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  1. NickS

    Brand new, sealed PlayStation 2 Slim

    Found this bad boy laying around fellas. Anyone have any interest in "retro" consoles?
  2. NickS

    C2QX 6850 / Biostar / 6GB DDR2 Combo Great oldschool combo up here fellas!
  3. NickS

    Nikon D3100 w/ 2 lenses, accessories. on eBay

    On here FS too...
  4. NickS

    My Bedroom HTPC

    Just a small little setup for myself. I'm young and live at home, work FT. Me and the gf just watch movies, I game on it occasionally, and use it for listening to music. It's a "Gateway-Stein." Basically I took all the good parts out of the Gateway and put in older stuff that I had...
  5. NickS

    CM690 + Top Rad

    So, has anyone attempted to install a radiator on the top of this case yet; pictures? I may attempt to fit an MCR-220 up there soon. Just wondering... ;)
  6. NickS

    Official 2900 Pro to XT Guide

    Here's my guide guys. I posted it @ XS and I guess it made its way to a few other forums so I figured I'd inform ya'll here as well. FYI this is confirmed working by many @ XS as well as myself on TWO cards. Linky
  7. NickS

    Samsung 216BW, so what is it?

    I've had this monitor for about 2 months now [and I love it] but I still can't find ANY information on it on the internet! I bought it purposely knowing that most of the inexpensive 22" monitors used the same panel (or similar panels), so I figured what the hell, lets try for something...
  8. NickS

    Reccomend me a good, solid, wired router under $100

    OK so my Netgear is getting a bit, stressed. It's just a regular wired 4-port firewalled router. What I'm looking for is a good, WIRED 4-port router (or more) that is under $100 and will be solid. Solid meaning not requiring reboots every day, etc. I do a lot of torrenting/downloading, a lot...
  9. NickS

    Darnit... which AM2 Mobo?

    Sorry to be such a noob but I'm very very frustrated with this decision. My picks at the moment are the... -ASUS M2N-E -MSI K9N Platinum I was leaning towards the ASUS for a long time, as it has a lot of tweakability and looks drop dead gourgeous. After reading up on it though, it's plagued...
  10. NickS

    Power conditioner or UPS for home theater?!

    Hey everyone. My Dad just bought a new TV and wants to upgrade his aging surge protector for his rather expensive home theater setup. He's really interested in the Belkin PureAV Home Theater Power Conditioner PF30.. but I think a UPS would be a better option. What would you guys do? His...
  11. NickS

    HDMI Cables, is there any difference?

    I'm looking to get a Samsung DLP HDTV (42") and it has dual HDMI. Is there any real difference between HDMI cable brands like Monster, Belkin PureAV, etc? Could any of you reccomend me a good cable? Thanks a load, Nick
  12. NickS

    Favorite Video Card Brand

    What's your favorite video card brand? Mine's gotta be Sapphire and or HIS.
  13. NickS

    What's your favourite mobo brand?

    Vote in the poll! :)