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    Single-Loop Limitations? Have I reached it? CPU, GPU, MB, GUP?

    Now for a really off the wall question. Do you think that the OP would be helped by using the Primochill Typhoon III Dual Bay Reservoir (I don't think it would be as good as having two independent loops). Could the OP put the 2x GPU's in one parallel loop and the CPU in the other parallel loop...
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    Please help me select a kit

    I agree that the MCP655 pump (Laing D5) would have no problems pushing water thru a 360 rad (even with a highly restrictive CPU WB and GPU WB) ;) Like maeveth suggested above , I also think you'd be better off just building a DIY (do it yourself) water cooling loop. I think it would be...
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    Swiftech MCR320 Questions/Loop Options

    Please post the results and whatever cures you find. ;) I am very curious as to the efficiency of stack configured radiators. Although my confuration ATM is external and I'm only cooling a low TDP 8800GS with a MCW60-R WB and only a MCR220 rad. I'm currently trying to upgrade my boxen to a GTX...
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    Buying a new battery

    Hmm.., I think if you're carefull researching the seller it would be OK to buy a battery off of Ebay. I've purchased a D610 DFS factory refurb off of Ebay ($250 bucks and change), a nc6000 ($74 bucks and change) I also purchased a new battery, 2 GiGs of RAM and a 40 GB HD for it off of Ebay. I...
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    Couple of WC Questions

    In all honesy I don't see where adding Pentosin or organic food coloring (which may or may not attract plant or animal life) has much difference in hassle :rolleyes:. Just the chance of it even remotely it being a benefit to my expensive WCing pumps by lubricating them apeals to me :p...
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    Changing coolant

    I've read many posts that range from 6x months to, now in this thread, 18x-24x months. I just assume anyone that used a short cycle (6x-8x months) didn't use an expensive factory made coolent in their loops (which IMHO, is a waste of $ and distilled water, PT Nuke make the best coolents for...
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    Couple of WC Questions

    On the whether to use Pentosin or not. I've always been under the impression that adding a couple of drops of PT Nuke or a biocide addititive to distilled water was sufficient for any WC'ing loop that didn't have mixed metals or was used in a sub zero environment. Plus the added precaution of...
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    seems toasty for thermalright

    I don't have any real world experience with the i7 CPU, because I don't have one yet (I don't really HT, so I'm lookin' at the 1156 skt i5) . I have been taught that load temps were the critical temp to pay attention to. IMO, a load temp of never higher than 60c to 63c isn't a problem for a...
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    Help me building a liquid cooling system

    Please check out the list below, by nalfjhy of OCN (, IMO, it answers just about any question you have about component suitability (price and which pump goes with which rad, tube, rez, etc :D) Originally Posted by nafljhy View Post Here is my list as a reference: CPU...
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    Happy Windows 7! How'd your install go?

    It can really be confusing sometimes :rolleyes: here's how I understand it : beta (1,2, into infinity), RC (release candidate, only one for Win7, RC1), RTM (Release to Manufacturer or Ready to Manufacture, I don't know which, it's the finiished product it just needs DVD pressing) and last, but...
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    I need a little advice

    Err...Ah, I appologise if I wasn't too clear in my first post. LOL, I like that "impulse buying" crap :p I was mostly investing in a thing called "education" ;) I've never had the opportunity to explore the insides of a laptop (I've probably built 50 desktops and when the Chimp Challenge...
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    Happy Windows 7! How'd your install go?

    I can't believe how great the Win7 OS is. I'm one of the WinXP holdouts (both WinXP x64 and WinXP 32) I went from the beta to the RC1 in both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions. (for a Q6600 w/ 8 GIGs of PC6400 RAM and a nc6000 wireless laptop w/ only 768 MB's of PC2700 RAM) :) One of the things...
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    Low Budget Laptop Advice

    I'll admit I'm kinda' new to the World of laptop/notebooks/netbooks and I use my lappy for mediorcre things like emailing, DVD playin', surfing the Net to keep from interupting either one of my 2x WC'ed Q6600 G0's from their 24/7 DCing jobs. I'll also admit I went as cheaply and reliable as I...
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    I need a little advice

    I use my laptops for pretty much just surfing the Net, emailing and watching DVD's. ATM I have 2x water cooled Q6600 G0's that I try to keep DCing 24/7 without interuption (unfortunately they're temporarily shut down to upgrade and save on electricity and ACing in the summer) ATM I have 2x...
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    Congrats to Zero! Hard DC'er of the Month: July 2009

    CONGRATS to the max Zero, bein' elected "nomero uno" in the "Hard DC'er of the Month" by some very experienced peeps ain't nothin' to be sneezed at :D Oh yeah, a thousand pardons (I know excuses are like butt holes) for my boxen bein' outa' contention ATM :(
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    SMP won't run

    Oh yeah, I not only deleted the install folder I deleted the registry entries also ( another 92% shot in the A hole) ;). I redownloaded a new copy of the install program to make sure I had an uncorrupted install file. (the older one) After a second unsuccessful attempt I just said frig it and...
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    SMP won't run

    Oops, dual posts :(
  18. J

    SMP won't run

    Yeah, I had the same problem and I did the same reinstallation stuff (in fact twice) :eek: The only difference is I don't game and I shut the WinSMP client, running on a Q6600 G0 quad and a eVGA 8800GS, water cooled, down briefly for news videos. :( HELP :) EDIT: The boxen is running...
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    Well pooo ...

    LOL, I love that title brother/sister ThreeDee :p On the freakin' power bill thing, I think most of us have a concern about the power bill, especially those of us that are forced to use ACing to survive the horrible heat waves (and of course, those of us that don't own the power company, aren't...
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    Re-joining the Fold again

    Welcome back brother tkam:p Welcome to a group of peeps doin' their best to help medical science find some cures We can all certainly appreciate an dividual like you contributing mucho DCing pernts to the mighty [H]orde team 33 :)
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    Help me not be a noob!

    Thank for joining the mighty [H]orde brother/sister saedrin :D Don't sweat the "noob" thing too much, even Einstein was a 'noob" in math compared to God. (or whomever or whatever you claim as a higher power) There shore is some mighty good advice in this thread. Some of this teams dudes and...
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    Cancer sucks

    Yeah brother Pocatello, my prayers are with you and your family :). My heart felt condolences for the loss of your Grandfather :( I honestly hope your father gets some appropriate treatment and whips cancers a$$ :) I kind of know where you're coming from because I lost my real mother in '67 to...
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    Congratulations lassiterb --- Hard DC'er of the Month June 2009

    CONGRATS to the max lassiterb :eek: Thanks for folding and thanks for foldin' for the mighty [H]orde Oh yeah, that's some ramp up :p
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    GPU Card Debate

    Good luck Jathanis with makin' one 6 pin connecter out of a single split 4 pin molex. I was under the impression using two 4 pin molex lines gave you more amperage :confused: Would someone please clarify why just a split 4 pin molex would work just as good as two separate 4 pin molex :) Oh...
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    2 B tomorrow

    Wow :eek: Two BILLION pernts, not too shabby :p Nice goin' there boys and girls of the World's numero uno folding team, the mighty [H]orde team 33
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    whats up with points??

    Hey brother Vaulter98c give the URL I posted below a shot, they seem to be pretty much up to date ;)
  27. J

    Congratulations on LAST PLACE!

    Ah.....scheech :o, it surely do remind me of the old truthful "the winners keep on a' winning and even OCAU wins sometimes (err.., I mean loosers win sometime ) :p Ya know, where I come from "talk is cheap and bragging is even cheaper" ;) Whose the numero uno of the whole freakin' folding...
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    Saw this and thought I'd share...

    Hey, I just checked out that pic :eek: Thanks a million for posting it tsuehpsyde :D While it might not have anything to do with the Stanford F@H project, it shore do for some of use ;)
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    Time to get off the high horse

    Hmm..., from my limited experience this pernt spread deal is pretty cyclical. I think the thing that separates the mighty [H]orde team 33 from many other teams is we're lucky enough to have some old time consistent folders (old timers) :D With so many "old timers" AFAIK our production remains...
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    cutting up a GPU to fit in the shorter PCIx slots

    I second this, just make sure your dremel-fu is strong, you have plenty of chickens to sacrifice and you're up on your prayers to the computer Gods :rolleyes: Probably the last, but not least suggestion, in the suggestion department, just get the right card to fit in the right slot, d'oh :p...
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    New #1 for the [H]orde!

    `CONGRATS ROC :p Hey do you guys even have gravity way up there :confused:
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    I WILL be a DC'er!

    WELCOME to the addiction dot_Zen, if you ever have anymore questions concerning DCing, of any flavor, this forum is the place to get it answered ;) Hell, we's even got our own VJ Pande, Stanford Univ., folding BS translator (PBST inc.) by the name of Xilikon. (I know it's a dirty job, but...
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    VJ Pande Blog - 6/17/2008

    Yeah, I'm all for a WinSMP2 with all the benefits of LinSMP :eek: It just seems to me that a lot of peeps can't or don't want to use Linux as their main operating system (especially since Win 7). Myself I have and would like to use the LinSMP client, but ATM (for F@H) I might as well just...
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    Folding on Core i7 and Windows 7 RC

    I really don't know "jack" about the "virtualization method" (I'm in no way disparaging brother capreppy's teriffic guide) ;). I do know, for a fact, you can use both the F@H GPU2 client and the F@H WinSMP clients in Win 7 RC 64 bit :D. I have been using GPU2 with a 8800GS and WinSMP with a...
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    Finally back up and running

    Holy crapo arnemetis :eek: I ain't never seed mofets do that before either :confused: I honestly hope I never do :) It's good to hear you're back up and DCing :p Err...., you gots to stop celebrating the 4th of July so early with the fire (pun not intended) works (wait till' the 4th, only...
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    What is Folding and why does it matter?

    Hey thanks Alpha736 for the heads up on the Bit Check site :p. I signed up to their forum and read some of the articles on the main page. Some of the things the articles made clearer to me were just how small our planet really is (no one is exempt), the great strides medical science can make...
  37. J

    What is Folding and why does it matter?

    Yeah, it may take a while, but that old sayin' "the longest journey begins with the first step" (or something along those lines) has always made sense to me The way it looks we's gota' start sometime and as far as I'm concerned that sometime is NOW :D THANKS for DCing ;)
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    BOINC / SETI@Home question.

    Brother/Sister criccio brother Razor_FX_II is 100% accurate (as usual concerning anything to do with DCing ;)). Before I got into this summer time temperature situation I had two dedicated Q6600 G0's with low TDP GPU's crunching 24/7 (a 8800GS + a 9600GSO) On the boxen I shut down I was running...
  39. J

    Bought a GTX 275, what to expect?

    Wow natermeister :eek: Please post your specs on folding with that nice GPU card :p That thing should really blow your shoe's off compared to a 8800GT :D