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    HTC Evo 4G + Android 2.2?

    Hey, Just wondering, will the 4G Evo fully support Froyo? -Thanks
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    gotta say it -- iPhone4 fail this morning

    I think Motorola Shadow is coming out next month but that's it I thought? The next set of HTC phones is coming out later on (like octoberish?)
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    gotta say it -- iPhone4 fail this morning

    What bothers me about iPhone 4g is: 1. why cant apple include a MICRO-SD slot so you can put a cheap 32gb microsd card? I mean they charge $100 upgrade fee from 16gb to 32gb. a 32gb microsd doesn't cost $100 and it's Tiny. this is just greed from apple's side. 2.AT&T internet is now prty...
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    Creating a backup Image of the OS installation..?

    Hey, Does anyone know the best way to go around creating a backup image of an OS installation. Say I just formatted with Win Xp (or w/e) and installed all the apps. Can I create a carbon copy backup image of that in say another partition so that I can reinstall from that partition if need be...
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    A Look into the Chinese Cyber-Invasion

    Anyone with a goodjob still has health insurance...and the job situation is no where as bad as other places like Spain where there is already a 17% unemployment. Overall, the economy is really not doing all that horrible so please stop making ignoring blanket statements like "economy sucks.."...
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    A Look into the Chinese Cyber-Invasion

    We need to mechanize these types of jobs. For example, I can't understand why we need people to take toll at major bridges, like the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. We should encourage technology and advancements like fastTrack and other automations. Would probably lower bridge tolls at...
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    Mac OS X Flaws...Need Your Opinions?

    My friend decided to give Mac a try last summer to access features such as the Unix shell and applications like Textmate. After 6 months of using it ,however, some flaws (especially in the UI) just became too apparent and he decided to switch to Windows7 at least for now. We decided to...
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    Maximum PC & Maxim 1 year subs for $3.50 each

    got it..$3.50s prty cheap.
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    Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB $199AR

    1 TB for $100 or 1/3 that size for $200...decesions decesions...kinda hard to justify the raptor?
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    TAG Heuer’s New Meridiist Phone

    If the phone has a built in Scheme interpreter, I will buy it.
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    DFI motherboard ,AMD Opteron , OCZ Ram combo- $120

    Ops..sorry yea.. Wrong forum. Can Someone move it. (Forgot I was looking at Hot Deals rather than FS/FT forum..then later realized):( -Thanks
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    DFI motherboard ,AMD Opteron , OCZ Ram combo- $120

    Hey, Buying a laptop and parting out my desktop... DFI Ultra D Motherboard. AMD Opteron 144 Processor, (Overclockable to 2.7, stable, with the above board) OCZ PC3200 DDR Ram, 1GB (512mb x 2). Selling this combo for $120 or best offer (may be willing to sell in parts). Payment Method...
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    Free TV shows and movies online with little to no commericals!

    This is really cool. Way better than Apple's iTunes service
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    Xbox 360 HD-DVD Drive - $50 via

    How well will this work with a 7800GT gpu? (I am assuming the 7800GT doesnt support HDCP)
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    Amazon Gold Box Deals

    Lol...reminds me a little bit of a WootOff:p
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    It's official: Gateway P-6831 FX on sale for $1199.99 at BB.

    In terms of size, this reminds me of my Inspiron. I also just got a ThinkPad in the mail and I cant even describe feeling of holding a ThinkPad vs the Monstor Inspiron 1520. The ThinkPad is just so much more elegant. Although in terms of hardware, this is a great deal.:D
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    160GB Serial Laptop Drive - $12.00 (Dell Error) (Dead Deal)

    Dell is making so many pricing errors :eek:
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    Xbox 360 HD DVD Player - $79.99 at Amazon FS

    Just a couple of months ago it was $200. :eek:
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    The chances of me winning are practically: lim x (x -->0) Nevertheless, why not try? Would be for a great upgrade :D
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    HD-A3 HD-DVD Player +7 Movies - $129 + S&H

    Maybe Microsoft, Intel and Toshiba should really join forces and start giving out free HD DVD players + Movies and make a comeback.:D
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    HD-A3 HD-DVD Player +7 Movies - $129 + S&H

    Looks like Toshiba is getting desperate... but I really do hope Sony and its BluRay lose. A bunch of rootkit selling b*st*rds.
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    Thinkpad Z61t for $539.10

    I want to get it..but it only comes in Core Flavor :( Anyone know if the motherboard is Core2Duo compatible for future upgrades?
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    Recommend a Video Camera...

    Hey, Can you guys a recommend a general purpose video camera for < $600. I am helping some family friends find one. -Thanks and Happy New Year
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    What happened to VIVO?

    I heard that PVR Explorer works at decoding the content for like Dish Network satellite boxes in the US.
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    What happened to VIVO?

    Out of curiosity, why are capture cards featuring a component input so expensive? Monopoly because they aren't in high demand or cost of production...? I will probably just hook up the Dish hard drive to my PC through a SATA cable or something avoiding the need for video capture ....:)
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    Gateway FHD2400 - $499 @ Circuit City

    Wish I didn't buy my 21" Gateway for like $550...if only I had waited :(
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    What happened to VIVO?

    None of the new cards feature "Video In." I liked this feature because I could hook up my Dish receiver directly to the computer with it....but if I upgrade....:(
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings (Part 2)

    I just looked at their prices here in SF, CA. Inventory prices are horrible. Miracle that CUSA managed to stay open this long.
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    Possible [H]ot Deals: CompUSA store closings (Part 2)

    QFT! I remember looking at 6800GTs there quite a bit back. It was actually quiet hilarious. The 6800GTs were selling for like $300-$400 (I don't remember). Right next to them, a bunch of Nvidia 5900XTs were selling for "Managers Special: $500." WTF? They are hoping some noob parents go in and...
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    Router that relays Wireless internet into LAN (wired) internet

    Well will a wireless adapter work with Solaris? This is a work computer with some security settings I believe. Thanks for the help. Ironically, the router I have now is a 54GL also. Guess I will get another one.
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    Router that relays Wireless internet into LAN (wired) internet

    Hey, I need some router/other device that relays a wireless connection into a wired one. We have a wireless router on the second floor. On the first floor, we have a computer that can't accept a wireless connection. Thus, what router/device can accept the wireless connection from the 2nd floor...
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    LG Blu-Ray/HD-DVD rom + ATI 2600XT 512MB $339.99 After MIR

    What are you talking about? I think a lot of people who would buy high end gear (and a BluRay/HD burner/rom are a luxury right now), would want a high end graphics card. Just because I want to watch high-def movies or burn them, does not mean I don't want to play games. QFT!
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    Sceptre x24wg-Naga 24" Widescreen LCD w/ HDMI only 300 AR at TigerDirect. Today Only.

    I would prefer to buy it at costco for a $50 premium. That way, if you don't like it or you do find some defects, you can just drive it back. I wouldn't want to hassle with TD or pay shipping...
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    ZipZoomfly Cyber Monday 2007 Ad is online

    I like the new look more than the old one.
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    Why such strong performance from 3850?

    AMD/ATI must have cut a deal with the Devil. (No wonder their cards are always Red)
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    What was the highest resolution you've ever gamed on?

    1600x1200 and 1680x1050. Playing on two monitors is dumb. The split between them just ruins the game imo.
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    Battery problem with laptop

    This seems what Apple did to their iPhone battery? Honestly, I don't believe there is a cutoff switch, otherwise Dell surely would have been sued for that, but, your laptop battery is old? Maybe if there was such a thing, it would have been implanted in newer batteries?
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    Battery problem with laptop

    Maybe it's still under warranty?
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    Stay away from averatec!!

    Just find out the computer parts you have...look at the order form or try CPU-Z. Then go to those manufacturer websites and download the drivers. ;) Some quick googling:
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    19''+ widescreen laptop 20":