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    Windows 10 upgrade still free?

    A while back I upgraded my Win7 laptop to Win10 via their free offer to do so. On the new PC I'm building, I can get Win10 w/key for $28 or Win7 w/key for $19. Is Microsoft still offering the Win10 free upgrade? If so, I will just save the $$ and get Win7.
  2. J

    Black and White BIOS?

    I'm beginning to get my build up and running. Still lacking any drives or OS. I have: MSI PC Mate Z170A motherboard 16GB (2x8) G.Skill TridentZ 3200 Intel i5 6600k Gigabyte GeForce 960 G1-Gaming 4GB These are the components I have so far, enough to get me into the BIOS to play around. I...
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    Can I use either of these?

    Hi, new to the forum and this is my first thread so I can't use links. I'm having trouble understanding some things. I have built several computers but it has been nearly a decade and I have spent the last month trying to catch up on new technology. I want to have my OS on a SSD. My MoBo...