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    The Fate of the Furious movie code

    The chosen one is revealed.
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    [STEAM] PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2

    i'm a gamer
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    Farming Simulator

    I can grow cows?
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    The Fate of the Furious movie code

    Free digital code. I'll pick a winner.
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    Why are there rebates on cases and PSUs so often?

    These companies are so old they are still doing mail in rebate scam? All the legit companies do instant rebates through apps. No stamp bullshit and drive to the mailbox chore. Rumor has it that the post office will be gone soon due to corona.
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    Free games at your local bowling alley

    Calling all Kingpins. I've got a codes to grant you a free fun at your local bowling alley via I'll pick a winner.
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    Starcraft II is free to play now

    I didn't realize it's been free for two years. The wait is over.
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    Godaddy $0.99 domain transfer

    That's what I do. I transfer out from one registrar to the other every year if I can find those elusive discount codes. You can also just make a new account each year and you're a new customer all over again. Godaddy likes to close accounts that have been dormant for a few years. I have...
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    Godaddy $0.99 domain transfer

    If you're a new godaddy customer use code GDD99com1. It expires in March 2020 I think.
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    100 GB data shows as 1 GB

    Upon further investigation it appears I had installed the earlier Paragon AFS+ for Windows version 9.1 a while ago. On a Windows 10 computer without Paragon installed it did not recognize the drive. It said the drive is uninitialized. On the Windows 10 with the Paragon installed the drive...
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    100 GB data shows as 1 GB

    I have a Seagate external drive formatted in NTFS that I used for both Windows and Mac. I used Paragon software for Mac to allow me to read/write the drive. One day Windows 10 didn't see the drive any longer. In the Disk Management it shows as an uninitialized drive. Windows asks me to...
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    Highly unlikely. I know many make arguments by comparing pictures but that is so unreliable.
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    From my understanding Fujitsu acquired the rights to the original sanyo eneloop battery technology while Panasonic got the scraps.
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    Fujitsu 4 pack AA $9.27

    Should bring Christmas cheer to all at Newegg.
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    Need Anti-Virus Recommendations

    You can open an Ally bank account(free) and they provide you a subscription free to Webroot. No minimum balance required.
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    How do you backup with integrity check?

    I currently backup my data using drag and drop to my harddrives and flashdrives. When one of my flashdrives started goofing off and corrupting individual files I realized my backup routine sucks. Of course the drive never gives me a hint that something has gone awry. I randomly checked a few...
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    Do harddrives employ write spreading?

    Well do they? Do harddrives have a read/write-wear strategy or do they always write sequentially, writing at the first empty sector? If I save a 2 MB file to disk and then erase it and then save again does it occupy the same physical space on the disk?
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    Free Mass Effect 2 at Origin

    You are welcome.
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    Why Cortex A7 feels faster than Cortex A9 processors?

    Are you saying the same ARM cpu model by different brands can have different performances?
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    Why Cortex A7 feels faster than Cortex A9 processors?

    My LG G Vista phone is equipped with a Qualcomm Cortex A7 1.2 GHz cpu and Adreno 305 GPU. My Insignia tablet has a Rockchip Cortex A9 1.6 GHz and Mali 400 GPU. Why does my phone runs smoother than the tablet even though it has a lower clocked and previous generation ARM cpu? Scrolling the...
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    Should I use Polymer Capacitors for replacement?

    What's an acceptable leakage current for a capacitor?
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    Should I use Polymer Capacitors for replacement?

    I'm replacing the electrolytic capacitors on my 15" Klipsch KSW-300 subwoofer amplifier. The capacitor brand is Soundia and I have not been able to find specs for it. I was thinking of using polymer capacitors as a replacement because they are all around superior to regular capacitors except...
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    What does the left circuit do?

    Does it convert the AC to DC and then back to AC?
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    How do I connect all the rooms for ethernet?

    I'm confused. If that's a phone block, then why are the ethernet ports in all the rooms in the house terminate to this phone block?
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    Finally picked up a Nexus 6P

    I have a Note 3 and that thing used to be buttery smooth when it had Jellybean. With the recent lollipop update the device stutters like no other. Browsing Google Play stutters every now and then. I have an LG Vista, which is lower spec'd than the Note 3 and it's way smoother. Samsung no...
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    How do I connect all the rooms for ethernet?

    The rooms in my house are wired for ethernet. There's a junction box in the garage where all the ethernet wires meet. They are all terminated together on this punch down board. Is this board similar to a hub since all the wires are all joined together. How do I connect this so each room has...
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    Malicious Software Removal Tool updates daily

    Is the Windows 10 Malicious Software Removal Tool supposed to update nearly every single day?
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    Video compression - variation of size & quality - illogical outcomes in quality.

    Some also steal videos and recompress at a higher bit rate and claim it their own. You end up with crappier video and larger size.
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    Web browsers sluggish on win 10

    Install driver for your brand new video card.
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    Starcraft II $10

    Goto for the 1 week sale
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    Can I get better video acceleration?

    I will answer me. There is not much difference in video acceleration between a low-end and a hi-end video card if they are of the same generation. A current generation video card will have substantial video acceleration advantage over a card from several generations back. It comes in the form...
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    Win 10 system restore keeps turning back on

    Ya Windows 10 has that bug where it ignores your settings after a few days or weeks and reverts back to default. I've noticed that with a lot of check boxes becoming unchecked or checked. The System Restore I've disabled at least 3 times since July.
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    Windows 10 steals a partition and won't let go

    I don't think both my computers have UEFI. It's just odd the two different partition size the installation creates.
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    Win 8.1 not creating a reserve partition?

    Why don't you just install without the reserve partition? What's the benefit?
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    Windows 10 steals a partition and won't let go

    During a clean installation of Windows 10 when I'm creating partitions, the installer automatically wants to create a 100 MB system partition in addition to the main partition. The harddrive is 500 GB. On another system with 750 GB harddrive the installer wants to create a 500 MB system...
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    Someone backup Windows 10 DVD player

    I tried VLC on two computers with Windows 10 and could not get DVD hardware acceleration to work with Geforce 8400GS and a Radeon HD 6870. It just kept crashing. The Windows Store version of VLC looks very promising but buggy. Media Player Classic did enable hardware acceleration so I'm...
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    Someone backup Windows 10 DVD player

    No. Windows 10 has no mpeg2 decoder built in. You have to acquire it elsewhere.
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    Someone backup Windows 10 DVD player

    It's true Windows 10 does not play DVDs. But Microsoft will give you a coupon for a free download of Windows 10 DVD Player via Update. Free only applies to upgrade Windows installations. If you do a clean install you forfeit or pay $15 for the privilege. I was wondering if there is a way to...