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    Ebay auctions subforum question

    Is that a 1 post per user type deal? I have a keyboard to sell and not sure if it belongs in it's own post or if it would be better if I add it to the one I already made for the video card.
  2. J

    Sold (US-TX) GTX 1050 TI OC Mini by Zotac w/ 4GB VRAM

    Sold. I relisted the card for $35 less and added more shipping options. Hard forum members can have another $10 off just use the best offer button. Here is the feedback from the last graphics card that I sold here. (750ti) "Great seller! Exactly as...
  3. J

    Do I need to request permission to post in the trade forum?

    I'm at 100 posts and it says I cant.
  4. J

    PCM vs RAW when using an optical cable

    My receiver does not have hdmi in only optical. I have read a lot of articles about this and most mention that PCM can only do 2 channels over optical, but it is confusing because I seem to actually be getting surround sound. My TV has PCM or RAW options. On RAW setting the range feels more...
  5. J

    Is there a way to hook up a 750ti to an old optiplex motherboard?

    I'm not sure if it supports pcie. I was thinking if it's a dedicated miner then it might not necessarily need a high bus speed so there may be alternatives not normally used for the gpu.
  6. J

    Selling my 750Ti

    My favorite card of all time, it still holds the record for best video card under 60watts if I'm not mistaken. I love the thing but I want some money towards an upgrade.
  7. J

    Just want to make sure I'm not blind.

    There's not an offtopic or general subforum right?
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    I need the schematics for this motherboard, no video after short

    Anyone know where I can get the schematics to the motherboard of an HP envy x 360 touchsmart 15 u010dx? It's like a $300 part and I want to try and do component level repair on it. Everything works 100% except the internal lcd after my friend put the keyboard tray in upside down.
  9. J

    Which components should I test to help diagnose this laptop video problem? It works w/ hdmi only.

    My buddy was attempting to replace his keyboard and said he accidentally let some metal make contact with the main board. Afterwards he can only use hdmi to his TV and the internal screen never lights up at all. I took it apart and thoroughly tested the cables. I was hoping to find a short in...
  10. J

    I'm thinking of getting some data recovery equipment for EMMC chips, is that still a thing? Looks like it will be at least $60 to break into this field. I still need to get a decent microscope also, like this...
  11. J

    {Note to mods: please move if there is a firmware section} Make USB drive report as flash?

    I have a device that does not "support" external usb hdd, but I know there should be a way to modify something on the usb disk to have it report as a flash drive. I believe I did it once before but it was a very long time ago. The drive is a 4TB Lacie Porsche Design drive, and ideally I would...
  12. J

    Best All-in-One Device for Vehicles?

    My buddy spent like $40 on a backup cam system for his truck, and I kind of feel bad for him. Couldn't he get something more in the $100 range that would also hookup to a camera, and also be usable as a dedicated GPS unit until reverse gear is detected somehow? And why stop there, with the...
  13. J

    Modding 2.4ghz wireless mouse to use Bluetooth

    I am looking for a hardware tinkering project to start on, and would like to learn how to modify firmware and write drivers. Does anyone have experience with this? I have a 2.4ghz wireless mouse that uses pairing with a USB dongle and I'd like to be able get rid of the transceiver and use...
  14. J

    Need a little help getting smooth 4k playback on HEVC

    Older video card and cpu, but I am able to do 4k gaming on this rig so I'd think that video would be a breeze. An interesting thing of note is that the video is smoother if I set the process to RealTime in windows but the audio stutters, so putting it on High seems to have the best overall...
  15. J

    General Power question, can a 10% over-amp fry a drive?

    I ordered a 2A adapter. Didn't pay attention when it arrive, plugged external HD in --- poof smoke. Drive lights up but not detected by OS anymore. I look on the adapter and it says 2.2A... when the drive specifies 2A. I complained to the seller because they listed it as 2A, but they claim this...
  16. J

    Why does Eyefinity require an active adapter?

    Just curious why you have to buy an ACTIVE (expensive) adapter for setups that don't involve DP monitors. I don't understand why my HD5850 needs an extra 5V just to send that 3rd signal... it already gets a ton of juice from the dual-6-pin power supply connections. Plus that extra 5V is coming...
  17. J

    Which of these should I buy for reading a SAS drive from Windows Desktop? If either of...
  18. J

    Where can I post for prompt, expert advice?

    I don't mind paying if it is good help and it is today. I didn't have much luck in the Data Storage section on here. Did get randomly flamed tho, that was fun!
  19. J

    SAS Troubles...

    I have a SAS drive that I am trying to get data off of. It is a STS373454SS. I purchased this cable I bought an identical drive as well to do a circuit board swap. I can't get this drive to spin at all. I've tried 2 molex power...