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    Silverstone SG-02F measurements ?

    Have a few questions about the measurements of the SG02-F if anyone has one: 1) What is the space between the edge of the motherboard and the front panel ? 2) What is the thickness of the front (plastic) panel ? 3) What is the maximum height of a cooler ? Areas are drawn as a red line in...
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    Cyanogenmod on Touchpad

    Early alpha is hereee To summarize installation: Download: - - - - Then...
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    Windows Photo Viewer stretching images ?

    Sometimes, when I use windows photo viewer, it distorts the crap out of certain pictures. Not all of them. the pictures look fine in other programs, just not windows photo viewer. What can I do to fix this ? Here's an example. Image properties, what it looks like in irfanview, and windows...
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    16gb wifi HP Touchpad $99 (CANADA)

    At futureshop $99.99 for the 16gb with wifi $149.99 for the 32gb with wifi get them while you can
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    The Modern Warfare 3 Thread, No BF3.

    DONT TALK ABOUT BF3 IN HERE. THERE ARE ALREADY 58274085724 THREADS ON BF3. GO THERE INSTEAD. THIS THREAD IS FOR MW3. That out of the way, let's talk about MW3. - Coming out 11/8/11 - Dedicated servers HOSTED WHEREVER YOU WANT Perks semi-confirmed: Tier 1 Extreme conditioning...
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    Red Orchestra 2: Preorder $35.99

    Regular edition, regular price $39.99, now $35.99 (10% off) Deluxe edition, regularly $44.99, now $44.99 (10% off) If you own the original, it's 20% off. You also get the nagant and kar98 with bayonet and 2 badges unlocked on day 1 Deluxe version will unlock the g41 sniper, mkb42, avt40...
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    Show off your homescreens !

    It's about time we had one of these threads. sticky please ? :) I'll start off with mine. I need some better icons :(
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    Mouse stutters and skips after installing tablet

    I have a razer deathadder 3500. It works fine. I installed my tablet, a wacom intuos 4 large. Now, in games like cod4, every so often, the mouse just skips across the screen much more than it should. I don't have mouse acceleration on or anything. Nothing else has changed. I want my...
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    Which phone to get

    I have the opportunity to upgrade right now. Not september, not october, not november, but Now. Possibly up until August. I live in Canada, and use Telus. That means no evo3d, no htc arrive, no hd7, etc. I currently have an HTC Desire. I am not truly loving android, be it stock, sense...
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    MW3 trailer

    All trailers in one:
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    who wants to suck at this game with me ? rules: 1. Juggernaut is encouraged 2. Sonic Boom is encouraged 3. You must use last stand or martyrdom Interested ?
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    cooler for 1gb 6950 ?

    I have an XFX 6950 1gb. I would like to purchase an aftermarket cooler for it. I have no idea what will and what will not fit on this card and the googles is not being very helpful too. The bare card should look something like this...
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    Temperature and overclock

    Just wondering what your oc is on your new sandybridge processor, the cooler you are using, and your temperature. Is 2500k at 4.5ghz / 1.304v with a corsair a70 idling at about 40c / max load at between 70 and 75c a bit much ? new to the whole sandybridge thing, never saw temperatures like...
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    5850 artifact on second monitor with video

    I just bought a 5850 and was wondering if anyone else was noticing that when you have a video playing on your first monitor, that for the first few seconds there is some random artifacting on your second monitor. Also, what settings should I use under video settings (specifically, advanced...
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    Xonar DG - no digital audio ?

    I bought a Xonar DG. I'm trying to use the optical out with my external dac, but it does not work. My external dac and amp are fine. I can't find anything on the internet about this except to check the drivers. I'm running In the control panel, I have the xonar dg playback...
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    My fileserver is :(

    So I have a box that I store files on, and lately it's been bluescreening. I have the minidumps, but I have no idea how to read them. Win 7 64 bit, some amd x2 processor, matx asus board, and I forgot the rest. Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.12.0002.633 AMD64 Copyright (c)...
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    $1000 build for a friend

    My friend in australia is looking to build a computer for $1000 AUD, with parts ordered from and asked me for advice. Now I'm asking you guys for advice. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming (starcraft 2, diablo 3 when they...
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    Missing image icons in list and detail view

    Whenver I have windows explorer or basically any dialog in list or detail view, it uses a default icon for jpg and png images, as you can see: I've rebuilt the icon cache, but it doesn't do anything. How can I get these little icons back ? windows 7 x64
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    Bad Company 2 singleplayer (spoilers!)

    spoilers Playing the singleplayer, i've noticed a few things: - too many cutscenes that just break up the flow of the game - way too much "follow us, but we'll be back here until you pass a certain point, and then we'll be right beside you" - the MG3 is awesome as hell - the bottom...
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    Modern Warfare 2: mouse jerkiness

    Is anyone else experiencing this ? sometimes when i move the mouse a little bit, it's smooth and tracks a certain amount (say, 30 degrees per inch of horizontal mouse movement), but sometimes it becomes extra twitchy and jumps all over the place (like 90 degrees per inch of horizontal mouse...
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    Is it just me, or is :biggrin not working at all: and every time someone uses biggrin, it shows up as that folder tree icon, as you can see:
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    New build, maybe

    Looking to build a new rig soonish, maybe. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Mild gaming (mostly counter-strike source, l4d, maybe cod4 sometimes; detail settings don't bother me that much), web browsing, a little photoshop, school related stuff...
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    Windows 7 networking: Access Denied

    I have a file server that runs Windows Vista. I have a specific folder that's mapped on this (windows vista) computer, and normally I can do whatever I need to through there (rightclick --> extract here for rars, deleting files, etc). However, in Windows 7, I can't; it gives me access denied...
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    iPod touch? ipod + itunes questions

    I'm in the market for a new mp3 player; the touch 8gb looks like what i want. However.. 1. Do you need an itunes account to use it? I know you need one to buy applications, but what about just to sync it? 2. I don't want to give iTunes my credit card info. I know I can use a gift card to...
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    Corsair CX 400 So, a 400w apfc psu with 30a on a single rail, quiet 120mm fan, with 8 pin pci-e for $50? Any idea who makes this? Couldn't find anything with search..
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    Asus P5Q Deluxe - Optical not working?

    I have a P5Q Deluxe, E8400, 2x2gb ram, vista 64, etc (the other stuff isn't really important.) I have a Zero dac/amp; I know this works, I plugged it into a cd transport, no problems. I plug an optical sp/dif cable from the zero to the p5q deluxe's optical connector, select the optical...
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    A bad cpu?

    Expanded from this thread: Initially I thought the problems were with the video card; someone suggested occt, and then the problems really began.. cpu at stock speed / volts; nothing overclocked, everything cooled well. OCCT crashes...
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    And this is acceptable and normal?

    I'm still having problems with my 4850 blue screening frequently thanks to atikmdag.sys. Currently have: Visiontek 4850 Asus P5Q Deluxe 4x hdd Silverstone ST50EF+ 4x1gb PC6400 E4300 Vista ultimate x64 And it crashes randomly, usually with the "atikmdag.sys has crashed and...
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    Radeon 4850; Still unstable.

    Yea, it's just terrible. It crashes for no reason at all, with the 'atikmdag.sys has recovered successfully' multiple times, crashing between, and then it just turns to either a black screen, or a black screen with vertical grey lines. Won't respond to anything, have to powercycle it. Happens...
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    Radeon 4850 bsod issues

    Having a few problems. Ran spectacularly for a few days, but not so much now; Bluescreens a lot, each time having ati*.exe at fault. Don't have any other problems at all, with the old 7900gtx. Clean install, so I doubt it's a conflict with previous nvidia drivers. Using catalyst 8.6. guys?
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    System upgrades.

    Right now I have this intel E4300 @ 3ghz Abit IP35-E 2x1gb Crucial Ballistix PC6400 2x1gb OCZ Gold PC6400 (total 4gb pc6400 ram) BFG 7900GTX 512mb Silverstone ST50EF+ Element psu 160gb Seagate 7200.8 320gb Seagate 7200.10 300gb Maxtor Diamondmax 10 (I think) Vista ultimate x64...
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    A case for me!

    Ok, so not so excited. I can't seem to find a case that I need. Requirements: -desktop style. NO towers. -ATX. It cannot be matx only. -Quiet. No deltas, sorry guys. -Will fit a thermalright hr-03. It's mounted on a 7900gtx. And I'd like it if I could use a scythe infinity with...
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    Removing post screen branding

    Long story short, I have come across a Dell Latitude D600. Upon post, above the DELL logo, there's some words, which would be the company name. Since the laptop no longer belongs to them (surplus), I'd like to take it off. I've already tried looking in the bios for an option, but could not...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    usual rules; Do NOT quote pictures, limit comments, etc. I'll start things off.
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    Amplifier choices.

    I have some money. I need a new amp to replace my aging sears lxi amp from years past. I'm just running some older speakers I got for free, which are 8 ohm impedence and 50w rms. It just needs to support 2.1, and cost maybe 100-250 (less is better; I'm still poor) Recommendations? I live...
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    Just picked up an Acer AL2223W.. Have a few problems

    Just have a problem with this monitor: It will Not display proper 1680x1050; it will display roughly 1600x1050, so that it 'slides' over roughly 80 px each time I move my mouse to the left / right of the screen. Any ideas? Specs: E4300 abit ip35e 1gb Corsair XMS2 5400 (waiting...
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    Gigabyte P35-DS3R or Abit IP35-E?

    I need one. They're both the same price ($139ish on Which to get? I can spend around $140, 150 is pretty much the limit (unless it's like a 680i board for $151.. yea right). thanks
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    Need help: No post.

    Just had to move my pc, and it doesn't boot anymore. Specs: Asus P5B Deluxe, 2x1gb Buffalo Firestix pc8000, E4300, eVGA 7800GT, Silverstone ST50EF element, seagate 320gb sata. I've already tried putting it all back together, one stick of ram, second pci-e slot, etc. It doesn't boot, it...
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    Which OS?

    I'm in need of formatting my PC (Specs at the bottom), and reinstalling windows. The question: Which one? How is the support for those and my hardware? Any incompatabilities ? XP Pro 32 XP Pro x64 Vista Ultimate x64 Vista Ultimate 32 Specs: Intel E4300 @ 3.6ghz Asus P5B-Deluxe...
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    Help me configure a system ($500)

    First: I live in CANADA. All parts will either be purchased from Anitec or [[/url] NCIX, as both are Local to me; no shipping charges. I have $500 Canadian. What I have now that I can re-use: -PSU -Case -CPU heatsink (Scythe Infinity) -DVD Drive -Video card What I...