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    Prime 95 help

    i just tore up my computer and moved things around today. it booted right up when i was done, thankfully, but i decided to give prime 95 a run. i started it, and none of my fans kicked it. usually the noise is so unbearable i leave my room. apparently the CPU isnt even hitting 60*C. did i set it...
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    automobile radiator fluid?

    i mentioned switching to water to some guy at my college and he said to use radiator fluid for cars. jokingly of course, but out of curiosity, what would this do? it is already toxic, so nothing will grow in it haha
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    frustrating WC build - need pointers.

    I have the Mountain Mods Plateau case, and i am having a hard time putting together a WC setup for it. i originally had a black ice sr-1 240 on order, but i emailed the place i got it from to cancel after re-measuring. heres my dilemma: the area i have to work with on the side...
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    MCP35X + Resevoir

    a couple questions... 1. how quiet are these pumps, generally speaking 2. does anyone know where to get the reservoir that is supposed to go with that pump??