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    Never owned a smartphone, what carrier for me?

    I am strongly considering getting a Galaxy S3 when they release. I am currently living in the Kansas City area. Sprint says it plans to rollout 4g LTE in Kansas City sometime during the middle part of this year. The Galaxy S3 apparently only has 4g LTE so I would be stuck on 3g until they make...
  2. J

    Blue vertical line problem on lcd?

    I have a dell U2311h monitor that I've owned for just over a year. Yesterday a blue vertical line appeared approximately 1/3 of the distance across the screen from the left side. This remains on the screen for any color other than white. The monitor is supposed to have a 3 year warranty. Is...
  3. J

    Hydragrid missing from CCC now?

    I had my computer set up with an eyefinity profile months ago and then took it off. Now when I go into ccc and enable an eyefinity group again I cannot find hydragrid to help arrange webpages etc. I even read the help file on where hydragrid is supposed to be in ccc and it is not listed. Does...
  4. J

    Question about an older heatsink and switching to 1155

    I have a xigmatek s1283 cooler that I've used on my 775 system for a couple of years. I'm wanting to make sure that it would be an adequate cooler for an i5 2500k system. I know that it claims it supports I5 systems but I have...
  5. J

    New gaming rig, couple of questions

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 500 3) Where do you live? Kansas City, MO 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. The word "Everything" is...
  6. J

    Aftermarket heatsink/fan for i3 2100?

    I'm not very tolerant of noisy computers and the fan on the stock heatsink is giving off a very high pitched unpleasant noise. I am wondering what heatsink would give me near silent operation without costing a lot? I tried looking at newegg but only found 2 heatsinks listed as platform 1155...
  7. J

    430 watt with geforce 260 216?

    My parents old computer died and I ordered parts for them for a new build. Their new power supply which I was simply counting on one dvd drive, i3 2100 cpu, 1 stick of ram and integrated graphics from the cpu at stock is thermaltake 430 watt...
  8. J

    Completely at a loss - multiple computers not booting

    Fixed problem, mod please delete.
  9. J

    PCI fan between xfired cards? Good or bad?

    I have a P5Q-E motherboard which has one pci slot width between where the cards would touch. I've read and listened to reviews stating 2 6970s in crossfire is incredibly loud. I recently upgraded to a 6970 and an eyefinity setup. I've also heard that having space between the 2 cards helps keep...
  10. J

    6970 idle temp 55-60c?

    I've read reviews which claim that the 6970 should idle around 41c For some reason the card I got idles closer to 60. This worries me that the card will overheat when gaming and is running way too hot. I...
  11. J

    How to set up 3x1 portrait eyefinity?

    please delete, wish ccc was more intuitive.
  12. J

    Eyefinity glitch - just set it up, please help

    It magically fixed itself next launch, nevermind.
  13. J

    Crossfire/surround question - running on 8x/8x pci board

    I just purchased 3 1080p monitors for an eyefinity or surround setup. I currently have a P5Q-E motherboard (775 P45 chipset) It supports crossfire but only at 8x/8x pcix. I found this At least with the...
  14. J

    BFG ES 800w enough for crossfire 6970s?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. I have an Asus P5Q-E mb with 8 gigs of ram, 2 hds, 1 dvd rom and numerous fans. I'm wondering if this power supply should be able to handle the draw from 2 6970s in crossfire also? I bought this around 2 years ago and from the little research I just did it...
  15. J

    Eyefinity question

    I think I've read most if not all of this thread now but am late to the party. I have a question that I'm sure one of you can confirm. I watched Kyle's video review of the eyefinity setup found here which states that most games at that time...
  16. J

    Lost dragon age code, way to retrieve it?

    I recently switched from vista to windows 7 and cannot find my dragon age origins box with the code. I still have the game on my other drive under the vista install and had registered it with bioware and had bought some of the DLC. I tried to find a way to retrieve the code from their site but...
  17. J

    PS3 dead/dying - what options do I have?

    I tried searching the forum and also searched online for results so sorry if the answer is easy to find or obvious. I was watching a dvd and the ps3 totally froze. Now, if it responds at all after I try to boot it, the screen looks like when a videocard overheats and then it completely...
  18. J

    WoW account security?

    My account had been inactive for over a month. My highest level toon is 58. Somehow my account got activated tonight (I did not have a credit card saved with blizzard) and someone had created a low level horde toon and was leveling it. I have all the windows security updates/symantec...
  19. J

    Sunday April 11th 4pm eastern time Legend of Zelda Link to past race (with prize)

    Let me set up some proposed rules. 1, No cheats/exploits/multiple times speed/instant saves via an emulator or other device are allowed. 2.No guides are allowed after this race starts (looking at guides this week is fine) 3. You must record how many times you die during the race and 5...
  20. J

    Anyone up for a race through link to the past?

    I've never seen a thread like this but haven't seen anything in the rules stating it's not allowed and can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be. I'm wondering if we could get a 5-10 person race through the zelda for snes tonight? The rule would be that everone posts an update how far they are...
  21. J

    Bioshock 1, steam + vista crash please help

    I just bought bioshock one off of steam, have windows vista 64. Every time I try to launch the game I get the message that the game stopped working and windows could not find a solution to the problem. I searched online and found to try running the game in directx9 mode and xp compatibility. I...
  22. J

    Dragon Age - PC or PS3 version?

    I'm wondering if one platform is better for this game. My computer is a quad core (don't remember the number) overclocked to 3.8, 8 gigs of ram and a gfx 260OC if that makes a difference. I'm wondering if my graphics card would slow down the game? Are there mods for the pc version that would...
  23. J

    Looking for an RPG similar to shining force 2

    I'm wondering what my options are for an rpg with a similar style as shining force 2. I really like being able to arrange my characters to affect the battle, not just where a battle starts and the guys are lined up and hit each other until one side wins. I bought a saturn to try shining force 3...
  24. J

    Please check these settings to make sure I don't fry something

    I haven't tested this long enough to make sure it is 100% stable (only been priming for about 15 minutes) I have a Q9550 P5Q-E 4 x 2 gig sticks ddr 1000(all ram slots filled up) antec 1200 case so plenty of airflow xigmatek hdt-si83 cooler Right now I have the system at 4 gig (470x8.5)...
  25. J

    P5Q-E NB voltage for 8 gigs of ram (prime failed)

    I'm wondering what the default NB voltage is? Prime95 was fine with 4 gigs of ram but when I went to 8 it failed. The bios asks you to input a number, not just select one... so I need to know what would be a good setting. I found in the user guide it lists 'blue yellow purple and red' voltages...
  26. J

    Overclocking Q9550 on stock heatsink?

    For the life of me I could not get the pushpins down on my xigmatek hdt-s1283 but was able to on the default intel heatsink. I am running prime95 now to make sure it is stable. If it is stable with the stock heatsink would it be a bad idea to try some overclocking with it while I wait for my...
  27. J

    Max volts on Q9550 for 2 year use?

    I've read various things that the quad core chips will die if you push them over 1.35volts and other reports of people having the voltage over 1.4. I know for dual core processors in the past unless you go past like 1.5 it won't significantly decrease the life of your chip. Are quads really this...
  28. J

    Xigmatek HDT-S1283 - Do I need a backplate?

    I have received all my parts to put together my new system P5Q-E Q9550 etc. except for my backplate for the motherboard. Is it ok to put together the system for a few days just using the pins with no backplate on this cooler? I've read that it does not actually need the backplate but have also...
  29. J

    Stupid question - finding stepping (Q9550)?

    I just received my parts to put my new computer together but cannot find anything on the box or chip that starts with C1 or E0. I must be blind or something... which code do I look for to find what kind of stepping I got? On the box it lists the prod code, mm#, fpo/batch/vers. # On the chip...
  30. J

    Odd ram issue in xp32, system sees 3.5 + 8800gtx?

    I just upgraded to 4 gigs in windows xp and have an 8800gtx which has 768 megs of ram. I have heard that windows cannot see over 4 gigs of ram including video ram. Windows is showing me I have 3.5 gigs of ram to use. How is this possible unless somehow windows is cutting out some of my video...
  31. J

    4 SATA ports on MB - 2 for raid and 1 not raid?

    Right now I have xp installed on my computer and just ordered 8 gigs of ram and vista. I would like to keep my xp install bootable and add a bootable vista install. I am wondering if I can do a raid 0 array and keep this harddrive on the motherboard. The motherboard says it supports raid 0 1 5...
  32. J

    P5N-E dual boot xp + vista, 1 raid 1 not?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but the motherboard forum seemed correct. This board has 4 sata connectors and supports raid. What I'm wondering is if I can run one drive by itself and have 2 in raid. The 2 in raid would be used to boot to vista and the other would keep my xp install.
  33. J

    xp 4 gig ram limit (rest used for ram disk?)

    I'm wondering if it's possible to install 8 gigs of ram in my motherboard, have xp installed and use the amount of ram xp cannot see to act as a hard drive. I know xp cannot use over 4 gigs of ram as ram but didn't know if it could access that as a harddrive.
  34. J

    Ramdisk for gaming?

    I do not know much about ramdisks but from what I've read I can get software to tell windows that x% of my ram should be seen as a harddrive every time I boot. The benchmarks I've seen from this look astounding... well over 10x faster than current hard drives if the benchmarks I've seen are...
  35. J

    Help me choose (confused)

    I am trying to figure out which power supply would be best for my setup. My theoretical system would be Q9550 overclocked p5Q e motherboard 8 gigs of ram 2 hard drives 2 dvd drives 280 nvidia card I would like at least a 650w to make sure I have enough power. My main concern after...
  36. J

    Quad core motherboard choice? (Looking at a P5Q P45 board)

    I apologize in advance... I've tried doing some research but don't really understand the differences between all of these boards. Ideally I would like to go with a Q9550, 8 gigs of ddr 2 memory. I am not planning on going sli or crossfire. From what I've read the P45 chipset would be best for me...
  37. J

    Specifying a core to use xp/vista question?

    I am considering doing a new system build and moving to vista. Right now I am on a dual core xp machine and remember sometime in the past that xp has the ability to assign which core to use to open a program. I just went back to an old MMO I used to play (lineage 2) and am trying to run 3...
  38. J

    Scary FPS computer games?

    I tried searching for this question and found this thread which helps some but I am looking for specifically FPS. I have played FEAR, Doom 3, STALKER (which I never really got into for some reason) FEAR scared the shit out of my the first time I...
  39. J

    Bluray vs DVD

    This quote was taken from an HD DVD hot deals thread Please pick which option on the pole you believe the original poster meant by the way it's written. "The sheer stupidity in this thread is astounding. 1) This is a no-name piece of crap player certainly no better than the S300. 2) DVD...
  40. J

    Which version of vista to buy?

    Ok, I'm considering building a new machine and switching to vista when I build it. I won't have an xp license anymore as I'd be selling my machine to my brother. I don't think I can just buy an upgrade version then can I? I'm wondering which I should go with, retail, oem, upgrade and which...