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    Looking for a new game.

    I haven't been able to game much for awhile and I'd like to pick up something new that's not an FPS. I really enjoyed The Talos Principle awhile back. Anyone have suggestions that might be similar?
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    Intel i7 8700k $330 @ ebay/Monoprice
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    Need case recommendations for a pool store.

    I do side work for a pool (swimming) store that does service, sells chemicals, etc and they've had issues with the computers that handle water sample testing dying, probably due to the amount of chemicals in the air. Computers on the office side don't have this issue. I'm going to quote her a...
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    Updated! Moving to mATX /w 240mm AIO - Suggestions needed!

    Updated: Added a new post with lots more in depth details about my search! Hey guys I think this is probably to ask so I'm hoping some of you have some good ideas for me. Currently running a new 7700k build in an old Fractal Design Define R3 that I'm ready to retire. I had been hoping we'd...
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    Searching for a new case

    Well my [H] brothers the Fractal Design Define R3 has served me well over the years. With my 7700K on its way it is time for a replacement and with the R5 being about 2 years old and no sign of an impending R6 release I have decided to see what alternatives you guys might suggest. I am looking...
  6. U Down?

    Unable to access the site today. Hope servers aren't on fire.
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    So my Asus E3 Pro Gaming V5 Mobo just had a BIOS update - Kaby cpu support

    Notes says supports new CPU's. Must be Kaby Lake support. Their CPU support page isn't working properly atm.
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    New Coffee Lake leaks/rumors

    Exclusive: The Secret of Intel Corporation's Coffee Lake Revealed -- The Motley Fool Mainstream 6 cores on a very mature 14nm+ process using the same architecture as Cannonlake.
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    Vertically Sliding TV Mount

    So here's one I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out. I need to find a TV wall mount that slides vertically and not with an arm. All I can find is either arm models or very expensive, like $250+.
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    Pre IDF Discussion

    So, IDF is tomorrow and I'm just wondering what you guys are looking forward to the most. Obviously we'll get full info on Kaby Lake. I expect we'll also get some info on Cannonlake, Coffee Lake, and Skylake-X. What are you guys expecting and what else should I be looking to see from this show?
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    Monitor Recommendations

    Hey display forum junkies! My Dell Ultrasharp 2407 is starting to show its age and I've been itching for a new monitor for some time. I really enjoy the 16:10 aspect ratio of the 1920x1200 panel so there's no way I'd consider downgrading to 1080p, but I know my desire for >60Hz refresh rates...
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    The state of the SSD market.

    Hey guys, We've have the Samsung 950 Pro for some time now and I'm wondering if any of you have found newer worthy competitors or if this is still the solid go to for high performance SSD's.
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    Rumor: New Coffee Lake CPU - 6 core mainstream???

    Possible new 14nm successor to Kaby Lake called Coffee Lake. Potentially the first mainstream Intel cpu to move beyond 4 cores. Intel 14nm Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannonlake To Coexist in 2018 It would be about time, and the 14nm process will be beyond mature at that point, so I can see why this...
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    Latest Zen rumors: Competitive with Skylake?

    I figured you guys would have fun debating this one: AMD : Zen Competes With Intel On Performance, Specs & Features Not Just Price - Launching Later This Year
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    Broadwell Launch Date June 2nd Two weeks from Monday if accurate...
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    Leaked Intel Roadmap - Real or Fake? What do you guys think?
  17. U down?

    Doesn't load for me or the "is it down" sites I've tried.
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    Nazi Video Review of Windows 9

    Watch some of Hitler's best men review Windows 9! It doesn't look THAT bad. I look forward to testing it.
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    Haswell-E Q3 Looks like the timetable on Haswell-E is tightening up...
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    Cheap SB-E! Intel Core i7-3970X $700

    Found on slickdeals.
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    Acer Gaming Laptop $775 i7 Haswell + 760m

    Found on SD. Just add in an SSD and you are set.
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    Broadwell confirmation?’t-make-it-to-desktop Fits with the slides we've seen.
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    IDF Countdown

    Its that time again! Intel IDF in San Fran is September 10-12th. Who's ready for some Haswell Refresh info? :rolleyes: And don't forget the BGA only Broadwell! :p Because nobody here is going to care about Haswell-E or Skylake, right? ;)
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    Saving money - For non or light data users

    I just posted something very similar in another thread but I thought this might help some fellow [H] members and their families. I know many of us here at the [H] are heavy data users but for those who aren't including friends and family who may not use tons of data MVNO's can be a GREAT deal...
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    Future CPU predictions

    So Haswell is here and the dust has settled with many of us not as excited as we would like to be about the cpu's performance. For the sake of discussion I have linked 2 relevant Intel roadmap leaks and come to some conclusions. Please feel free to link any new information and add to the...
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    Countdown to IDF! By my count we are just 45 hours to the opening keynote. Haswell? Broadwell? IB-E? Haswell-E? Bay Trail Atom? :rolleyes: Has Steve started the swim from Alaska to China to get [H]...
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    New GPU-Z, with Kepler a twist

    Just noticed GPU-Z 0.5.6 was released on Nov 25th. Big deal right? The following line is in the release notes: •Added basic detection for NVIDIA Kepler GK107 Sounds like someone has a card.
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    Newegg Shell Shocker - Fractal Design Define R3

    On sale for $79.99 + Free shipping. I paid $99 + $23 shipping a month ago. Great deal. Edit: This is the Black model and its the newer revision with a USB 3.0 port
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    New case advice

    So I have this old ATX case thats been through several builds, currently my i7 920 and its well past its time and ready to go. I have been looking through cases on newegg and such and been looking around on our forums because honestly I don't keep up on cases like some of you guys do and am...
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    Unigine Heaven 2.5 released
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    Galaxy GTX 570 $322.86 @ Newegg

    Saw this browsing Newegg and thought a few of you might be interested. Galaxy GTX 570 $344.99 (in cart price) Shipping is $7.87 $30 MIR
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    New Afterburner 2.1 beta 7

    The link still says 6 because this release is so new. (its dated for tomorrow) :D
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    Video card issues - advice needed

    OK guys, I am in need of some third party advice on a system issue I've been dealing with for a couple of months now. First the detailed system specs: PSU: BFG LS680 as reviewed here at the [H] purchased late Nov 2008
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    Another AGP users quandry...

    Hey guys, I'm about to pull my hair out over what to do with my system for a video card upgrade. I currently have the following in my system. Athlon64 3400+ socket 754 Abit KV8 Pro mobo 1.5GB DDR 400 SDRAM Geforce 4 Ti4400 128MB AGP I am perfectly happy with my CPU's performance, I...