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    Family Sues Apple Over Wreck Caused by FaceTime

    The dumbest thing about this is that this is news.......dumb lawsuits get filed all the time (go look at some askreddit threads), this is just another dumb one in a million but I guess with the holiday season, there's not much else to publish on websites...
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    Best buy HD 558 89$

    those are closed back though, so smaller soundstage for games. not sure how they compare since it's not really apples to apples
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    Philips Fidelio X2 $198.90 after $50 Instant Coupon on Amazon

    Yup. I mean, yeah sometimes I miss more bass on the MA900's, but you confirmed my suspicion... ...that the X2's would feel too heavy on the head, ESPECIALLY for someone used to MA900's. For a discontinued headphone (because I don't like to collect, I'd sell the old pair to clear room), I'd...
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    Philips Fidelio X2 $198.90 after $50 Instant Coupon on Amazon

    And here I am as an MA900 user thinking these would be what I upgrade to (if I ever did, these MA900's are so hard to beat all around) thanks for sharing, and saving me money.
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    Amazon's Grand Tour Most Pirated TV Show In History

    I haven't watched 3 yet, but watched episodes 1,2, and 4 I'm cringing SO much that they're STILL doing the whole "celebrity is coming on the show, oh wait they died....does that mean they're not coming on then?"
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    i7-6700K $259 At Microcenter !

    you're right, I had a brain fart and read the number wrong
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    i7-6700K $259 At Microcenter !

    They've run these prices for months.......this isn't anything new. edit: nvm, confused/read numbers wrong
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    and literally none of what you just said could be derived from a 0-60mph statistic, hence why your point of 0-60mph being more important is just stupid and fine, you want apples to apples: an ~800whp vs a ~500whp stock GTR If you went off pure 0-60 times alone, you would be telling me the...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    because just like everyone is saying, and the whole purpose of the article - 1/4 mile is a better metric to measure a CAR. just because YOU spend more time between 0 to 60 doesn't mean it's an accurate metric to measure a car's performance 10.9seconds @ 120mph on a "700hp" car A Mustang GT350R...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    that only means you don't know how to read 1/4 stats what you just said can be read from a 1/4 mile run, while also being able to tell how powerful the car is outside of just the start 0-60mph tells practically nothing 30-80mph? that's best interpreted in a 1/4 mile run. How does a 0-60mph...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    ..., it's not you're telling me people launch their cars from every red light? 1/4 miles are the best metric because it's a wide enough range of measurement. A powerful car with the worst launch in the world (either by difficulty or electronic nannies) will always post an awful...
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    Tesla Sued Because 469hp Is Not 700hp

    mostly this one of my friend's is a huge Tesla fanboy but not well versed in the car scene. I'm big into the modified car scene, and mostly "meh" about the Tesla All my friend could spew out of his mouth was how amazing the 0-60 time of the Tesla was. That's literally all I could get from him...
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    Why ultrawide when 4K+custom res is possible?

    (all imo of course) Because everyone overhypes 21:9 (both flavors - I think 2560x1080 is completely stupid) and everyone over-worries about the requirements to run 4K 4K is just flat out better than 21:9. I've lived with both surround and 21:9 for a year or longer, and while the occasional...
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    $60 19.5" ACER monitor @ Best Buy

    not even 1080P? meh....just browse craigslist imo
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I used this one (linking because idk why hardforum filters the brand name) Ergotech Dual 320 Series Articulating LCD Monitor Arm: Office Products The worst part of using a 34" on it was the ball joint at the VESA bracket - it was pretty much shot and sagging downwards a lot after a...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Those that VESA arm mounted this with an downsized adapter (because this is 200m), how are your arms holding up long term? Have they lost a lot of tension/adjustability from the weight? One of my old arms got a lot of wear from a 34" ultrawide even though it was rated for it's weight, so I'm...
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    Amazon DoD Dremel 3K + small bit kit $49

    I still think a WEN 2307 is a better deal. This doesn't come with any cutting wheels nor an EZ Lock shaft for said cutting wheels, which is the worst part of using/owning these. I hardly use ANY of the attachments that are included in Dremel kits and would rather they just threw in the EZ Lock...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I don't really understand why people feel the need for a VESA arm for this monitor - and this is coming from someone who VESA armed EVERYTHING up to this point (and now I'm leftover with 3 extra VESA arms being unused) Yes, it seemed too high to me at first as well, then you look at something...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    btw (incase you haven't found the fix yet), that "Level Up" text is a skyrim engine bug on 4K and higher resolutions. The mod Less Intrusive HUD I believe will remove it
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    Fallout 4, Rainbow 6 Siege $30 PC/PS4/XB1 after promo code at Newegg

    did they ever fix SLi support for Siege? I bought it around patch 1.2 and returned it through steam because I couldn't get SLi to work (AFR didn't work, SLi profile changing didn't work, etc etc)
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    Acer 32" 4k 60hz G-Sync monitor is out

    ugh that price as a happy phillips BDM4065UC owner, I could see myself "upgrading" to this. 40" does feel a little big for 4K sometimes, so I think I could adjust well to a 32" (owned a 28" 4K, def too small) but that price......hopefully it will drop soon with the lack of hype....I just can't...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    at wits end huh? if you read through this very forum, it's 99% of the time your DP cable....................... exactly.....I can get that some people want g-sync.....but you're telling me to go down in resolution, physical size, AND pay twice as much? (I got my Philips for ~600 off amazon)...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    I've done (in this order) 1080p, 1080p surround, UM95, XB280HK (4k g-sync), ROG Swift Surround, ROG Swift, Dell U3415W, UM95 again, now this monitor this is the happiest I am out of all those setups. I will keep using this monitor until a REASONABLY priced large g-sync display comes out...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    buys 40" 4K grainy webcam on 20% of the screen with it at least watch multiple cams with this much monitor....right?
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    Oculus Rift Priced At $600

    With how much people are paying for over-hyped monitors this past year and accepting terrible quality for said prices, I don't understand the hate here..........
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    Yeah I came from 1080p surround, 1440p surround (with g-sync even; was rog swift surround), and 3440x1440 twice - I'm happy with this 40" 4K I'm STILL getting used to the amount of vertical resolution I have (for so many setups and so long in PC Tech, "immersive" meant wider horizontally), but...
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    Worst Mergers And Acquisitions In Tech History

    I remember I had shares of AMD at ~$19 a share then the merger then the years of failure rolled on then I gave up and sold them - lost my patience for them to turn around then even more years of failure rolled on but thankfully now I can just laugh at it I dare any AMD fanboy to put their...
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    tenkay desk

    ah, well if you know how to autocad, then disregard my comment :p
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    tenkay desk

    try out google sketchup. A very lightweight auto-cad-lite style program (think basic modeling, nothing too complex and/or engineering related). It has a very generous trial period, great documentation for new users, and is great for planning out stuff like this!
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    in the monitor menu, pretty easy to find if your monitor and/or video card driver keeps reverting to 30hz, you need a newer/higher quality cable. look back a few pages and I reposted the link that others have used with success
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    Larger 21:9 - 3840x1600 38"

    at this point - panel manufacturers are already moving slow enough - the last thing I would want right now is them adding ANOTHER panel to their production line
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    Help w/ Logitech G502

    have you even tried opened the software? it's seriously one of the most intuitive software out of all the gaming mice software out there........
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    Has anyone went back to non gsync?

    I've posted about this several times, so you could e-stalk (across multiple forums) me if you want more input short story - I had 2 (or 3, sort of) g-sync setups; 4k g-sync, rog swift surround, and one rog swift while the other two sold I have 3 titans (original) and g-sync has made me...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    just thought I'd follow up - it was BF4's in-game brightness that was too high and completely washing out colors. Now I can see what people are talking about, the black contrast is MUCH deeper than IPS. It's not so much that IPS does colors better, but VA does "darker" better, which inherently...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    definitely agree - this is the first time I've cranked up fov past 110 and it still felt natural biggest adjustment for me is still 16:9 physical size. I want to say that 4K still has more vertical resolution than necessary - but I have used nothing but surround setups and three 21:9 monitors...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    initial impressions after about 6 hours this past weekend (probably 2 of them gaming, BF4) - coming from UM95. Yes, I used tft's color settings - not using this as configured out of the box + wow....VA blacks are vastly better than I was expecting from other forum posts. I just could not...
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    Philips BDM4065UC - 40" 4K 60Hz monitor thread

    mine will be coming in today - hope this is the one I can enjoy long term. I've tried everything else at this point...1080p surround, UM95, 28" 4k g-sync, ROG Swift surround.....none of them satisfying enough
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    Adata SP550 480GB $129.99 @ egg

    I can't find many good reviews on this one...worth the price difference vs an 850 Evo? seems ok in some benches, but way subpar in others
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    Analyst: “Console Installed Base Is As Big As It’s Ever Going To Get”

    except his job is NOT to make market predictions, so I don't see why people over the internet get so up in arms over his it was the terrible production behind that picked/milked stupid, terrible questions that made the show worse over time - which obviously was a theme given...
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    The Disconnect Between Game Reviews And Gamers

    when he left mainstream TV and went to Rev3 Games, he had much less of a PR filter and spoke his mind. he's openly said in longer google hangout discussions that it was a huge, (though welcome) adjustment for him nobody should judge Adam Sessler off his x-play/G4TV material. Go check out Rev3...