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    Need help about possible new build

    So i have a i7 920 I bought in early 2010. So at this point its 6 years old. its oc to 3.4 from 2.6 And has been for the 6 years. I have 12 gig of triple channel memory. Older sata HD, 770 video card. It pretty much does what I want, and plays the games i want no problem, and I play a decent...
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    furmark question

    Do you use the same settings to benchmark as well as the stability test? And what Settings are the norm to use? Thanks!
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    GPU tool, stability test, how long?

    When you guys OC, use GPU tool test for stability option.... how long do you let it run without errors, where you considered it "passed"? Or should I say stable? Thanks!
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    voltage on a 5850

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the acceptable limits of increasing the voltage on the 5850's? I dont want to try it, without a little knowledge of where the upper limit is. Otherwise, Ill just be happy with my 795/1170 for now. Thanks for any help!
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    after market cooling on your 5850? What did you use? Stock plate left on?

    Ok, so after looking at all the cooling solutions for the 5850, I decided to go with the Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro. I know I will have to mod the fins a little around the DVI connector. I plan to try and keep the stock VRM cooling plate on. So heres my question. Has anyone else done this...
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    Sound issues when overclocking my i7 920

    When i got to 3.5-3.6, after a few hours of gaming, my sound goes to crap, hiccups, crackling, etc. Its not heat, its only in the low 50's, and it passes prime no problem, for 12 hours. When i lower it down to 3.4, its fine. I tried adjusting PCI frequency from 32 to 48, then 64, but that did...
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    Video card testing software?

    Is there software that will test your video card for bad pixels, etc, when you OC? Back in the day, ATI used to have a tool, (looked like a fuzzy ball) that it would run, and if it got and error/bad pixel, etc... it would tell you, and thats how you would know you OCed too far. Does...
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    need help with dual monitors.

    I am in win 7. I just upgraded to a 23 inch asus wide screen. When i try to go dual monitors with my existing monitor, a samsung synchmaster 940b, a 19in non wide screen monitor.... the 23inch freaks out, and gets a flicker on the bottom 1/3 of the screen, almost like its trying to load...
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    help overclocking a 5850

    i seem stuck here. I have the ati tool and the msi afterburner. The ati tool, caps the OC at 775 and 1200. I want to push the cash past 775, so i tried using MSI. Msi tool will let me drag the bar past the 775, but it wont stay. Irts like its synched to ATI in some way. Am i doing...
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    overclocking guide for 17 920?

    I thought i saw one on here, but i cant find it. Do you guys have any good links to easy to read, well written, guides to overclocking these chips? Thanks! I have the ASRock X58 Extreme mobo.
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    after market cooler for a 5850?

    It seems to have a lot of head room on my overclock, but man is the fan loud :) Is there any after market coolers for this video card yet? And are they any good?
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    for those using the Cogage true spirit 1366 bolt through kit..

    which one are you using.... the orginal.... or Rev B...
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    looking for a case with a removable cpu backplate

    only one I know for sure that has one, is the corsair one, and im not playing $300 for a case. So if anyone knows of any others, please let me know.
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    looking for help buying a 23 or 24 inch monitor

    Heres the choices I was looking at: This is for a gaming rig, i7,920 5850 video card: 23's: acer: 50000 contrast, but 5ms response time, 300:1 contrast ratio: $180 asus: 20000 contrast, but 2ms response time,300:1 contrast...
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    replacement fan for the Cogage true Spirit?

    I am thinking i want more cooling out of the cooler. So i am thinking about replacing the fan. But, i also dont want it to sound like the old tornado fans either. Anyone have any suggestions what fan to use on this cooler to get better performance out of it, then the stock fan?
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    acceptable i7, 920 temps?

    I cant seem to find the info anywhere, what is the high end temp that its ok to run the i7 at?
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    looking for overclocking monitoring software reccomendations.

    So i have my i7/920 gaming system up and running. 2.66 processor. 6 gigs ocz ram. asrock mobo ati 5850 So now i want to monitor temps for stock for a bit, then OC. Been out of the loop for a while. What are the good temp monitoring software for the CPU and GPU these days...
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    Time for a new video card, a few questions about high end/mod range.

    Ok so im building a new system. i7/920. 6 gigs of ram. Gaming machine. Sorta costing a little more than i want. So have roughly 2 budgets in mind. Around 400, and around 200. What are the best cards at those price points? And at the 200 range, which one would be best to add a...
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    Need help on new build, been out of the game, all this I-5/7,920/30 is confusing!

    Ok, heres my situation. Been using a 939 board forever. Loved that board, best board ever, upgradable, overclockable, from my orginal single cores, all the way up to my opty 185. But, its showing its age. So im starting the beginning stages of trying to do research on what i want to build...
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    CPU temp monitor, that will show in game?

    I know there are GPU temp monitors, where the temp will show in the corner of my screen while im gaming... is there one so i can monitor my CPU temp in the corner of my screen while im gaming? Thanks.
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    need help...min. needed/plugged into a 939mobo to get it to post/show bios?

    having a problem with a brand new mobo posting... Fans turn on(case, cpu, video card), DVD rom kicks on, hard drive clicks and whirls... but nothing ever posts, no video, error, monitor never turns on... Video card, and monitor work on/in another system, so i know they work... trying...
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    s939 new mobo wont post...

    ive but a couple of systems, but never had a problem before... i had an fx-55 lying around, along with 1 gig of ram, 1300pro video card, hard drive and case.... so i decided to buy a mobo,dvd burner and PSU, and make a media PC... so i put it all together.... and... it wont post...
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    Putting Fans in an entertainment center?

    I was just curious if anyone had done this. We bought a new entertainment center, and now the cable box sits inside a closed door... (previously it just sat on top on the small entertainment center) So for some reason I open the glass door to where the cable box is, and holy CRAP its hot in...
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    Antec Laptop Cooler Mod

    A small mod here, nothing like my water cooling, or high end cooling mods... Well heres the deal... i got a laptop from work($100) as they were buying all new ones... its older, p4, 2.8, 60 gig HD, 512 ram, it also came with a free wireless card and bag. Its a generic brand, So all in all, i...
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    digital camera $150-$200 advice.

    I need to replace my digital camera. I have a Nikon 4600. I liked it for its ease of use and size. I am looking for a replacement in the 150-200 price range. I am a point and shoot kind of guy. I like a camera thats easy to use. Some other features I like is image stabliation, micro...
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    gaming headphones, 5.1?

    Well i recently had to move my computer, and now its much closer to our bedroom, and the wife is complaining about the noise. So i was wondering do they make good gaming headphones? Where would you buy one? Any ideas and reccomendations would be great!
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    My awful ZipZoomFly experience

    So I ordered 2 sticks of Ram from ZZF. I have problems with them, and they wont work in my system. Becuase of Thanksgiving, I am one day late on their "memory can only be returned for a refund within 15 days". Serveral emails(where i was told they couldn't do anything for me) and 20 phone calls...
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    8800 GTS, 97.44 drivers, and keeping OC after reboot

    Does anyone know of a way to keep the OC? Its a pain having to redo it with ntune after reboot... just wondering if anyone else has come across a way to do it! Thanks!
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    overclocking my 8800gts, how long to run atitool?

    Ok a quick question guys. I have never used atitool before, I always used rivertuner, coolbits, and experttool to play with and test my OC( i have always owned Nvidia) So now that atitool is the only way to tst and check for artifacts.. How long to you let it run without errors, before...
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    fan control for 8800 GTS, Ntune, rivertuner, Speedfan?

    What do you guys use to control your GPU fan? Ntune doesn't seem to hold my fan settings after reboot. THat normal? And will Rivatuner or speed fan control better, hold the setting? thanks.
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    rivatuner question

    I cant remember whow to turn it on this function in rivatuner anymore... I had to reinstall it, becuase of the refresh I did in windows, and all the crap i had to do to get my 8800 GTS working.. but there was a setting in there, that when activated you could monitor your GPU temps in game...
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    Monitoring software for CPU temps and Frame Rates while gaming

    I would like ot know if there is any software out there that will monitor CPU temps and frame rates while I game, or display while I am gaming. Same goes for my GPU, though i dont think there is anything yet for the 8800 series. Thanks for any info!
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    8800 GTS Temp monitoring and OC question

    Well now that my 8800 GTS is up and running... i have a few questions.. Do you have to download ntunes to monitor and record temps and OC? Or will other programs do this for you.. I was using expert tool before and or coolbits, but neither work now. Thanks for any info any one has.
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    My 8800 GTS story...

    So my motherboard fried, and thought, well, time to go PCIe.... and built a new system, and got a evga 8800 gts. used driver cleaner for old driver, installed card, put in the 97.44 drivers from NVidia.... and i cant play any game, or run 3dmark06 without a whole system freeze...
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    looking for "older" 8800 drivers, need to try them, as my card is still not working

    Any knoe know were I can get the other 8800 drivers? I cant seem to find them anywhere... I have tried 97.44 and 97.28... any where I can get the older ones? thanks!
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    8800gts problem, cant finish 3dmark06, or start any game

    So i upgraded to a pcie mobo... MSI K8n SLI-F, from an MSI AGP one. Also went from a A64 3000, to an fx 55, added 2 more sticks of OCZ 512 mem (2-3-2-5) to what I already had (ocz 2x512 2x2x2x5), also added an extra SATA hard drive. I have an OCZ 520 powerstream PSU. 2 optical drives, 2 hard...
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    92mm fans? Any round ups out there? Looking for suggestions

    i see tons of round up and reviews for 80mm and 120mm's.... but not for 92.... i need a 92mm So im looking for a 92mm that pumps good air for as quiet as possible... looking for 50 plus CFM fans for as quiet as possible. Any ideas out there I would appreciate them!
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    After market air cooling on a 8800GTS, any using any?

    Just curious if anyone is using any after market cooling on their 8800GTS, and their results... in fact im not even sure there is any?! So be good to see what people are doing out there to keep this hot card cool on air.
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    Ewiz, anyone bought from them?

    They had the best price on the MOBO i wanted, anyone bought from them before? Thanks!
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    Changing MSI mobo's nforce 3 ultra to a nforce 4 SLI

    Now MSI has its own updater etc, works great... but i have never switched Mobos and kept the same hard drive before... Am I going to need ot do anything in windows, etc... Or pretty much will everything be ok if I swap mobos and just boot up? thanks for any tips and hints I really...