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    Mic options when using Schiit Modi/Magni

    Hey, I just ordered the Shiit Modi/Mangi combo and was wondering what would be my best option for using a mic? 1. Use onboard sound in conjunction just for the mic input? 2. Usb mic? Anything else i could do? Thanks,
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    AMD FX-670K Quad Core CPU (APU A10) - no on-board video displayed

    Hi all, I bought a used AMD cpu for a cheap media server build. It is a AMD FX-670K, it is supposed to be a A10 APU made for HP (it was removed from a HP machine as per the seller). Anyways i installed it today onto a MSI A88X-g45 and i cannot get it to display video from the onboard VGA or...
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    Reference GTX 670 shroud/heat sink screws

    Hey, I installed a Arctic cooling hsf on to a GTX 670 and just bought a GTX 780 Classified to replace it but i cannot find the screws for the reference shroud/hsf. Any ideas where i can get a set or what sizes they are? Would like to get the screws for when i sell it. Thanks
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    Asus P8Z68-V Pro - Ram slot #3 (B1) not working after new cooler

    Hi, I replaced my CM Hyper 212+ with a Corsair H100 and after doing so my PC will not post (DRAM LED RED) anymore with ram installed in slot B1. All ram sticks were working fine before the swap. I was extra careful with everything. I did remove the CPU to clean the thermal paste. I have tried...