure if TN or IPS), and Intel AC Wireless for $1099 but you can configure the laptop +0 Free Gskill Memory(easier to match later I suppose) -60 no OS +6 CM...
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    Question About Xen to ESXi Exchange Migration

    Hey Guys got a question maybe one of you experts could answer. So what I am wanting to do is migrate our exchange 2007 server that is running on Server 2008 SP2 from a vm that is on Citrix Xenserver 5.6 to a ESXi server. I was trying to use the VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone...
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    Synology 1512+

    Hey Guys I am listing my Synology 1512+ up on ebay $395 auction starting price. No disks installed just the unit. Let me know if you guys have any questions :)
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    Help New Plex Build Cheaper/ Better

    Hey Guys trying to optimize a plex server on windows 8 build. Need to stream to at least 4 devices. Mixed 480p/720p/1080p I have a microcenter around and here is what I was thinking: AMD 8230e and ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Combo $104 AR I have 16gb of DDR3 ECC (hopefully this works but should) I...
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    62GB Toshiba Msata $31 shipped

    Hey guys was looking for a msata bood drive and stumbled on this 62GB drive for $31 on amazon I know its small and not an evo drive but might be a good boot or app drive.
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    Dell Venue 8 Pro and Goodies

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I am selling my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet with a bunch of goodies. Thanks for looking ;)
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    VMWare Workstation to ESX Conversion Help

    Hey guys I am running into a bit of a snag and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions. Basically I am trying to migrate some vms from VMWare Workstation 9 on a local server to a ESX server in a Colo facility. I am trying to use Vcenter Converter but I think that the VPN connection...
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    Sapphire Radeon 7970 GHZ For Sale

    Hey guys just wanted to see if anyone is interested in a last gen (yeah I know 280x ) Radeon 7970 GHZ Vapor X Card? Thanks For checking it out none the less :)
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    Pleasant Surprise MSI X79A-GD45 Plus

    Just wanted to pass along that I ran into a very nice surprise on my new board. I was able to get it up and running with a Xeon 2687w (eight core) and 4 4gb sticks of Kingston ecc registered ddr3 1600. Now the trick was it would not post with occupying all 4 memory channels, so I stuck the 4...
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    Selling HTPC / Gaming I5 Rig

    Hey guys thanks for checking out my auction.
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    5.25 to slim drive and 2.5" Adapters? Elite 120 Mod

    Hey guys I need a little help. I got my hands on a Cooler Master Elite 120 and decided to add a closed loop H80 water cooler. In order to fit the bugger in the case I had to remove the Hdd Cage, pretty simple just 5 rivets needed to be screwed out. The h80 actually fits quite nicely in there...
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    Frys Refurb Corsair H60 Water cooler $29

    Just say this in the paper today Refurbished Corsair H60 for $29 No to bad of a price in my opinion.
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    Seiki 50" 4k lcd for 999 AC Tiger Direct

    Hey guys just a head up, looks like has the Seiki 50" 4k lcd for 999 after coupon. I know no 4k content yet and limited to 30hz over hdmi but its a 4k panel and would make an...
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    Alienware Aurora R3 Refurb Geeks i7/580gtx $1279

    Not to shabby of a deal has the Aurora R3 i7 2600, 580gtx, 8gb ram system for 1279.99 - 10% (TECHBARGAINS) ??? Almost less than cost to build from scratch, seeing as the 580gtx 1.5 gb is 400 AR and the 2600 is 299 at...
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    Intel i3 530 Retail $79 Frys B&M

    Just noticed in the Dallas Morning news that Fry's has the i3-530 for $79. It looks like a retail cpu. They also have a MSI p55 board for 50 AR...
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    Anyone use Untangle, I need a little Help :)

    Ok I am a noob of sorts and I have searched a bunch to no avail, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically our firewall at work is starting to have serious hardware issues and our throughput is getting smashed. So I would like to setup a untangle box in its place as well as our router...
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    Alibre Design 11.2 CAD Software $99

    If you are in the market for some decent CAD software looks like $99 is tough to beat :o
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    Amd 790fx WIndows 7 drivers needed?

    Hey please don't flame me if this is a dumb question but here goes, when installing Windows 7 beta rc1 (7100 build) x64 are there any drivers for the AMD 790fx chipset? In the past I have always used nvida chipsets, where the process is simple go to, and download the latest driver...
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    Question About Opteron 1207 4.1" pitch heatsinks

    I have a TYAN S2912G2NR Dual 1207(F) here: That requires heat sinks with 4.1" mounting pitch. I see a dynatron with 4.1 pitch here: The question I have is are...
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    HTPC Antec NSK2480 $68 inc Tax AR Frys B&M Frys has the Antec NSK 2480 for about 68 bucks after rebate including tax. This is a great Htpc case, accepts matx motherboards and full height video cards. Also has a nice 380watt power supply. I have...
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    Any one using HDMI Audio? 5.1

    I am in a spot of trouble. I recently installed an ATI 4850, and have this hooked up to my hdtv through HDMI. I am running Vista 64 and the catalyst 8.7 Drivers After a few hours of research I found that you need the latest Realtek HD audio drivers to install the HDMI audio device...
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    Frys B&M Zalman CNPS8700 NT $30

    DFW Frys have the Zalman CNPS8700 NT cpu cooler for $30. Newegg charges $52 Works great for the $189.99 Q6600 :)
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    Hott HD DVD and 9 movies $120 at bestbuy

    Best Buy has the Toshiba A3 HD DVD player (With 300 and Bourn Identity) pick two movies under $35, and 5 mail in movies for $150, and there is a 20% off coupon floating around bringing that to 120. So if you get blade runner, and transformers. The deal is almost worth the movies alone. The...
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    Is my epenis big enough?

    My current computer specs are as follows but i want more: e2160 oc'd to 3.3 ghz Msi 650i sli Sound blaster Xfi extreme music 8800GT 4gb ddr2 800 2x 500gb maxtors stripped raid Win Xp (because of the sound blaster) abit wi-fi ms revolution mouse guys what else should I get? im...