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    New feature to calculate 'productivity scores' turns Microsoft 365 into an full-fledged workplace surveillance tool Promo video: And so it want to take a crap? Work will know!
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    PayPal to open up network to cryptocurrencies

    Holy crap! I have not checked XRP in months!
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    Blocking DNS versus Redirecting DNS

    By simply blocking DNS, any systems using a DNS server that is not yours, will simply not work. You can then monitor your firewall logs for outbound requests on port 53 that are blocked and find your source
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    Project 007 - Official Bond game from IO Interactive

    Too bad this one was shut down -
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    Blocking DNS versus Redirecting DNS

    Use the firewall to block port 53 and 853 then do an allow rule and point it to your PFSense box, as Farva put above. This way nothing can bypass DNS, unless it starts using DNS over HTTPS, then you are screwed. Do not do a redirect if you are trying to clean our adware. You could also use...
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    MS SQL Server in VMware Cluster

    Burticus Deployed 32 nodes VxRail across 4 clusters, just under $3 million in hardware, one cluster specifically for SQL only VMs. "If you're using a NAS for iscsi, or using Vsan.... the performance is going to suck." this is not true either, if anything performance is better as you eliminate...
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    Gaming PC... designed around storage??

    Do Raid 10, raid 5 has too much over head and SHOULD NOT be used for large TB spinning rust drives, for SSD sure, Raid 5 is fine. But spinning rust Raid 10 or Raid 6, raid 5 is dead and you will lose data on a rebuild over 12TB 100% The strain of a rebuild on raid 5 and even 6 is what kills that...
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    Correct sequence for using 2x NVME in RAID

    just an FYI, raid 0 NVMe's are not going to give your games any performance benefits.
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    scalpers starting to return cards LOL

    gerardfraser It is more the annoyance than someone went out, bought an item, with no intention to keep it and only to then try and sell it to make profit, thus denying someone who actually wanted said product for their own use. Now on that though, if people simply stopped buying scalped prices...
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    6800 / XT Review Round Up

    GoodBoy yes and no, they want to show the maximum performance from either platform and to do that you need to have the ideal and properly tuned systems. Sure, most people wont have 4 memory slots filled, and most people just install their gear, install windows and go, they dont want to tinker...
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    Intel Corporation Class Action Lawsuit - 7nm Woes

    If you want to know how Intel is making money just think data centers....Who do you think is powering all those AWS / Azure and Google Data centers? Intel most likely....not AMD...
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    PBX System Recomendations?

    Should be, but many people do not. They open up their SIP ports to the internet so people at home can use the PBX or soft phones on other devices, they use simple pass codes for end user devices, or the same one for all devices which can be brute forced and now someone is in and selling your...
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    5150Joker Which is interesting because on the 17th at about 10PM MDT time they had 3 models , 2 showed back ordered while 1 showed in stock, I got it into my cart but upon signing in, it was then gone, so either their web team is not too smart... (could be bcause their "in stock" filter always...
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    Advice time: what is the cheapest, currently available 'good' card (to use while waiting for 3080 / 6800xt?)

    Prob find RX580 8G's for cheap they can still handle 1080p gaming well and some 1440p pending on game and turning down settings.
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    X86 is a dying plafform, will AMD switch to ARM soon?

    Yes, x86 is dying because some synthetic benchmarks said so...
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    PBX System Recomendations?

    Agree, back in the day when Elastix w2as an awesome product, it was fun to set up, I ran our companies PBX system for 80 employees, but these days, next to no one with half a brain cell hosts their own PBX system on free PBX platforms, hire someone else to deal with the headaches and just have...
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    Xotic PC - appears to have 3080 and 5900

    Wait until they reply, no one here knows what their turn around times are or what their inventory actually is.
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    scalpers starting to return cards LOL

    Or did you think they are just saying they are going to return it, to instead get someone going "oh crap! i better buy it now, cause if they return it then someone else is going to get it and I have no chance!"
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    Apple apps on Big Sur bypass firewalls and VPNs — this is terrible

    TordanGow they could hardcode DNS servers or are just using IPs and go over HTTP/HTTPS so it just looks like web traffic.
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    packet loss/latency monitoring inside and outside house

    once that connection leaves your ISP - there is nothing they or you can do really. You could find ISP or flakey nodes along the way, but no one will do anything about it. Doing a traceroute to the game servers if you know the IPs is one way to see, assuming all nodes respond to icmps. Is that...
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    AMD Radeon Smart Access Memory Review - 22 Games Tested

    Finally, some real reviews, not the marketing hyper that NVIDIA and AMD spew making everyone think their cards will demolish the competitions..
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    You know.... I thought I wanted a 3080. But. If AMD comes through with stock...

    I am hoping so, hopefully the stock curbs the miners from screwing everyone else again. I had already accepted that I likely wont be getting a new card in my hands until maybe Jan 2021 if i am lucky, this old RX580 is just starting to really show its age now.
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    You know.... I thought I wanted a 3080. But. If AMD comes through with stock...

    DarkSideA8 Seems they removed it not long after I posted that so guess they were testing it all.
  24. MrGuvernment

    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    None of the Canadian sites showing them, memoryexpress showed them last night but guess it was an error. 9am EST seemed to be a release time for today but i guess not.
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    Apple apps on Big Sur bypass firewalls and VPNs — this is terrible

    That is somewhat worry some that your keyboard may take long to wake up from sleep mode.....key loggers anyone?
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    Trouble Installing OS on "Gaming Server"

    Use Universal USB creator or Rufus if you have a windows should work for a WIn 10 ISO image, should let you choose FAT32 or NTFS, but if it does it with Ubuntu as well, thinking it must be hardware related.
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    Here (Canada) the 6800 is less than $100 cheaper than a 6800 XT....but the 3070 is almost $200 cheaper....
  28. MrGuvernment

    Where / how to buy AMD gpu tomorrow

    Mega6 other places may be eventually if not sold out for Canada:,2514541
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    Trouble Installing OS on "Gaming Server"

    Does it do it with a Linux install? Just to check, when you format your USB are you doing it in FAT32..
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    You know.... I thought I wanted a 3080. But. If AMD comes through with stock...

    Well, local place MemoryExpress just listed them on their website and alread sold out / back ordered status, like WTF.... and the 6800 is less than $100 cheaper than the Xt.. thought it would be a larger difference....
  31. MrGuvernment

    Is amd back?

    Yes, until NVIDIA then does a Ti of every card....
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    Are there Any Good Laptops These Days?

    Sager, loved mine when I had it. Bought from Sager makes many of the cases and barebones for other laptops makers, or did years ago
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    Apple apps on Big Sur bypass firewalls and VPNs — this is terrible
  34. MrGuvernment

    PS5 And Xbox Series X Scalpers Are Charging A Big Premium

    Derangel fully aware of what FOMO is, and it does affect intelligence, because FOMO causes people to think irrationally and be stupid :). I have never in my life lined up to buy a product so I could be first in line, or my group of friends to own something and there are many people as well who...
  35. MrGuvernment

    Xbox Series X Problems

    Random shuts downs Disc drive not taking disks.... Pop noises coming and hard reboots happening.. And this is why you never buy these things on release day! cause imagine how long it will take to get an RMA done.. :(
  36. MrGuvernment

    Clean Windows install from USB with existing license

    Windows 10 saves your info, it will likely register again on its own if you just change the SSD. If not, Jellybean magic key finder will pull your key from the OS. If you have the Windoiws 7 key, you can clean install Win 10 and use the win 7 key to activate it still.
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    Who makes the best AMD cards?

    What makes Sapphire the best versus the others? Why is any one brand better than another?
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    PS5 And Xbox Series X Scalpers Are Charging A Big Premium

    Sorry, but people are stupid. Why pay these inflated prices? All so you can brag about OMG! i got a new console!!! I am so special! look at me! Well, look at everyone else who waited and saved $500...