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    DFI NF4 Cold boot issue?

    these dfi mb can be very fickle about psu's . on my infinity 975x some of the expensive 600w psu's gave problems. hard boot ups. crashes-ect. but on a lark installed a chepo 500w roswill and the damned thing ran fine . go figure! the problem is with the v-dimm undervolting on start up most...
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    New Pentium E / Celeron CPUs In June

    it would be nice to see a cheap over clocking celery--with enough beans to do some serious games and what not-- i wonder how well they would do down @ 45nm? who was that that said we would never see inexpensive Q-cores ? there on the horizion too--:eek: :cool:
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    POWMAX Assassin PSAS-BL 500W Power Supply Free AR

    i can't wait to try one in my asus striker extreame gold plated edition !!!:eek: :D
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    Bang for the buck overclocker?

    i would go with a 965p motherboard like the gigabyte, asus or biostar with the e4300 because the 965's have much more mature bios . there seems to be some bios issues with the 650 series with the e-4300's--although the nf-650s will get full support for the e-4300 series after a bios update or...
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    Budget E4300 moderate overclock board?

    you could try the old "boot with a 1.8v stick of ram --set the v-dimm to 2.1v--power down--swap in the 2.1v ram sticks trick on it" --rather than shit canning everything and starting over--:eek:
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    DFI NF4 Cold boot issue?

    i've built a number of ultras--some were super PITA about psu's . just because you tried a new psu with enough amps/watts isn't a sure thing with the dfi's. i also had one that the bios chip died in--just before the bios chip conked out the mb was having a hard time starting up . you...
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    What To Do?

    i would go with the e-6600 or other core 2 solution.:eek: :cool:
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    help, i cant decide on a mobo

    i would go with the ds-3 . the biostar t-force may be a good mb as well. --the best mb is usually the least expensive one that can do everything you need it to.:cool:
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    Full 2 x 16x sli?

    this mb is a 65o chip set with the older 570 stuff thrown in to get the 16x-16x sli . it might be a good mb--sort of fits in between the regular 8x-650 and the expensive 680i .:cool:
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    Ordered an Asrock 775Dual-VSTA and..

    i am running this mb along with a e-6400 and 2 gig of samsung ddr-400 . it is a pretty nice mb for the $$$. the ddr-400 runs very well--about like ddr-2-667 run with some tight settings . i may even try the e-4400 in it in a month or two. it's stable when set up proper. my only gripes about this...
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    Asrock 775Dual-VSTA

    i have one of these i got of the egg open box for $26 shipped . it's a decent mb. it can over clock a little but runs out of steam around 300fsb with a core 2. it is a little tweeky if over clocking . it is the ideal mb if your going to run ddr-400 with a agp card . it is also OK with "most"...
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    Best, most cost effecient LGA 775 Motherboard?

    for the money a ds-3 or s-3 in 965p are about tops-- the biostar t-force 965pt could be a good mb as well but i haven't built one yet . i bought a s-3 months back --when they were cheeper than the ds-3 series . for overclocking it has been a great mb--esp for the $116 price i got it for...
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    Super-Budget Intel Mobo Suggestions

    well if you get a via 775 lga core 2 motherboard . you can run a core 2 6000 series or e-4300 and use regular 184 pin ddr 400. which would have an additional savings --no expensive ddr2 ram required. i would think this is a option if you have 2x512 of ddr-400 or 2x1g ddr-400 layng around ...
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    Are these e4300 chips any good?

    i think whats going on is that the e-4300's are tossed off the same fabrication as the other core-2;s but what happens is that the marginal and over production chips end up being converted over to e-4300. so you get a few good cores that were from 6300's and 6400's but you also get some...
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    Biostar Tforce 965PT - Good value mobo?

    if you have to make 500fsb it's going to be just luck of the draw with any of the above mentioned mb's. so the concept of running 500fsb is sort of iffy. a more realistic goal would be more like 450-475+fsb . most decent 965p's can hit these speeds without a super human effort or expense. my...
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    AM2 or LGA775 motherboards that use DDR memory?

    there are a number of motherboards that can run core 2 with ddr 1-184 pin . most of them have the via 880-pro-chipset . there may be some via 890's that can run ddr 1 as well with the core 2. there is even a version of the asrock 775 dual vista that can run the fastest quad core core 2's .:eek...
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    ASRock 775Dual-VSTA Upgrade path advice

    although there is nothing wrong with a 6400 or 6600 cpu . you might be better served by the less expensive e-4300 or e-4400 with the front side buss limited asrock dual vista . the e-4300 has a 9x multi so it could go with the asrock say---9x300fsb . a e-4400 has a 10x multi so it could do...
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    small buget upgrade desperatly needed

    you might consider a e-4300 with the 9x multi or the e-4400's with the 10x multi when they arrive in April . a gigabyte s-3 or ds-3., asus p5b-e or the biostar t-force 965pt could be a nice budget over clocking mb. most 965p's can do 400-450fsb these days with good ram and a 7x multi e-6300...
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    Newegg: Open box deals

    pretty much what wesleys dad said. i've built a number of systems off the "open-box" deals . my DOA rate was about the same as a new retail mb would be . most came bare bone--just a mb in a plain box . but a few were retail and had everything . some had just a few things but not others . i...
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    My 'friend' is thinking about an e6600

    a gigabyte ds-3 or a asus p5n-e-sli with a core2 e-4300 with the 9x multi should make for a great overclocker for the money . the e-4300's should be headed down in price to around $160-$130ish . so with a p5n-e-sli for around $130 you could build a decent over clocking core 2 rig for $260+ the...
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    Need a replacement 939 mobo for cheap!

    you might find a decent 939 mb for cheap at the eggs open box section.:eek:
  22. J

    Anyone waiting for the 650i Ultra?

    the 650 ultra should be a good over clocking mb . it is supposed to be priced less than the 650 sli so you might see some good overclocking 650-ultras for under $100 .with the new e-4300's and e-4400's you could build a very fast over clocked system for little $$ with one . can a 650 sli or...
  23. J

    DFI Infinity 965... Hrmmmm

    this should be a nice mb for over clocking . should have been here last summer: though.:eek: i might pick one up though as i'm still building a few core-2's on the e-4300/4400 .
  24. J

    E4300 in stock at ZZF

    it's a good chip should over clock like gang-busters --very limited impact of lower cache--but $194 ?--this was to be MSRP of $163 . and given the way the market is these days-- more like $130-$110 pretty soon . and the newer 45nm's and the e-4400 ain't far off so the price shpuld drop pretty...
  25. J

    e4300 release date?

    i heard jan 20th--lol:cool: :eek:
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    Asrock Problem

    this could be the problem-- the agp-pci-e volta are connected so put the agp volts to the max--also run the pci-e @ 117 --don't know how this helps --but my asrock couldn't overclock untill i upped the pci-e mhz to 117. the 430w-tp should be enough --but it might be worth it to check it...
  27. J

    the lanparty all you core 2 people have been waiting for

    yep--that's all the core 2 needs right now--another gold-plated-uber-striker-goober platinum $300 mb that ain't as good as a $126 nf-650i !? where is my visa card ??__LOL :eek:
  28. J

    Final selection...

    hold off a week or so and pick up a e-4300 , go with the p5n-e-sli and two one gig sticks of ddr-800. it will have about the same power and over clocking headroom for much less $$$. the 4300 is 9x the p5n-e-sli should do 400fsb+ easy . last review i saw a E-4300 doing 380fsb @ 9x . and that...
  29. J

    DFI lanparty WITHOUT Karajan Audio module

    it seemed that DFI sold that module for $20 shipped i think . don't know if they still have any on hand though. you might contact dfi support and see.:cool: :eek:
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    Newegg "Open Box" motherboards?

    i've bought dozens of motherboards 'open-box" from the egg over the years. as far as DOA and flakeyness--they seemed to be about the same as new . in some odd cases the referbs were better than the new mb's . i would say about the "open box-mb's" --avoid mb's with lot's of special stuff--like...
  31. J

    Help me decide

    check the review of the asus p5n-e-sli with the nforce 650i chip set . it should give you enough over clocking room and has most of the features of the expensive 680's.:eek: :cool:
  32. J

    abit AW9D-MAX

    i believe rebels haven ran the abit overclocked for a while --as i recall it never did over 380fsb. i have heard of these mb's doing a little over 400fsb but i haven't personally seen one . i figure this mb is sort of like the msi-975p . some of them can do 425-450fsb if everything is...
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    Which motherboard?

    i would go with either a gigabyte ds-3 or asus p5b-e in the 965p chip set . but at least consider the asus p5n-e-sli with the 650i chipset . from what i've seen its a good over clocker . and the good thing is that these mb's are reasonable you should be able to fine them under $150 if...
  34. J

    Best Mobo for a 6600 conroe

    with a cpu like the e-6600 you have sort of a wide open field of mb's for over clocking . the 9x multi should put you near the cpu's limit pretty early so any mb that can do 400fsb to 450fsb should do fine . running a chip with a high multi like 9x i would want to make sure i had a mb with...
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    DFI-Street Gives DFI the boot

    my experiences at "the street" were a negative for DFI . anytime you have a bunch of zealots who consider a product to be a gift from god running something that is supposed to be for support. that is a bad idea . why do people come to a site for support ? because their having some type of...
  36. J

    mobo for this setup

    i would get either a good intel based 965p motherboard like the gigabyte or asus --or i would get the asus p5n-e-sli--that just now has a review on hard-ocp:cool: :eek: they shouldn't set you back more than about $150--more like $130ish
  37. J

    To wait nor not...

    i would hold off on the cpu and get a e-4300 in a couple weeks . then pick up the mb --a 965p or a 650i should work well.
  38. J

    New Abit Conroe board! Meet the AB9 QuadGT

    nice looking mb. if it overclocks like the asus and gigabyte 965p's i might just get it instead of the asus p5n-e-sli . if it's price isn't out of line. :eek: :cool:
  39. J

    best c2d mobo ~$100

    the new asus p5n-e-sli is running around $129 and so far looks to overclock well . it could be worth a shot for the $$$ and there is allways the gigabyte ds-3. :eek: :cool:
  40. J

    e6600 overclock multiplier question

    my experiences the same-- use what works on your setup--don't worry about if it's high fsb or high cpu multi that works best--use what works for your setup. these core 2's don't have the memory bandwidth issues the old p4's had so they gain the most out of higher cpu speed--regardless of how...