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    My ITX HTPC + home theatre upgrade

    My current home theatre is getting a little dated and it needs a full rebuild. A new sound system and an HTPC is going to replace the existing stuff. A little background: My old home theatre contains an 18 year old Kenwood system (UD-90, this thing's a dinosaur :D). Having chucked out the...
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    i5 with lower QPI multiplier and higher BCLK?

    Source: Very interesting.....
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    PSU for file server

    Currently my file server is using some leftover bits from my other builds and the PSU is a bit lacking. It only has 2 SATA connectors and I don't want to use any 4-pin to SATA adapters. Are there any cheap psu with 6+ SATA connectors? I know that Corsair 400CX fits this requirement, but is...