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    Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again (Dec 10th now)

    I wish I worked in an industry where release dates and fixes can just be magically pushed back and have people defend them. I wonder how many people paid 150-200% prices for 30X0 Nvidia cards to play this game at launch.
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    CD PROJEKT RED Mandates Six-Day Work Weeks Ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch

    Your comparison is flawed as the warehouse worker scenario is the worker being lazy or weak for the job they applied for. The thread at hand is about workers being forced to work longer hours than agreed to during employment. Yes its possible they are hourly, yes its possible they get paid...
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    CD PROJEKT RED Mandates Six-Day Work Weeks Ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch

    That is the problem. People know they can't fight back without any retaliation in todays work climate.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 PC System Specs released

    CDPR has a pretty efficient engine. Also recommended specs are usually 1080p for the masses not trying to strive for max visuals. Although mentioning a 3200g is quite a stretch I think.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I represent the cheap crew in that I never spend more than $250 on video cards. I'll be on the lookout for 2060/70's to replace my lowly 1060. PSU can't handle these new power hungry cards anyways.
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    Borderlands 3

    Yeah I heard about that change. I'm not willing to play gun spamalot and review a couple hundred junk weaps for one possible good one when I don't need it. Maybe when the level cap goes to 70 and my OPQ is no longer viable. It still hurts that all sniper rifles are relatively useless in...
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    Borderlands 3

    Other than the boss fights, the DLC is fine. Not done yet but very near end, finishing up side quests. Ranks 3rd overall of the DLC's released. The loot system needs a heavy revamp. Through all of the mobs, with M10 lootsplosion I have gotten 7 weapon legendaries to fall. 7. I have had...
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    Is this possible?

    Can't you just run a line out from the external pc card as a input to the anthem?
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    Outriders (Bulletstorm developer)

    First thing I thought of when watching that gameplay demo was UT3 graphics with Wolfenstein game ideology, which is not a good thing. I don't see any amazing SFX, just a bunch of noise and dull surroundings. Graphics aside as that's 25% concern of purchase for me: The game looks very slow in...
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    The front panel header and what sound card it uses

    I don't understand the lesser quality per sound card statements. It uses whatever the header is jacked to. I never use the front headers as those cheap components and skinny little wires running past all the internal case EMI would decrease quality.
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    things covid has taught me... closed headphones save marriages? BT headphone adapters are kewl.

    Only real downfall of closed from a non sound personal preference is ear heat/sweat. Especially if the ear pads are vinyl or other less breathable material. I still use open ears mostly but I thankfully have a separate "office" so I can close the door which is solid core and rubber strip...
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    Dead - Ryzen 5 3600 - $159.99

    The order I placed yesterday with Newegg charged no sales tax at all. Also, I get 5% back on Amazon purchases so that has to be accounted for as well and tax there is under 6%. I compared in great detail last night and my mobo/cpu/mem/psu order was $7 cheaper through egg/amazon delivered to my...
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    Dead - Ryzen 5 3600 - $159.99

    Sucks that the MC near me charges 10-11% sales tax making the mobo combo deal lukewarm compared to having it delivered from online retailers.
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    Folding@home top 10 teams

    Thanks. I'm in this for hope it helps solve any human health issue. If the team doesn't get any more points or recognition, the minor "rewards" from folding are not relevant. I'll leave things as they are.
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    Far Cry 6

    Absolutely needless. It was just like Wolfenstein Youngblood, a series brick wall. If the intent was additional roles of females in gaming, they certainly fumbled that.
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    Far Cry 6

    FC5 is well worth $10. New Dawn - eh.
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    Folding@home top 10 teams

    I'm about to hit 100mil for Team 33. Started once Covid hit the work list. Its small pennies compared to the juggernauts on the team but hope it helps the numbers. I have 2 CPU's and 2 GPU's right now. I need to read up on the cure coin...
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    How to identify and correct errors that show on log events

    Check for recent Windows updates in the time frame issue started, if one was applied, remove it, see if it helps. The next time the system restarts, check for any logging before the timestamp of reboot. The way you have the errors shown isn't all the helpful. I would certainly look at the...
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    Quite possible, I don't know. I havent played a sports game since Playstation 1 days.
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    Far Cry 6

    The only FarCry I skipped was Primal. For those asking for reboots, Im curious what could be changed that wouldnt ruin the title. FarCry is like Metro, GTA, Borderlands and Tomb Raider to me. It has its feel, its known play style and known feature set and they don't really stray from that...
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    'NBA 2K21' Will Cost $70 USD for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Is this the new normal?

    I'm waiting for the day in game advertising and load screen ads takes over to offset the cost of the game no one will pay for. I'm honestly shocked it has taken over already. Netflix, Prime, Youtube, Hulu etc etc have fallen to it. Speaking of NBA, they caved and put ads on players' jerseys...
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    Atari VCS Console Finally Set To Release

    How on earth does an Atari emulator require such horsepower to nearly compete with low end NUCS in that price bracket? Very odd - the unit seems far more than whats needed to run the system but undersized for a decent HTPC once modded/hacked. 32GB storage..... silly.
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    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    Give me my 3.5mm headphone port back and you can keep the earpods. Also, cut down on the rediculous packaging, especially at brick and mortars where you leave with phone in your pocket.
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    Fallout 76

    I appreciate the response but no way in this planet am I paying a monthly fee to play the game solo. The amount of hours I put into FO 3/NV/4 each would result in hundreds of dollars in rentals. I will not support a money grab like this. FO76 was built initially MP. I get that. Outcry came...
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    Fallout 76

    So I finally tried the game and as I feared, the multiplayer ruined the game for my playstyle. I explore slow/stealth and check out all storage locations for loot and mats. I also try to sneak kill everything vs guns blazing. When I left the vault, I went to talk to the robot who tells you...
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    Diablo 4 - The Real Official Thread

    Basically the same as Greed the Vault boss thats been in D3 for years.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I agree on both statements. I have negatives to say about D3 now and in the past but I have certainly got my money out of it. Queue up some music, start up game and let the mind go while dungeon clearing.
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    Let's Talk IPV6

    You aren't a sys/network admin are you. You are also very short sighted. Why does NAT exist in the first place? IPV4 was short sighted and assumptive on being enough address space for the future. You speak of a person as an entire internet entity, and that is ridiculously wrong. I forsee an...
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    One of my two SSIDs continually loses connectivity

    As others eluded, replacement necessary. Your nighthawk is either overheating or going dead. As a previous owner of a R7000, Im not surprised. Now a Unifi owner.
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    One of my two SSIDs continually loses connectivity

    Yeah, need more info here. You only mention modems, so I'm making assumptions here to. Are you saying that: Internet runs on a combo Modem/Wifi Router #1 - with no other network appliances downstream and 5G fails to ALL devices, 2.4 is fine. Then you swapped out to Modem/Wifi Router #2, also...
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    Madison Heights Microcenter has 10600K in stock (x6) $319.99 + tax SOLD OUT

    I can agree with everything you mention here. AMD still has a long road before their video cards are near NVidia level. I however have joined the AMD bandwagon again for CPU's and so far have not been disappointed. Have a 2600, 2600x and a 1920x, which is mainly just to throw some dollars at...
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    Do you feel gamers have become "soft?"

    Most people under 35 have become soft. Whiny, bitchy, I want it my way or else bipolar self centered individuals. Gamers can just anonomously express it stronger. Those over 35 are wearing down trying to deal with them.
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    5.1 / 7.1 gaming (speakers) - worth it?

    If that question wasn't sarcasm, I applaud him/her for survivng the world this long.
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    Borderlands 3

    I agree. This level reminds me of a Left 4 Dead type level. You have a timed based goal and hoards of enemies constantly respawning. What is the patch supposed to address? Playing solo, I had no chance of clearing M8 or higher as I simply ran out of ammo/time, my weaps are not top tier...
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    Borderlands 3

    Initial impressions: I went in playing with no changes to my kit post patch. 7993 opq with 200% fade dmg, yellowcake 42x1, cold lob and sandhawk. - All normal game bosses are slightly easier on M10. Not a lot of course but I had to spend less time to kill them. Did Mouthpiece, Killavolt...
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    Borderlands 3

    OPQ and cold LOB are my primary kit with Flak/Fade. The Sandhawk was a boss only spammer to drop my cooldown on crit so I can use fade with OPQ/Lob or FFYL recovery. The yellowcake..... I'm either using it as a dolt or I just don't understand but it would be so random in its damage...
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    Borderlands 3

    Patch Notes - Yellowcake, Sandhawk, Kaoson (which I never got to drop) have all been nerfed. OPQ not mentioned. Other SMG's got boosts as well as some annointments. They also dropped the Health/shield bonus...
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    Question about laptops connected to projectors

    If you have an older laptop I assume you will be using VGA as the video output? If so, that will be a bigger deficit than a color profile. That said - The projector will be a second monitor to the laptop, it has no tie in to the main laptop screen unless you do a screen duplication. If you...
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    *Dead* AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ($163)

    I'm with Spartacus here. Yeah I get the whole "MC is always brought up in CPU deals threads" but it has value to mention. MC is a better company to support than Walmart MC will bundle motherboards. If you need one, definitely worth a drive. Along with any other parts you need. I personally...
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    Borderlands 3

    I did 12 runs of Kata at M10 last night and got 1 SandHawk. Gave up after that. Such an annoying battle sequence. Got a 9826x9 84% cryo but no crit damage, 2 ammo per shot and a useless rakk attack anoint. Im not trying for more, what an aggravating waste of time. How are you one shoting...