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    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Editions Blu-ray - Amazon Gold Box $37.99

    Thanks. I made the stupid idea of buying it with star wars 6 movie pack and selecting to mail them together (also selected slowest shipping speed)
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    The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Extended Editions Blu-ray - Amazon Gold Box $37.99

    Has anyone's order shipped yet? I bit and still nothing.
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    Mario Kart 8 - Amazon Sell Out

    I'm surprised I haven't seen this in this thread or having its own thread.... what do you guys think of the battle system? From what I've read/viewed they absolutely butchered the battle system. I expect the rest of the game to be awesome and I will buy it, but battle was my favorite part of the...
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    Netflix's ISP Speed Index For January 2014

    Umm... I have Comcast 50 meg service and I can barely stream sd video from Netflix (I'm assuming it's the wireless on my modem or my entire modem is bad but moving soon so not going to switch it out) not everyone on Comcast gets great service though. I couldn't even stream streams on...
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Anyone think doom pack will go back on sale for $5? I missed the flash sale of it and haven't seen it back yet.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    In for kotor 2 and max payne 3 today
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    What's the game you could play over and over?

    Dragon Age Origins Super Metroid Mario 3 Mario RPG Zelda: Link to the Past Shining Force 2 Mario 64
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    We'll see what happens!
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    WiiU Preorder up now

    I was debating preordering at walmart and then just reread the page. "Preorder this today and it should ship on 12/31/2012" WTF?
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    How about everyone chill out about bashing other posters geographic locations. Google picked Kansas City. Get over it. They may come to your area next or never at all. Making fun of another place just because you don't want to live there will not change this. There are poor and rich areas of...
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    Kansas City Residents Slow to Sign Up for Google Fiber

    Do families who signed up for the $300 install for free net for 7 years count into that figure? Even poor areas should switch to that if they have net since it comes out to under $4/month while mediacom charges 53. They should really expand this to towns in the KC metro area... Most of Kansas...
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    Galaxy S3 battery !!?

    I would not recommend that... I could never switch back to 4g and got a tiny fraction of 3g speeds with it installed. It actually destroyed my sim card and I had to get a new one from the nearest verizon store.
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    Best Case/Screen Protector for Galaxy S3

    Hopefully someone will be willing to help a noob out. I just ordered the GS3 and have never had a smartphone before. I really like the look of for the case which was mentioned earlier in this thread. I came upon this...
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    Never owned a smartphone, what carrier for me?

    I am strongly considering getting a Galaxy S3 when they release. I am currently living in the Kansas City area. Sprint says it plans to rollout 4g LTE in Kansas City sometime during the middle part of this year. The Galaxy S3 apparently only has 4g LTE so I would be stuck on 3g until they make...
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    Broadcasters Sue Dish Over Ad-Skipping DVR Service

    You can if you record it yourself. The debate here is over their contract for VOD. I don't believe there would be an issue if Dish somehow made this service able to detect commercials and did this for recordings you set up yourself. From what I read it sounds like Dish is in the wrong here from...
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    Nintendo Loses Half A Billion Bucks

    They just did R & D on their latest console without selling any yet. It's not surprising at all that they they are losing money right now. As soon as they start selling millions upon millions of Wii Us they will be golden again. The lure of the newest Mario in HD will draw tons of people I'm sure.
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    Devs Say Wii U Weaker Than Current Consoles

    That was NEVER their audiance with the Wii. That's like me making the argument that if you base the PS3's success rate off of people without tvs living in 3rd world countries, I guarantee that it would have failed miserably.
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    Walmart To Let Cash-Only Customers Shop Online

    I know the part Steve quoted said or, but it means they do not have either. If they had one or the other they would not need this option. This is for people who don't have a credit card AND don't have a debit card.
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    Blue vertical line problem on lcd?

    bump, no one has any ideas? I looked closer and on a white background it turns yellow. The line stretches from the bottom of the screen to just shy of the top of the monitor and is 1 or 2 pixels wide.
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    Blue vertical line problem on lcd?

    I have a dell U2311h monitor that I've owned for just over a year. Yesterday a blue vertical line appeared approximately 1/3 of the distance across the screen from the left side. This remains on the screen for any color other than white. The monitor is supposed to have a 3 year warranty. Is...
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    What If The Internet Went Down?

    From those who say read a book... I read books on my kindle. Without the internet I can't get new books on it :mad:
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    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    How? I did the thing and still can't see what they gave me and now simply getting an oop sorry a problem occured on the gift page.
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    Steam 2011 Holiday Sale is here!!

    Says I have a gift but then when I click says I don't. Wow their servers are getting hammered... took me 4 tries to even get this far.
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Speakers - $94.99 + FS at Best Buy

    You guys convinced me to bite. I have had my sound card out of my system ever since I did my new build months ago and been using onboard with crappy speakers. Decided to throw sound card back in (MUCH better than onboard) and order this.
  25. J

    Steam Halloween Sale 2011

    Bit on borderlands Fear pack Dungeons penumbra pack terraria vampire: the masquerade bloodlines Not bad for around $40 for that many games
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    What is considered a "Golden Chip"for 2500k??

    This thread makes me sad. I pushed my chip to 4 gig (2500k) and it's stable on stock voltage and never even attempted higher.
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    Hydragrid missing from CCC now?

    Thanks, I figured somehow I was just missing it. No idea it was a separate download. I tried googling but failed to see that ><
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    Hydragrid missing from CCC now?

    I had my computer set up with an eyefinity profile months ago and then took it off. Now when I go into ccc and enable an eyefinity group again I cannot find hydragrid to help arrange webpages etc. I even read the help file on where hydragrid is supposed to be in ccc and it is not listed. Does...
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    Is Eyefinity + Crossfire Possible?

    What power supply is that? Can you link to specs on newegg. 1000w should be fine as long as the power supply is decent.
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    An Apology From Netflix and a Name Change

    I didn't read this whole thread so not sure if anyone else mentioned this yet. This is just another example of giving the customers less. If you had the 3 dvd at a time plan before you got 3 streams. Now that the companies are separate even if you subscribe to streaming and get 4 dvds at a time...
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    2nd DEAD P67A-GD55 WTH

    You don't even list what power supply you have in your sig unless I'm just missing it. I would assume it is your power supply killing components and not 2 bad motherboards in a row.
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    Games as a kid you got but were bad but you had to stick with.

    Are you kidding me? That game is awesome. Granted, if I paid $50 for it it may seem a little lacking and repetitive.
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    PSU for OC'd i5, 2x SSD, 1 HD and optical and 2x EVGA 570s

    Corsair AX series is just a rebadged seasonic x series power supply. If you liked the idea of the AX850 you should still like the unit that is the seasonic x850 and it's not giving business to corsair.
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    New gaming rig, couple of questions

    Danny Bui, thank you for all of your help on this. I thought about not posting what had happened but should admit when I did something dumb so so you know how this turned out. I had reinstalled windows 7 and the default setting for power saving is to have the computer sleep after an hour. I'm...
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    Budget Gaming Build

    If he is close enough to get to one the i2500k is 180 there and until the end of the month (tomorrow, I realize it's not much time) they have save 40 on any motherboard and cpu combo and also there is an msi mail in rebate for 20 off. If you can get there tomorrow it should let you save quite a bit.
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    New gaming rig, couple of questions

    Did that and ran prime95 for 12 hours. Everything was still fine. At this point I'm starting to wonder if it was just a power fluctuation fluke in my home and that's what turned off the computer. I have both computer hooked back up like normal now and running prime95 again with my new components.
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    New gaming rig, couple of questions

    Did this with an i3 2100, micro H61 motherboard, single hdd attached, geforce 260 and no case fans and the system ran for 12 hours with no errors. I'm wondering if I should swap the 6970 into this computer to tax the power supply more and run the test again? Or should I go ahead and hook the...
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    New gaming rig, couple of questions

    I ended up going ahead and buying an i2500k, P67 GD65 and H60 cooler. I installed and everything booted up fine, updated windows fine. I ran prime95 blend test for 2 hours and warmest any of the cores ever got was 53. So far so good. I then set it up to do a blend torture test overnight and...