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  1. NickS

    Recommended PSU for Dual System Rig

    I would say with complete confidence that an 1100w PSU is fine for both of those machines, even with a moderate CPU overclock on both. PSU's are grossly oversized to machines any more.
  2. NickS

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Tried & true Logitech G500S & a Monoprice RGB (lol) mechanical keyboard.
  3. NickS

    3 x 3770 Deliddings (Complete)

    Whats that tool you got there? I delidded mine by hand with a razor blade like I did in the Athlon 64 days. No spacers, no yadda - but this seems like a more consistent way.
  4. NickS

    Will We Soon Enter A New Era of 1080p Budget Gaming?

    This right here. I don't feel like jumping to 4K will be beneficial. If I do, it will have to be a larger screen size, and unfortunately that is not the route I want to go.
  5. NickS

    Monoprice Not Keeping Word on Warranty

    Take the store credit, that is more than fair. They are making it right, you are being picky.
  6. NickS

    AMD's Failure Rates, Part Two (2015 Edition)

    I mean shit, my 7870's are still kicking in CF. They're basically R9 series lolol.
  7. NickS

    Why I Don't Have The Stomach For 'Battlefield 1'

    Society is in the toilet. It's official.
  8. NickS

    Elon Musk Personally Cancelled Customer's $130K Car Order

    More reasons why they should be sold through private dealers like other cars. So the fucking owner can't personally cancel your car order for a little shit talk. Get real, Elon. You aren't the second coming of Jesus.
  9. NickS

    Windows 10 Budges A Bit As Masses Cling To Windows 7

    I'm actually shocked but it appears as if a lot of the machines at my workplace (small company, <100 employees) have been upgraded from XP straight to 10. Refreshing at the least.
  10. NickS

    Gameplay doesn't feel smooth even at 60fps

    Am I the only one who isn't even happy with 60FPS? When did that become a benchmark. I want >90FPS in BF4 and in CS:GO, I prefer >200.
  11. NickS

    Brand new, sealed PlayStation 2 Slim

    Yeah it did :| holy shit lol. Maybe i undervalued it. Oh well.
  12. NickS

    Brand new, sealed PlayStation 2 Slim

    Found this bad boy laying around fellas. Anyone have any interest in "retro" consoles?
  13. NickS

    Samsung Serif TV Preview

    I actually prefer to look up, especially if I'm leaned back. I hate it when people only have their TV's 20-30" or so off the ground. Feels like I'm looking down.
  14. NickS

    Ford Is Launching An Adaptive Steering System
  15. NickS

    Ford Is Launching An Adaptive Steering System

    I thought my Focus ST's "variable ratio rack" does this already..
  16. NickS

    Xbox One Is "Literally A Windows Device"

    Well, it IS x86 hardware now.
  17. NickS

    Math Shows That Fewer Roads Lead To Less Traffic Congestion

    Lolwut. How old are you just out of curiosity? This is relevant.
  18. NickS

    Math Shows That Fewer Roads Lead To Less Traffic Congestion

    This. And furthermore, any modern vehicle newer than 2010 (this is broad, I know there are plenty before so that qualify as well) can stop, handle and accelerate better than any vehicle produced when road speed limits were set. We have seen an unparalleled advance in vehicle safety, dynamics...
  19. NickS

    AT&T's New Gadget Will Put Wifi in Your Old Ass Car

    Do your cars never need suspension work? I see stories like this all of the time and no one mentions suspension items. Or maybe I'm just nutty and I'm not satisfied until I can go over washboard pavement with not a single clunk squeak or knock from anything suspension wise, so I end up...
  20. NickS

    AT&T's New Gadget Will Put Wifi in Your Old Ass Car

    I was going to say, unless this thing is smaller than 1" deep, it's going to protrude way too far. And even then, my newer car has a door that closes over the OBD2 port.
  21. NickS

    Apple Hopes To Charge $40 For TV Subscription Service

    I pay $50/mo for a cable box, 200+ HD channels, Epix Movie Channel and all the commercials I could ever ask for. :D Gotta love Time Warners bundles. $110 for 50/5 internet, the cable package and home phone (which isn't even hooked up).
  22. NickS

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    potato picture, but this is 40" of plebbery. ill take a better pic once the camera charges
  23. NickS

    Counter-Strike Tournament Reveals Exploits Equal Cheating In eSports

    Agreed, its not cheating if everyone knows about it. Boost spots are great, and well known.
  24. NickS

    Woman Sues Cox After Tripping Over Coax

  25. NickS

    Need mobo w/ onboard hdmi that can handle 1080p mkv playback

    Dude, just pick up a cheap Celeron (haswell) G1830 or G1820 and a cheap board. Mine with a Micro ITX ASRock mobo in sig plays any MKV i throw at it, at 1080p, etc. I'm talking 20GB MKV files.
  26. NickS

    YouTube Now Supports 60 FPS

    #xbox #ubisoft #fps #pcmasterrace #mario #cs:go #gtx970 #1440p
  27. NickS

    R9 290: $259.99-$20 (VISACHECKOUT)-$30 MIR = $209.99

    Ugh, the urge to sell my two 7870's and get two of these is killing me.
  28. NickS

    Ford Gives Pedestrian-Spotting Bumpers Access to the Brakes

    Do we really have to save everyone.
  29. NickS

    Ford Gives Pedestrian-Spotting Bumpers Access to the Brakes

    Just had to quote and give you a high five brother. Bleed blue. :cool:
  30. NickS

    My office is a hotbox

    Crack a window open, it's October. Or if you're unlucky enough to be in a warmer part of the country, I'd honestly just pick up a window A/C or a portable A/C that vents out the window for that room. The cost of running modern day air conditioners is NOT that outrageous at all, especially if...
  31. NickS

    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Mines still pretty dusty but if I didn't have the little filters built into my case, the inside of it would look like hell. :o
  32. NickS

    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Spare bedroom in my apt/my computer room. Server rig.. little Dell Optiplex 740.
  33. NickS

    Under Pressure From Gamers, Intel Pulls Advertising From Gamasutra

    No, really though, if people would just shut the fuck up and live their lives instead of finding some niche group to represent and victimize, the world would be a much better place.
  34. NickS

    Under Pressure From Gamers, Intel Pulls Advertising From Gamasutra

    I hate what society is becoming. /thread
  35. NickS

    The Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Cool story bro, tell me how productive or how much fun using your Linux rig daily. :rolleyes:
  36. NickS

    The Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I was just wondering if my Xfire 7870 would work. Glad to know they do. So you just use Win8.1 drivers? Thnx man
  37. NickS

    The Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I'm gonna install this on SOMETHING later, just curious about video drivers :(